A look at the rallying career of Michel Terpin.

For all the rallying enthusiast in Brazil when they hear the name Bull Sertões Rally Team they are filled with pride and admiration. This is one of the most successful teams in the country have taken part in numerous rally events in Brazil and always emerged among the top finishers. Their sense of commitment and need for excellence is infectious. They compete to win in every race they enter and no matter the challenge with terrain or mechanical problems its one of those teams that seem to keep going and every new challenge only seems to prove the point of how good a team they have become.

The team was started by two bothers sons of the legendary Jacko or better know as jack Terpins. His sons Rodrigo Terpins and Michel Terpins formed the team after Michel left the cross country championship. He was the reigning champion in cross country and as he left he knew he still had a lot of racing left in him.

He was a tad lucky as his brother was already a member of the Brazilian rallying community and this to him meant that he had someone he could learn from. He was already a very good driver but rallying required an extra set of skills as opposed to what he was already used to. His determination was rewarded soon coz after joining the team he was able to start racing. He would start as a navigator for his brother during there first days and slowly graduated into more driving roles which saw him prove he was more than just a rider or navigator.

This aspiration to excellence and to represent the Bull Sertões Rally Team as a driver drove the two to conclude that they were better off getting navigators and split into two teams. Soon Michel Terpin was a driver and by this time they had already brought the T-Rex onboard meaning that they would not be looking for a new vehicle for the T1 prototype category.

This was the beginning of his dominance in the racing world which would see him win circuit after circuit in the Brazilian Sertoes rally.

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