The Best NBA players in the Current Season

Let me count the ways to explain what makes up my shortlist of the very best center in the NBA; first, does he bring it every night rain, sleet and snow; better yet, is he as reliable as your mailman or mailwoman? You can not start this list without Lebron James, without a doubt the very best and most valuable player in the entire league.

The man has been to six straight NBA Finals, yes six straight. With two different teams! And won with both teams! Who else has done that? Not Michael Jordan or anyone other candidate for best player in the NBA.

Not to mention the fact he’s experienced every feeling in the Finals from being swept in ’07 by the Spurs to beating those same Spurs with Ray Allen’s step back three.

I rest my case. Now filling out my top five squad. I have to put Russell Westbrook for no other reason is he’s doing something right in front of our eyes that no one from this generation or the last two have seen. Averaging a triple double playing as hard as possible on a mediocre team. Kudos to Russ. And filling out my squad is James Harden from the Rockets, Kawhi Leonard a true two way beast and my man Boogie, Demarcus Cousins. I’ll take those five against any five in the league.