Launching The Educational Platform Solvy

The latest online learning platform launched by Alexei Beltyukov is getting rave reviews. It is called Solvy and it is designed to help students learn math online. Teachers and students can both benefit from using Solvy.

Here are some of the stand out features of this new online learning program. A teacher can assign each student unique math problems based on their skill set and interests.

One student can receive a more challenging problem with a focus on science. Another student can receive a less challenging problem with a focus on finance. Solvy lets teachers customize homework to fit the needs of their students. This is a new and interactive concept.

Another benefit of Solvy is that teachers can view the work that was done by students to reach an answer to a math problem. This allows a teacher to better spot errors done by students.

The teacher can then address these errors in class so students can fix them. Teachers can also get notifications when a student is struggling with assignments on the platform. This will allow a teacher to help a student who is struggling with a topic.

Alexei Beltyukov has a number of successful ventures to his name besides Solvy. It is his prior success in business that led him to be chosen as the CEO of Solvy. Here are some of Beltyukov’s educational and business credentials.

Alexei Beltyukov was a doctor practicing in the Soviet Union. Tough economic times led him to try to pursue a path in business instead. Doctors make little money in the Soviet Union and even now in Russia. He won a scholarship to INSEAD College in France where he completed a business program.

After learning about business and economics Alexei Beltukov’s business career took off. He started several financial, logistical and technological companies. Brunswick Rail Leasing is a firm began by Alexei Beltyukov that leases freight cars for transportation of items.

It is the biggest private freight carrier for hire in Russia. Another business of Alexei is A-ventures. This firms invests money in Russian technology companies who need financial capital in order to grow. Other firms created by Alexei are Endemic Capital and New Gas Technologies.