Unroll Me and New Year’s Data Protection Strategies

Unroll me is a private Email and email marketing firm that deals with junk mails management services based in Greater New York, East Coast United States. Founded in 2011, Unroll Me led by the co-founder and Chief Executive Office Jojo Hedaya who began the company after being troubled with newsletter, media and mail update, which disrupt essential emails in the inbox.

New Year’s Goals to Secure Your Technology

Regular Software Updates

  • Regular Software Updates

Many threats usually arise from unknown emails sent to your inbox, and when opened, they either contain viruses or random figures that attack your devices. Unroll Me came up with an email tool, which separates such emails that possess treats and consumers remains advised to update their technological gadgets to receive new firewalls frequently.

Always go Through Private Policies

  • Always go Through Private Policies

Most security breaches may arise from individuals who join internet platforms without understanding the private agreements it contains. As some may have involved without the knowledge and now remain frustrated with this junk mails, Unroll Me, therefore, provides a platform, which you can unsubscribe from these services.

Get Rid of Unused Applications

  • Get Rid of Unused Applications

Many unnecessary apps on your devices may get access to your private data and steal them, hence, losing some essential files. Unroll Me has raised awareness of individuals to evaluate their gadgets and delete some dormant apps, subscriptions and some data downloaded while unaware. Also in social media platforms and unhook some unused applications and subscriptions attached to them to enhance cybersecurity.

Subscribe to a Virtual Private Network

  • Subscribe to a Virtual Private Network

As some web providers can monitor and learn your browsing history, the device used and the web visited, use of a VPN can protect you from such activities, which may threaten your data. Unroll Me tries to advise consumers to use a VPN to hide their IP address and secure data when connected to open Wi-Fi networks such as of airports.

Secure Your Device Hardware

  • Secure Your Device Hardware

Hardware security involves casing your gadgets from shattering or cracks as most modern smartphones remain covered by glass, which is susceptible to damages. Hence, covering the devices with glass protectors and back covers are among Unroll Me guidelines in helping individuals to keep their sensitive data safe.


Expand Horizons with Skout

People who live fuller lives are generally happier. Yes, career and fitness routines are important, but at the foundation of every healthy individual are social interactions. We need friends and acquaintances. Luckily, plenty of websites and cell apps remind us to connect with the outside world. We have apps for dating, for making friends and for professional networking. Skout is one such application that is used to connect people from around the globe.

From its onset in 2007, Skout has been working to connect men and women for dating and friendship, with a focus on highlighting user location. It is among the first of its kind and is still thriving despite the competition. A Skout profile is easy to create, from your cell phone or computer, and can be downloaded to both iOS and Android devices.

What makes Skout so popular? Are there benefits to using this, and other, social networking platforms and dating sites? The answers here are clear to see and easy to give. Skout is popular because there are many benefits associated to forming social interactions. People who are in contact with others feel more fulfilled. They are also more likely to make positive decisions. According to an end-of-the-year survey, those individuals with larger social circles were more likely to frequent the gym, go on diets, find jobs and agree to meet potential romantic partners. In today’s world, who you know may be just as, or more, important than what you know!

Another positive attribute to Skout is its user-focused initiatives. This social platform wants to offer the best services to its members. One way it connects with its members is through the Skout blog. Here, curious people will find dating advice, tips for meeting new friends and updates on the app’s newest features.

The new year has only just begun. Why not honor this time by increasing your social circle? Each person we meet adds new flavor to our lives, and with a tool like Skout you can bring more to the table by connecting with people from different cultures, new social groups and far off places. Learn more about music, fashion, romance and even career opportunities, by interacting with people who have new and different perspectives.

Start today, from the comfort of your couch, and wander for far off destinations with Skout. Perhaps, in the future, it will link you to people who will push you to head in those directions.

Dating for Introverts

Before trying online dating, it is very important for one to overcome any kind of hang ups he may have about relationships. There is a lot of frustration that people express when it comes to dating and relationships. A lot of it has to do with their woes of having to initiate a conversation. Often times, the guys wish the woman would do the work in initiating, but it doesn’t happen in that way. Fortunately, there are alternatives to initiating and breaking the ice in person. One could use online dating as a method for breaking the ice.

The way dating is set up is only for people who are more or less extroverted to meet someone. The people who are shy or more or less introverted do not seem to have that big of a chance when it comes to meeting someone. Online dating on the other hand might make it easier for someone who is a little more on the introverted side, or rather timid. It is important to note that even with online dating, someone is going to have to initiate contact. Therefore, even after filling out your profile with some of the most important and interesting information, the user may still have the task of initiating a conversation with someone he is interested in.

The easier sites to use for dating allow users to socialize. Instead of going through the task of clicking on a profile and sending a message, one can participate in activities like games, and even express one’s ideas on a topic that holds their interest. One such site that allows that is Skout via skoutorganic.com. With the social networking features, Skout stands head and shoulders above other dating sites. As one engages in interesting discussions, others will also take interest in what the user has to say and he might meet someone that way.

This is one of the best ways to meet someone for a date with the use of social media, especially for men. Guys who do not have the most interesting looks could still win women over with their interesting ideas. They can get at least one date from one of the members of the dating sites that they have a profile on. It might be a good idea to sign up for a multitude of dating sites. Some of them could be free, while others charge for membership. The best thing to do is to look at the reputation of each dating site before signing up. Thanks to the Internet, going out to a club and a bar and getting loud is not the only way to meet someone for a date.