Lime Crime Shoppers Enjoy All Products

What do you get when you combine purple hair, bold lipstick and bright nail polish? Well, you get a unicorn silly. However if we are talking about people wearing it, well, you get a Lime Crime makeup lover. Who couldn’t rock purple hair anyways? What if purple isn’t your color, what about blue?

Before Lime Crime started making semi-permanent hair dye, their followers were stuck with the same old boring colors sold in stores. Otherwise consumers of Lime Crime were stuck using the temporary hair chaulk. What if you wanted more than a small portion of hair done? What if you simply wanted hair dye that left an impression on someone? If you wanted bold colored hair, most people turned to Kool-Aid.

Today, Lime Crime has expanded their reign once more by adding semi-permanent hair dye color to their extensive line of products. The new bold color choices are going to allow women and men to showcase their own personalities without having to sacrifice their own preface. There is no wrong way of wearing the bold choices from Lime Crime.

If you want to make an even bolder statement, you can combine the colors in one hair style. You can part your hair and add the color to the parts to create multiple colors and multiple layers. Before this, blondes were able to enjoy all the color choices and brunettes were left with nothing that would look good. It is harder to dye over dark hair than it is to cover light colored hair.

If you are someone who has dark h air, you should know that Lime Crime has a magnitude of colors which will cover dark hair. The color will need to stay on longer for dark colored hair. You should also leave the hair dye on longer if you are covering grey hairs.

LimeCrime founder Doe Deere made headlines news when they created their makeup line and then added hair dye. You can wear any color lipstick, eye shadow, nail polish or hair dye. You can rock out any color combination you want to. There is no wrong way to wear all of the Lime Crime products.

EOS is Becoming a Leader in the Cosmetics Industry

Cosmetics are one of the most popular selling products on the market. Out of all the beauty products available, lip balm is the number one seller. Many cosmetics companies are looking for ways to capitalize on the popularity of lip balm. Yet, there’s one company who’s leading the way in lip balm products.

EOS may be an unknown name to some people, yet there lip balms have become a hit with the Hollywood crowd. Thanks to their innovative lip balms and popularity with Tinseltown starlets, EOS lip balm is quickly becoming a leader in the cosmetics industry.

Years ago, EOS ( was a little known company. The company’s three founders were looking to break into the beauty industry. They wanted to create a lip balm that would be different from the ones currently in stores. After extensive research, EOS created their unique brand of lip balm.

What makes EOS different from other lip balms is their packaging. Most lip balms come in tins, while EOS’ balms come in a pop off tube, which can be easily applied like regular chapstick. Aside from its container, EOS lip balms are made from natural ingredients and comes in a variety of flavors, which is why it’s become a hit with beauty fanatics.

After getting their product to the market, EOS relied heavily on social media influence to promote their brand. Thanks to the help of social media and beauty bloggers, EOS has become a success with consumers, making it one of the top companies in the beauty industry. As their popularity continues to grow, EOS is looking to cement its status in the cosmetics industry by creating new products for their customers. The products are now available on Target stores and on eBay online.