Analyzing the New Healthy Dog Food Choices

The dog food that I gave my dog when I was a child was nothing to brag about. I never read the label. I was never the least bit concerned about what the dogs were eating, and I don’t think that my parents were either. They picked up the cheapest brand that was around – I assume – because they were just trying to feed the dog. I was the one that had asked for a dog so they didn’t put much thought into what it would eat. Now that I am grown I make it a habit to actually read labels and look for the best dog food choices for my pets. I don’t know about other dog food owners, but I begin to take notice of the healthy choices for my dogs. I discovered that there were companies like California Natural that were using lamb as an ingredient. Lamb is actually more expensive, and for California Natural this is the sole meat ingredient in their meals. I was impressed with this so I decided to let my dog try it. She was pleased, and I was delighted with her response to lamb. In my trial and error I also let her try out the Beneful Chopped Blends from Purina Store. This is food with vegetable blends. I was skeptical about this. A dog eating vegetables sounded highly unlikely, but I had friends that had purchased this brand before. They said that they had positive results. I was still a little worried that my poodle would not eat this, but she has been very responsive to Purina Beneful blends. It takes brands like Beneful to improve on the dog food that is available today. This company has become a front runner for the healthy food ingredients like peas and carrots. These are wholesome nutrients that every dog needs. Companies like Beneful are becoming well-known for the stellar food choices that are now becoming commonplace in pet stores. Premium foods are exciting to dog owners because these brands are producing flavorful foods that are just bursting with mouth-watering flavors. Dogs really enjoy premium foods.