Allied Wallet, Your Trusted Financial Partner of All Times

Allied Wallet is a leading provider of payment services and solutions across the world. Founded in 2002, the financial company has a substantial presence in the United States, the United Kingdom, and China. Additionally, the company operates in more than 196 countries in the world with a client base of more than a billion clients. Allied Wallet is headquartered in Los Angeles (Affiliatedork).

Since its inception, the company has made a name a name in the provision of reliable, flexible, cost-effective and custom-made services to its clients. The company continues to utilize its experience in the financial transactions industry to come up with various unique and innovative products for its customers. According to Andy Khawaja, the Chief Executive Officer and Founder of Allied Wallet, the company has won the hearts of many individuals and business persons by offering a one-stop-shop financial solution for its global users. The company saves its clients the agony of working with more than one financial services provider, which may consume a lot of client’s time and energy to coordinate.

Allied Wallet also works with all types of clients-from startups to established organizations. As a principle, the company values its clients and places their needs first. To encompass every merchant, the company has also designed a variety of payments options to suit every merchant at friendly rates. Allied Wallet has also partnered with other like-minded business entities to improve its services to clients. In China, Allied Walled partnered with Hong Kong-based CloudAsia to stimulate its growth across Asia. Through this partnership, Allied Walled has reached out to more than a billion buyers and sellers across Asia. The users can transact in more than 164 currencies which the company accepts.

Allied Wallet provides its clients with cutting edge services like eWallet. The service includes prepaid cards, mobile point of sale service, and international payment options. The company also facilitates the integration of businesses with e-commerce services through numerous APIs.

Allied Wallet is mindful of the security of its client’s financial transactions. The company has employed stringent measures to secure all its operations through compliance with PCI DSS Level 1 guidelines. Additionally, all the company’s operations are SHA-256 encrypted.

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