Ara Chackerian-Changing the Healthcare Sector for the Better

Ara Chackerian is a California-based investor, entrepreneur, and philanthropist who have built a reputation for himself in philanthropy and business world. Much of the businessman’s work is centered on community-based initiatives. He has spent a significant part of his career in healthcare. He has experience in bridging the existing gap between healthcare services and technology. For more details visit LinkedIn.




Currently, he sits on several healthcare boards throughout the Bay Area. Besides his evident interest in the healthcare sector, the investor is also interested in youth development and environmental causes. Ara is currently the Managing Partner at ASC Capital Holdings, a firm that invests in startups healthcare companies. The businessman is also a board member and co-founder of the TMS Health Solutions, which provides treatment for depression alongside other mental conditions. Check out





Before becoming involved with TMS Health Solutions, Ara Chackerian had a professional career that was centered on investing and entrepreneurship. The entrepreneur has a great interest in both healthcare services and health-tech services. He has founded several healthcare firms including BMC Diagnostics, PipelineRx, Embion/Provider Links among others. The California-based investor is focusing on digital healthcare, which he notes can potentially add great value to present day healthcare sector.




Besides investing, Ara also writes extensively on health issues especially on matters touching on mental health. He recently wrote a blog informing readers about the five essential things they need to do during this year’s Mental Health Month. First, the emphasis on the need to understand the right way of helping out people living with mental illness. He goes even further and insists that people suffering from mental illnesses should make others know about their mental health. More importantly, he calls for the elimination of stigma linked to mental illness.




The author further gives tips on helping people control their mental health, noting that lots of people disregard their mental health for not knowing just how crucial it is for their overall wellbeing. For this year’s Mental Health Month, he urges people to get involved with issues touching on mental health.








Ara Chackerian has made a tremendous contribution to the healthcare sector, apart from investing. His work is impacting on the society positively.


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