Top Tips by Sawyer Howitt on How to Become a Racquetball Pro

     Aspiring to become a racquetball pro is an admirable goal that offers both pride and satisfaction in life. Anyone can become a pro racquetball player as long as they put in the necessary energy and time to improve their game. Only a handful of people who setup on this journey turn pro, but the sweetness of success is directly proportional to the adversity an individual overcomes.


A large number of athletes fail to undertake sufficient research before turning pro leading to disappointment. You should find your reason for aiming to become a professional in racquetball. This helps in identifying your standpoint moving forward.

Adhering to a Specific Plan

You cannot succeed in your plans of turning pro in racquetball if you do not adhere to a definite plan. Enhancing your performance requires a lot of discipline in following a specific plan for training. It might help working on your plan with an actual racquetball expert.

Finding the Best Coach and Doing the Right Workouts

You must find an excellent coach in order to become a successful racquetball professional. You should be ready to find the best coach even though it would mean relocating. Getting into a great physical shape is a critical requirement to becoming a pro racquetball player and you should strive to do the proper workouts.

Constant Practice and Finding Jobs and Sponsors

After establishing a workable plan and getting the right team to work with, you should practice constantly in order to hone your skills. Practice will allow you learn new skills and techniques to become a better player. It is advisable to find a sponsor as you require an income along the way to being a racquetball player who plays professionally. You could also become a coach as soon as you start working on becoming a pro racquetball player.

More on Sawyer Howitt

Howitt is a racquetball entrepreneurial player from Portland, Oregon. He focuses on playing racquetball ever since his childhood days. He brings his business knowledge to the racquetball court and this has propelled him to the professional status he currently holds. He works at Meriwether Group as the project manager. He previously used to work for KURE Juice Bar and RFID Checkout.



The Growth of National Steel Car under the Leadership of Gregory James Aziz

Greg James Aziz is the chairman and chief executive officer of National Steel Car since January 1994 up to date. James Aziz was born on 30th April 1949 in London. He went to Ridley College and later on Gregory J Aziz studied economics at Western University.

In 1971, Greg Aziz joined the family business of wholesale food. For sixteen years, the company grew to become an international importer of food products from South America and Europe. The company also had distribution outlets in Eastern Canada and the United States. Greg Aziz also worked in different banking investment sectors during the late 1980’s. This led to him organizing to purchase National Steel Car firm from Dofasco. He acquired National Steel Car in 1994.

National Steel Car which is in Hamilton, Ontario is the leading engineer of railroad freight in the world. National Steel Car has more than one hundred years of excellence in manufacturing, and engineering. National Steel Car is committed to quality work. Consequently, the company has welcomed the announcement of the new regulations of North America to see to it that the next generation of cars manufactured are stronger and have a safer rail tank to use in transporting flammable liquids.

Gregory Aziz welcomed the move and says that his company recommends the good leadership of Minister Raitt. He further emphasized that their customers need clarity on the matter of safety regulations and that the announcement by Lisa Raitt was very useful in doing so. The recent accidents in the United States and Canada have reminded all of the importance of maintaining rail safety in North America. Because of the good work and standards upheld by National Steel Car, the company has earned a good reputation of the leading manufacturer of railroad freight car in North America.

Because of its good reputation, National Steel Car was selected by Canpotex to manufacture seven hundred railcars that are designed to transport Saskatchewan potash. Canpotex invested a total of $70 million and cumulatively, it has invested more than $500 million at National Steel Car for the construction of seven thousand railcars since 1999 to date.

National Steel Car has a strong relationship with Canpotex for the last twenty years as their leading producer of potash cars. The good work done by National Steel Car has allowed Canpotex to earn the reputation of the best providers of potash and they do their deliveries globally.



Great Investor SahmAdrangi

SahmAdrangi is a Canadian born hedge fund manager with over a decade in the finance sector. On graduating from Yale University with a degree in economics, SahmAdrangi worked for various financial giants like Deutsche Bank. He later set out to launch his own company Kerrisdale capital which as of now manages close to half a billion dollars. Starting the business with just a million dollars in 2009, Sahm has over the years acquired a reputation for himself in the financial world. He is hailed for his risky yet always successful investment strategies. He is known to put all his money in shorting a single trade and growing investment from the single stock by over 25 percent in a day.

The brave investor has made huge profits shorting and after that exposing fraudulent Chinese firms that have made their way into the U.S stock market through back doors. Most of them were later investigated by the Securities and Exchange Commission and found to be fraud. Sahm’s passion for research and thorough investigation is what made him the finance guru he is today. Investment analyst calls Sahm a confrontational activist who is brave enough to expose any company cooking its accounting books to lure investors. Some of the incredible skills he has with detecting fraud may have been acquired while working at Chanin Capital Partners. Here, he worked in the bankruptcy restructuring group where he advised creditors on various legalities and strategies on bankruptcy.

Kerrisdale Capital focuses its investment approach to long-term ventures and other special event driven stocks. Investors in this company have every reason to smile as SahmAdrangi has maintained an average of 25 per cent annual returns in the last half a decade or so. Recently an unnamed insider of the company told a news company that Kerrisdale will soon be short selling stocks of a major 10 billion dollar company. The targeted firm will be made public soon when Sahm will explain what it is he has seen wrong with the target. SahmAdrangi is an example of the results that hard work and dedication to a career can offer what made him the finance guru. The 33-year-old is an admiration to many.


Michael Lacey and Jim Larkin Look Out for Migrants’ Rights

Multiple migration issues have taken a global scale by reaching Europe and even countries in both North and South America. Due to this situation, it is very important that organizations which are dedicated to supporting and advocating for civil, human and migrant rights gain global visibility.

Migrants Rights International is a Non-Governmental Organization which protects and forwards migrants’ human rights in several locations throughout the globe. As a Non-Governmental Organization, Migrants Rights International constantly upholds its special consultative status with the United Nations Economic and Social Council (ECOSOC).

Currently, migration as well as human rights, are found in the light of the political and economic spotlights due to their global impact. With violence on the rise in countries all over the world as an issue, some governments have been dealing with it, while others have not addressed the issue of migrant families’ human rights.

The UN confirms that there are at least 200 million people currently residing abroad. This figure counts for approximately 1 in 35 people who is an international migrant. This figure accounts for only those that are not infringing immigration laws.

Migrants are often victims of violence and are unable to have legal protection due to their illegal immigration status or even other discriminatory issues. The simple “illegal” status directly violates international human rights laws.

Throughout history, very few countries have stood up for human rights and the dignity of people in despairing international situations.

Because to this issue, representatives from international churches, as well as human rights organizations, with other organizations, together, established the “International Migrants Rights Watch Committee” in 1994. In the year 2000, it became known as Migrants Rights International.

Migrants Rights International’s is located Switzerland and unites many different international, national and even regional organizations from many different countries from every continent with the goal of defending migrants’ rights and making the migrant’s voice understood in the hope that coherent policies are created and put into effect.

The Lacey and Larkin Frontera Fund also aids migrants and upholds their rights. This fund was established by Michael Lacey and Jim Larkin, who are also the founders of the Phoenix New Times as well as the Village Voice Media.

The Lacey and Larkin Frontera Fund was the unexpected indirect outcome that resulted from Sheriff Joe Arpaio having illegally arrested Lacey and Larkin. The settlement money from this action is currently used to help migrant organizations in many parts of Arizona.

The incident occurred with Lacey and Larkin that were arrested and jailed by Joe Arpaio, who was the sheriff of Maricopa, AZ at the time.

Arpaio decided to arrest the two reporters since they had released to the public information of grand jury proceedings that requested the reporters’ notes pertaining to articles about Sheriff Joe Arpaio. Arpaio arrested Lacey and Larkin on October 18, 2007, but later resulted in a settlement of U$3.75 million.

The Lacey and Larkin Frontera Fund proudly support groups with the objective of protecting civil and human rights of migrants as well as civic participation and of upholding the freedom of speech on the Arizona border with Mexico.

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The History of the OSI Group with David McDonald

David McDonald says that he cannot answer the question regarding the original motto of the OSI Group since he joined the company 30 years ago. As for the company, it was established over 107 years ago by a German immigrant. Since then, the company has changed hands a few times, and it’s currently owned by Sheldon Lavin. As for David McDonald, he has functioned as the president of the OSI Group for the last three decades. He says that from the moment he joined the OSI Group, he became accustomed to the desire of growth. He says that the desire of the company to conquer the world can still be felt. The only thing that has changed since he joined the company is the relentless desire to establish a culture that they are proud of and one that also takes care of the needs of their customers. Under the leadership of David McDonald, the OSI Group has become a company that emphasizes on talent. On another issue, David McDonald says that there is an overall expectation in the team working for the organization to offer services that are in line with the expectations of their clients. He also encourages customers to participate so that the company can understand their needs.

David says that if you are to run a food business, you should be blessed with trust, patience as well as flexibility. He says that they have managed to be more flexible as they are a private entity meaning that decisions are easy to make. Thinking about the long term needs of the business is another critical issue that has helped the OSI Group to grow. When he joined the company, they used to implement partnerships to conquer the world. Today, the OSI Group is known as the king of mergers and acquisitions. However, David McDonald says that the company understands for it to grow worldwide, it must appreciate local cultures. This is the reason why they emphasize on hiring people locally. David McDonald says that the company specializes in protein products that include poultry, fish and beef. They have also managed to specialize in baked and vegetable products.

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Luiz Carlos Trabuco Wins Personality Of The Year Award In Insurance

Luiz Carlos Trabuco is a renowned insurance advisor who hails from Brazil. He is famous for leading Bradesco in the acquisition of a leading bank, HSBC in 2014. Under his insightful guidance, Bradesco became the proud owner of HSBC’s major shares narrowing the huge gap between some of the world’s rivals by boosting the client base of the banking firm. The contract between the two firms was signed under a regulatory approval on 31st July in the same year of acquisition.


In the contract, Bradesco is allowed to participate in asset closing with other larger rivals like Unibanco Holding. The focus of the contract was on high-earning clients who fit well into the bank’s plan when it comes to sales as well as acquisition. According to the terms of acquisition, the purchase price could fluctuate depending on different asset values of the enterprises. Another factor that could affect the valuation of Bradesco is the expected analysis. According to a report by Reuters, Bradesco had held concrete discussion with HSBC after volunteering to part with 1.2 billion.


Behind the acquisition of HSBC is the renowned business professional and insurance mogul, Mr. Luiz Carlos Trabuco. He initiated the contract of acquisition as well as the terms of business. Luiz Carlos Trabuco’s works speak for his input in building businesses. As a professional in insurance and banking, he has earned positive recognition from different financial sectors with insurance topping the list. Being the professional that brings unity among companies by transforming challenges into results, Luiz Carlos Trabuco was awarded as the best personality of the year in 2015. As the president of Bradesco, he has put in a lot of work to develop the business. From stability to growth, Luiz Carlos Trabuco is applauded for his input in the company.

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As a leader, Luiz Carlos Trabuco has done his best in implementing strategic policies that will grow the company. Being in charge of a leading firm for insurance in Brazil, Luiz Carlos Trabuco understands that the health and safety of many Brazilians lie with his ability to make constructive decisions. He, therefore, sets high standards when it comes to establishing good working rapport with clients. Luiz Carlos Trabuco is focused on providing the best for his clients. Through this focus, he has two times won the award for the best insurance executive in Brazil. His positivism as well as focus in the marketplace has played a pivotal role in creating a stellar reputation for him.


In 2007, Luiz Carlos Trabuco received an award thanks to his determination in providing the best insurance services. Luiz Carlos Trabuco has been in the industry of insurance as well as banking for about 38 years. He has vast experience in banking with insurance being his forte. Luiz Carlos Trabuco understands the ropes of insurance in relation to different families in the country. That is how he has been able to tailor different plans to suit different needs. To him, clients determine the package of insurance to establish. That is why Luiz Carlos Trabuco has been winning the hearts of different people.


Through insurance sales, Luiz Carlos Trabuco ensures that all families are cared for. From health, accidents to education, Luiz Carlos Trabuco is a symbol of growth in societies. He strongly advocates for fairness and optimism in different markets. With an extension of strong academic credentials, Luiz Carlos Trabuco is better placed to offer credible advice in terms of insurance. As an insurance professional, Luiz Carlos Trabuco understands that although insurance serves the same purpose for clients, the same clients have different needs. He, therefore, ensures that employers, employees as well as contractors can access affordable insurance packages.

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Fabletics, the Leader in Athletic Wear

Fabletics by Kate Hudson has become an increasingly popular brand of athletic wear. Gone are the days of word of mouth when it comes to expanding brands. Thanks to social media such as Yelp and Facebook, consumers trust the brand based on quality and positive customer reviews. Fabletics launched in 2013 and has grown by an astounding 200%. The company has made over $235 million in revenue. They credit their success from positive feedback by their customers posting their experiences online. Online reviews are a major factor these days when it comes to advertising. Consumers focus more on online advertising and reviews compared to expensive television advertisements. Shoppers have lost trust in traditional advertising and marketing. Reading positive or negative feedback online from real people can make or break a brand. A successful company will take this into account and leverage it.


Studies have shown that 60% of consumers will not purchase a product if there are several negative reviews. Over 50% research businesses on a regular basis before making a purchase. Now-a-days customers are basing their decision more on user reviews then product comparison. Not only are good reviews beneficial to driving sales, positive reviews also improve search ranking. The more reviews posted online, the higher your business will show up in Google rankings, Yahoo, Bing etc. BrightLocal did a study that showed 74% of people would pursue purchasing a product based on reviews shown on the landing page. Positive reviews are also responsible for garnering repeat business.


Fabletics is a customer focused business that manages, collects and responds to consumer online reviews. Currently they have over 30,000 reviews and an average trust score of 8.2. Yelp reviews have grown by 26% compared to last year. Trustpilot is the largest review site with over 30 million reviews of more than 160,000 businesses. Consumer’s trust not only Fabletics word but what people are saying about it as well. Each day Trustpilot receives over 20,000 new reviewers and Fabletics relies on this. Fabletics believes that other companies are not as customer focused as they are. It is important to see your brand through your consumers eyes in order to become a success. Fabletics takes their customer’s feedback into account to help create better products. They believe it is important to recognize what their consumer wants and in turn offering products tailored to their circumstance and taste. Using Kate Hudson as their founder and celebrity spokesperson in their ads is an added bonus.

‘Tis The Season For Daily Fantasy through DRAFT

Fantasy Football is here once again and I cannot help myself from feeling the impending doom of a catastrophic season ending injury to the player I spent hours upon hours researching and drafting. Before they even start playing real games, my season is typically over. Jordy Nelson in 2016. Leveon Bell in 2015. I could go on. Often, season long fantasy football (most fantasy sports, to be honest) does not necessarily come down to being the most skilled fantasy general manager. It usually comes down to the jerk who’s team stays healthy and makes a couple dumb luck waiver wire pickups.

You might be telling me that Daily Fantasy is the way to go, in this instance. Sure, I can pick a new team everyday, trying to eek out every last cent of the given site’s salary cap. My favorite part of fantasy sports, however, is the draft. Snake drafts, to be precise. Now, at, they combine the best of both worlds.

Through DRAFT, not only can you choose your own team on a daily basis, but you can also draft your team against other people and jockey for position, hoping to snag that sure-fire third rounder in the beginning of the fourth.

Jason Hope explains the benefits and the risks of Internet of Things


Being one of the champions of the Internet of Things, Jason Hope has had a fair share of both the benefits and the risks that could curb the investment. From his days as a student, Hope had an interest in becoming an entrepreneur. His dreams were not just for himself but also for the entire community. From his point of view, innovation is not worth it is if does not do anything to improve the state of the society.

Understanding the Internet of Things

The world is developing very fast into a single community. For this reason, there is need to connect all necessities under a single forum which is the web. These necessities can be accessed through the mobile phones and computers regardless of the location. Jason Hope supports this development because of convenience and the contribution it has to the community. When these necessities are brought together into good use, it can be easy to create a way in which the daily routine can be made easier.

Jason Hope’s fears on Internet of Things

Naturally, social networks and internet marketing require people to include their information in their profiles. Equally, for effective use of Internet of Things, information has to be shared in a proper way. The internet has several people who are against its progress. They will always try to hack information and use them for their benefits. Jason Hope expresses his confidence on this matter since every threat is an opportunity for something greater. As a result, people should develop systems that cannot be hacked to protect their information. Jason asserts that if the market has not threats, then there will be no growth in the end.

Jason Hope as a proponent of Internet of Things

As an entrepreneur, Jason can see an opportunity that other people may not be in a position to view. As mentioned earlier, Hope does not support ideas which cannot bring change to the society. The Internet of Things reduces the wastage of resources, it improves how the customers are serviced, and it makes business operations easier. With these pillars, Jason Hope has the confidence that IoT is the future of the world.

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Honey Birdette Taps Into International Markets With New Stores And Country Specific Websites

Honey Birdette is one of the most well-known lingerie brands in all of Australia and is slowly becoming a customer favorite in other parts of the world. The brand has a growing customer base in the UK and USA, which is why they set out on a plan for expansion to new markets. The brand slowly and steadily is taking on the international lingerie scene, by launching new websites and stores for the primary purpose of giving easier access to their customers in those regions.


When it comes to the United States, the way in which the company plans to expand is through the online medium. Honey Birdette launched their United States website so that their customers can have an easier experience with the band. This has made it so that the time it takes for the order to reach its customers is cut down by half, making it a lot more viable for their audiences to place orders for their lingerie.


When it comes to the UK, Honey Birdette had a different idea in mind. For their customers there, the idea was to open up physical stores in prominent locations across the country. Last year, the brand opened up its first store in Covent Garden. Within a month, they opened up two more stores across the city of London. The brand did extremely well in the UK markets, which is why they have now decided to embark on their biggest expansion yet, opening up forty stores across the UK. This is a significant step for the company and will mark their entry into the international lingerie scene. The company plans to have this plan executed by the end of 2018. So far, they have narrowed down on only half of their store locations, and are set to find more in the coming months.