Dick DeVos Gives Back To The Community

Day Two of the 2016 Gold Cup sailing competition in Ft. Lauderdale, Florida, presented by the Lauderdale Yacht Club proved to be simply amazing! So competitive was the racing, officials increased the competition with the addition of three more races.

On the day, three races turned everything topsy-turvy as Volpe, captained by philanthropist and entrepreneur Dick DeVos captured the top spot ahead of current world champion and captain of STIG, Alessandro Rombelli. Third place is governed by Pisces captain Ben Schwartz, who took part in an altercation in the fifth race. Fourth and fifth place went to Richard Goransson’s Inga, hailing from Sweden and Rick DeVos, captain of Delta. As competitive as the races were, the newspaper headlines will speak of the influx of junior sailors in this year’s competition that hail from the Lauderdale Yacht Club Sailing Foundation. A junior sailor was a member of each Melges 32 crew, allowing them to get right into the thick of things and experience the spirit and competitive nature of sailing against the world’s best Grand Prix sailors. Melges 32 Gold Cup Regatta top honors for junior sailors went to Denver Rozzo and Michael Moss 

Windy conditions out on the water impacted the day’s results beginning with the first race, where Captain Rombelli of STIG out maneuvered Dick DeVos with Volpe, for first and Ben Schwarts placed third with Pisces. The most eventful race of the day was Race Four where Team Pisces kept a commanding lead throughout the course and won, in spite of areas where the breeze fizzled to almost non-existence. 

Congratulations to the recent Melges 32 Gold Cup participants and winners—what a thrilling race against incredibly talented sailors!

Posted by Dick DeVos on Monday, February 15, 2016

DeVos has a deep belief in the need for education, as he served on the State Board of Education. Dick established the Education Freedom Fund, a program that provides underprivileged kids in Michigan with scholarships. He also created the West Michigan Aviation Academy, an institution that inspires individuals with an interest in aeronautical science. 

Dick is a renowned businessman and philanthropist. Every place he sets foot in turns to success. A graduate of Northwood University in Michigan, Dick DeVos is an acclaimed and honored National Champion sailor. He has a deep commitment to community initiatives, such as in Grand Rapids, Michigan. His involvement transformed Grand Rapids, into a revitalized community with a new arena, convention center, and hospital.

His career began with his father’s company, Amway which is a multi-level marketing company (Source: http://www.mlive.com/news/grand-rapids/index.ssf/2010/09/amway_heir_dick_and_betsy_devo.html). He is also known for his great political donations and leanings which you can read more about in the following MLive article.

Matt Landis – an Outstanding Notre Dame Lacrosse Player

matt landis lacrosse
A major reason Notre Dame’s Lacrosse team has been so highly successful is because of Matt Landis. Their star defenseman has won many awards for his outstanding play, both on and off the field. He finished his Junior year with four major honors including: the Atlantic Coast Conference 2015 ACC Defensive Player of the Year, Epoch and Lacrosse Magazine Player of the Week, was named to the All-American team, and won the William C. Schmeisser Award Outstanding Defensive Player of the Year.

matt landis lacrosse
The fighting Irish posted a 14-10 win over the Albany Great Danes with a great match-up between Landis and Albany’s star player, Lyle Thompson. Landis performance was a big key in the impressive win. His heavy use of the V-hold, along with his small pushes and body positioning were very successful in the match which caused Thompson to spend too much time dodging the ball.

matt landis lacrosse interview
Landis is a native of Pelham, New York and has done very well in balancing both his academic life and his sporting life. His primary studies are in the field of Finance at the Mendoza College of Business, but he also holds down a part-time job while enjoying golf, skiing, hiking, reading, skeet shooting, and volunteering. In spite of all his interests, he is still a normal All-American guy.

Iguodala Named MVP

It actually came as a surprise when Golden State Warriors forward Andre Iguodala named MVP of the 2015 NBA Finals. Iguodala has been in the league for eleven years and going into the playoffs, no one would have thought that he would win the award. Iguodala did not even start a single game throughout the playoffs until the final series against the Cavaliers. In fact, he was moved started to the bench to make room for Harrison Barnes at the beginning of the season. It was anticipated that Barnes would bring defense against the like of LeBron James. Fans like Christian Broda know that even Las Vegas had little hope that Iguodala would win the Bill Russell NBA Finals MVP Award as they had him at 50-1 odds.

There was great play from a few players on both teams during the finals, but no one was as consistent as Iguodala. He averaged 16 points a game and played over 36 minutes a game. Many experts expected LeBron James to be the first player since Jerry West to win the MVP award on the losing team. Some believe that the decision to put Iguodala in the starting lineup over Andrew Bogut is what sparked the team and changed the course of the series. Some will argue that James was the most dominate player in the Finals, but the award is for most valuable not most dominate and Iguodala was exactly that.

Michael Keaton Confronts Spectator Heckling Baseball Player

Actor Michael Keaton has been on a career renaissance since the release of Birdman and the former Batman star was enjoying life at the recent Pittsburgh Atlanta baseball game when a heckler caught his attention. The ire of the fan was not being aimed at Keaton, but was instead focused upon Pirates player Andrew McCutchen and prompted a joking Keaton into a post game response for the fan at Turner Field, Bleacher Report explains. Committed Pirates fan Keaton approached the fan who had aimed trash talk at McCutchen throughout the game and pointed at the scoreboard and the 10-8 score in favor of the Pirates after the game had ended.

Fans like Keith Mann know that the jovial exchange followed an eight inning double from McCutchen who drove in a run and followed it by placing his hand to his ear in response to the remarks of his heckler. At the close of the game the fans made up with each other and the players as the heckling fan received a pair of McCutchen’s batting gloves and Keaton a signed game ball.


Matt Landis-Star Lacrosse Player for Notre Dame

Just going by the release sent out through PR Newswire, you can tell Matt Landis has had a very good year. The Notre Dame Lacrosse defenseman has racked up four awards this year starting with the Atlantic Coast Conference 2015 ACC Defensive Player of the Year award due to his performance against the Albany Great Danes. In the same week, he also had been nominated for the 2015 Tewaaraton Award. He was recently named the Player of the Week by Epoch and Lacrosse Magazine, an honor he has previously received. He has also been named as an All-American player, one of seven from Notre Dame-a record for that university. Lastly, Matt Landis was also named the William C. Schmeisser Award Outstanding Defensive Player of the Year. The USILA presents this award, named after Johns Hopkins University coach and player William C. “Father Bill” Schmeisser, who coached and played at that school in the early 1900’s.

matt landis lacrosse interview

Matt Landis attends Notre Dame, a Catholic university in South Bend, Indiana. He’s a junior studying at the Mendoza College of Business and is one of the strongest players on the lacrosse team.

The Notre Dame Lacrosse program operates under three pillars. These are Character, Culture, and Community. By emphasizing these tenets, the program hopes to enrich the lives of its student athletes to make them better people. Currently, the Lacrosse team is ranked 12th in the nation in caused turnovers (7.71 per game), 18th nationally in scoring defense (9.21 goals allowed). The defense of the Lacrosse team is ranked 9th in the US in ground balls (32.57 per game). The work of Matt Landis has helped to place his team as the number one seed at the ACC championship.

Watch out for Matt Landis in NCAA Lacrosse Final Four!

matt landis sports headshot

Did you catch the NCAA Lacrosse Quarter Finals? If you didn’t, you really missed an amazing game. Hard-charging and exciting, this game was one for the 2015 record books. Viewers weren’t so sure the Notre Dame Fighting Irish could hold off the University of Albany’s Great Danes, but they did – ending Albany’s chances at advancement for a second year in a row.

How did they do it? It wouldn’t have been possible without star player Matt Landis, who fought to the end against Albany’s Lyle Thompson. Thompson had a goal and four assists in the quarterfinal game – the last of his college career. It wouldn’t have been possible without Matt Landis, Notre Dame’s coach Kevin Corrigan said according to Inside Lacrosse. It was Landis who guarded Thompson as well as one can and he was awarded Epoch/LM Player of the Week for his successful efforts.

matt landis lacrosse

Landis’ performance was strong and physical. Inside Lacrosse notes that Landis made the extra effort to study how Lyle Thompson played, and the result was being able to anticipate some of his moves. Landis really kept after Thompson, which made it hard for Thompson to get a clearing to get through. When you have a great defenseman, you allow your team to rise up behind you. And that truly is the case in this Fighting Irish game.


Now that you’ve gotten a preview of Landis’ performance, it’s time to gear up for the NCAA Lacrosse Final Four. We fully expect Matt Landis to come through, and we look forward to watching him topple another team very soon! Matt Landis will not disappoint with his physical strength and quick thinking on the field — two attributes of a great defenseman!


James Harden Strikes Back: Houston Ties Series

The Houston Rockets have long been considered one of the best teams in the NBA. After last season’s true coming out party for James Harden, the stakes were higher than ever. Dwight Howard was supposed to anchor the center position while the team was filled out with capable role players like Trevor Ariza and Terrence Jones. Injuries plagued the team in the regular season as they lost guys like Jones, Beverly, Howard and Montiejunas either for the season or for an extended period of time. But still Houston played on and they made it to the second round of the postseason where the Clippers promptly opened up with a butt kicking. The Rockets needed an answer in Game 2, and Harden gave them one.

Without Chris Paul in the line up for either of the first two games, the Clippers got dangerously close to going up 2-0 over the Houston Rockets. Fans like Sam Tabar (lawyerist.com) agree that it looked very likely to happen last night as the Clippers, behind the coaching of Doc Rivers, took a huge lead on Houston into the fourth quarter. The Rockets start shooting guard had been mired in foul trouble and forced to sit out almost the entire third quarter. But the move paid off.

Harden came back out for the fourth quarter completely energized. The bearded 2-guard scored 16 of his 32 points in the fourth quarter in order to help Houston come back and steal a win.

ACC Defensive player of 2015, Notre Dame’s own Matt Landis.

Matt Landis attends the Mendoza College of Business at the University of Notre Dame. He is an invaluable member of the Note Dame Lacrosse Team with 2 ACC defensive player of the week honors and one of the main factors for their 4-0 regular season leading to a 9-2 overall. Not only has Matt been a starter for the team since his sophomore year he has also played in a total of 44 matches since becoming one of The Fighting Irish. Now he is honored with ACC Defensive Player of the Year.

matt landis lacrosse

This year has been one for the record books, for sure. Matt has started all 11 games this season, caused 7 turnovers and collected 22 ground balls. He has become the leader of the defensive unit that has allowed a spare 9.10 average of goals per game. His defensive technique has been like none other seen on the Lacrosse field. He seems to play with a purpose and on the field, it shows.

Not only did he win the ACC defensive player of the year award he is also up for the 2015 Tewaaraton Award. 5 men and women will be selected for the award and it will be announced today May 7th. Winners will be invited to the 15th annual Tewaaraton Award Ceremony which will be held May 28th in Washington, D.C. at the Smithsonian Institution’s National Museum of the American Indian. Not only is Matt nominated for the award so are 2 of his teammates. Matt Kavanagh and Sergio Perkovic. Notre Dame is currently the number-one seed at the ACC Championship, even with their number 2 ranking. Matt Landis and The Fighting Irish sure are fighters!

Best of luck to Matt and his team for the Tewaaraton Award. Congratulations Matt Landis for the ACC Defensive player of the year!

Brock Lesner Leaves UFC for WWE

Former UFC fighter Brock Lesner has announces that he will be leaving the UFC for good this year and going to sign a contract with the WWE. According to an article written by Yahoo! sports, Lesner found it to be a very hard decision to make. He really enjoyed fighting mixed martial arts, however his health hasn’t been in the best shape and he wants to be able to have a job that is not so taxing on his body and mindset. Lesner also commented about how he is getting older and needs to make more responsible decisions for his wife and kids, and doesn’t want to put himself in the same risky situations as he did before.

Fans like Brian Torchin know that Lesner started fighting in 2007, and he was a big name in the UFC world as he took on several talented fighters. It took him several months to make the decision to leave the UFC and go over to the WWE, because not only would it make him a happier and healthier person but they gave him a great contract that would be unwise to refuse, money-wise. Even though Lesner won’t be in the same fighting ring anymore, it is safe to say that many of his fans will follow him over to the WWE and watch him perform there for all the crazy fans. Needless to say it is scary to start a new chapter, but he will do fine.

San Francisco 49ers Linebacker Chris Borland Announces Early Retirement

He is only 24 and just finished his first, and very promising, football season playing for the San Francisco 49ers. What looked like the beginning of a promising career on the football field turned out to be the beginning of the end. Chris Borland announced that he will be retiring from football, even though he was named the NFC’s defensive player of the week after playing in a winning game against the New York Giants.

Why did Borland have such a change of career heart after his rookie season? Seems as though he is concerned about the damage to his neurological health that repeated blows to the head could cause.
Borland has not suffered head trauma during his rookie season, but he has had two diagnosed concussions in his younger years while playing sports. Neither concussion left him with any neurological issues, but he fears the impact repeated concussions could have on his health.
After talking with former football players and expert researchers, Chris Borland made the decision to retire from the game at 24 while he still has all his faculties in perfect working order noted Alaor BMG. In an interview detailing his early retirement decision, Borland says it has nothing to with the San Francisco 49ers and states that they are an incredible organization that looks out for their players’ best interests.