A Look At Sharon Prince’s Organization The Grace Farms Foundation

Grace Farms is an 80-acre community space and cultural institution that is operated by the Grace Farms Foundation. It is a place of serene natural beauty which inspires thought. They have preserved the natural habitat and it can be visited throughout the year, each season offering its own treasures to people who choose to visit.
There are buildings in Grace Farms that naturally flow into the landscape. The buildings are used to foster communication between different people. They often have guest speakers, notable artists, and thought leaders who pay a visit. Grace Farms has a number of on-site programs throughout the year. It is open to everyone and free to the public.
Summers are glorious at Grace Farms. It’s in Connecticut and so the fall is a showcase of beautiful New England colors. It’s a lush display of red, orange, and golden leaves which is perfect for taking pictures or just being immersed in nature.
In winter, with the leaves down and the branches bare, visitors to Grace Farms can see sights that are hidden during the course of the rest of the year. It offers a breathtaking topography with powdery snow on the trees and meadows. It’s also quieter and more introspective in the winter at this place.

There are species of birds that migrate through Connecticut and pay Grace Farms a visit on the way. There are also birds that stay and thrive there even through the winter. Birds such as hawks and owls can be seen throughout the year.
The Grace Farms Foundation is led by nationally-recognized businesswoman Sharon Prince. She is the president of this foundation as well as the chairperson of the board. She helped to establish this nonprofit in 2009 with the goal of creating a space where people could engage with nature and have conversations about justice, faith, and other issues.

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