A Look At Greg Blatt’s Successful Career

Greg Blatt is The Chief Executive Officer of IAC. Blatt oversees the strategic patterns of IAC and its operating businesses. Prior to becoming CEO, Blatt served as the Executive Vice President and General Counsel of IAC, as well as General Counsel and Secretary of Martha Stewart Living. Blatt also has experience working for several law firms in New York. Blatt received his J.D. from Columbia Law School (Gregblatt).

Greg Blatt is known for his versatility, as he has shown the ability to succeed in many different areas. Blatt feels that his time in law school prepared him to enjoy a great career. Greg Blatt says that succeeding in law school requires discipline due to the time and effort that people have to put in. Blatt says that his time in law school prepared him to transfer into a leadership position and also gave him a thorough understanding of how to conduct business.

Achieving Success

IAC is one of the largest dating companies in the World. Users have access to a large database for which they could find a suitable match. When Blatt helped run Match Group, their portfolio grew substantially during a five year period. Blatt says that it is important for people to focus on achieving success in a specific industry before turning their attention to other goals. It is important to gain as much experience in that specific field as possible.

Due to his experience in the online dating sector, Greg Blatt brings a wealth of information to every position that he gets hired too. Blatt notes that success is never guaranteed. It takes the right mix of experience and desire. Blatt advises his peers to find a role model who can be an example of what it takes to succeed. Blatt attributes his success to his team, and feels happy to have played a small part in helping bring millions of families together.

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