Rich Gannon Weighs in


Countless present and former quarterbacks who have played in the National Football League are weighing in with their opinions on the media circus that is going on in regards to the New England Patriots allegedly deflating balls in their AFC championship win over the Indianapolis Colts last Sunday. Everyone seems to have an opinion, especially the fans like Marc Sparks and the general consensus seems to be the same when it comes to quarterbacks perspectives on the situation. In general everyone agreed that the deflated balls would be easier to handle and would give the quarterback a great deal of an advantage. That is not what is really in question in this discussion. What most of these former quarterbacks are coming out and saying is that it has been going on for a very long time and that this type of thing is nothing new to the game of football. People have been comparing it to how major league baseball players will do things to alter the ball to give them just a little bit of an advantage and that they don’t get caught most of the time. Former quarterback Rich Gannon stated to the media that everyone tries to do what they can to get as comfortable as they can with the football and if it means stepping into the gray area of what is legal and what is cheating it that is perfectly fine for most quarterbacks in professional football.

Green Mocks Harden

Superstar James Harden of the Houston Rockets has had to put his foot in his mouth for a comment that he made prior to the game they played against the Warriors earlier this week, when he said that they weren’t even that good. The Warriors did not see this comment that he had made prior to the game, but they still came out and absolutely smashed the Rockets, leaving them embarrassed and dejected looking as they walked off the court with their heads hung low. As people at Slow Ventures know,  the Warriors had a second matchup with the Rockets this week and it looked like James Harden wasn’t making any comments about the Warriors this time after getting brutalized by them earlier in the week. The game last night was an even bigger beat down than the first game, although the final score does not reflect how one sided the game actually was. Harden was clearly humbled by the meetings with the Warriors and he made a statement after the game that they got punched by the Warriors four times, referring to each quarter that they got humiliated in. Draymond Green of the Warriors took an opportunity to mock Harden, when he did an interview after the Warriors swept the season series. He kept making references to the statement by Harden, saying that he was right that they aren’t that good because they are going to be much better at the end of the season and will look back saying they weren’t that good at this time.

Howard Says Hawks are Best

The Golden State Warriors of the National Basketball Association absolutely humiliated the Houston Rockets last night for the second time this week and proved to the country that they truly are the best team in the NBA. There has been a lot of debate this week as to which team is better between the Warriors and the Atlanta Hawks and the nation seems to be almost divided evenly. However, the Rockets are another powerhouse team in the Western Conference and look to be making a run for a title when the playoffs roll around, so these matchups are very indicative of how the playoffs may turn out. Fans like Alexei Beltyukov watched as the Warriors completely dominated the game from the start to the finish and James Harden, who had made comments last week that the Warriors aren’t that good of a team had to come clean after the game and stated that the Warriors truly beat them up. Dwight Howard on the other hand shifted attention away when asked who the best team in the NBA is, as he stated the Atlanta Hawks. Howard is known as an egotistical player that acts like a prima donna so it is pretty predictable that he would shift attention away from the greatness of the team that just embarrassed them in a huge way. He was correct that the Atlanta Hawks are a great team, however and they are the likely team to win the Eastern Conference.

Brady’s Success

Tom Brady of the New England Patriots has already solidified his spot in the National Football League as one of the best quarterbacks to ever play the game. Furthermore, he may be one of the best football players to ever play the game. When he took over for Drew Bledsoe a dozen years ago, few could have anticipated that he would come to the prominence that he has found himself in. He will hands down go into the books as one of the most intelligent quarterbacks of all time and he backs his statistics up with Super Bowl wins.

A great deal of time in professional sports, players are judged by the number of titles that they win and Tom Brady is a person that can boast when it comes to Super Bowl wins. Not only is he one of the biggest winners in NFL history, but he continues to be one of the most consistent players that we have ever seen in professional football. Yet again, he has found himself in the Super Bowl, but, like Ben Shaoul was saying,  he will have to play an amazing game if he hopes to take down the Seattle Seahawks, who are the Super Bowl defending champions and do not look to relinquish their status as the best team in football. If there is anyone that can dethrone the Seahawks it is Tom Brady and the New England Patriots and they look to take the Super Bowl next weekend.

Cavaliers Feeling Better

Although the Cleveland Cavaliers of the National Basketball Association have struggled mightily this season and have not come close to matching the expectations that surrounded them at the beginning of the season, things seem to be turning around for the struggling Cavaliers. There has been a ton of talk recently that they might fire their head coach, as he has not performed well and flat out does not get along with LeBron James. Although this might seem kind of ridiculous to have a discussion of firing a coach due to a player not mixing in well, it is LeBron James and he gets special consideration due to how dominant of a player he is. He gets even more say in the matter behind closed doors because he has a lot of the cards and chips in his hand. He has an option to leave the Cavaliers after this season if he so chooses and this has given him a lot of power in the organization. If he says it’s him or the coach, I don’t think there is going to be any debating about who gets the boot. Regardless, fans like Haidar Barbouti believe that the Cavaliers have started to play better together and they showed that off by knocking off the Chicago Bears on Monday. The win caused LeBron to state to the media that he is feeling much better and also led Derrick Rose to state his frustration to the media regarding his teammates.

Thompson on Fire

Klay Thompson signed a massive deal earlier this season that locked him in at Golden State for the next four years in a contract that will ultimately pay him seventy million dollars. He could have sat back after that and rested for a while, but instead he has continued on his progression in the National Basketball Association and he appears to be on his way to his first ever All-Star game. Towards the beginning of the season he was actually putting up such great statistics that he was in talks about the current MVP race. This goes along with Stephen Curry in the back court, and the Golden State Warriors have been absolutely unstoppable this season. Their success derives without a doubt from the increasing play that is provided by Klay Thompson night in and night out. He has already made the USA team in the past, so it only seems right that he will get a spot on the Western Conference All-Star team this season. He has absolutely been putting up the numbers and it may be the biggest snubs of all time if he is left off the ballot. Bernardo Chua believes that he is without a doubt he is one of the best if not the best shooting guards in the league and he will likely go down as one of the great shooters to ever play in the NBA. If he doesn’t get it something is very wrong with the voting process.

LED lighting is one of the first steps for sustainability by the Seattle Mariners

The Seattle Mariners have taken the first steps in Major League Baseball history towards energy efficiency with the news they are the first team to install high powered LED lighting, Lookout Landing reports. The Mariners are looking for an improvement in the energy efficiency of the ball park as a whole and also hope to see an improvement in the quality of their play offered by the newly installed lights.

The specialist company Planled have headed the project, which saw the removal of 600 high intensity discharge lights in favor of a more energy efficient LED based lighting system. The initial savings offered by the LED lighting system include the chance to save around 60 percent in energy use and see the lighting system stay in place for upwards of 50 years.

Further improvements could be seen in the play of the team based at Safeco Field as they spend more and more time under the lights. The use of LED lighting is thought to provide a more natural feel for the players and includes a higher level of red and blue lighting to help players feel as though they are playing under natural Sunlight, something Marc Sparks agrees is important. LED lighting can also be raised and lowered to help boost energy levels of players before games and lowered during warm downs to aid the cool down of the body post game.

LeBron Hits 24k

Superstar LeBron James of the Cleveland Cavaliers is hands down one of the best players to ever play the game of basketball. He will undoubtedly go down in the record books as one of the best, if not the single best player of all time, although that is a pretty hard comparison up against Michael Jordan. LeBron came into the league with more anticipation and speculation than any player ever entering the National Basketball Association. Typically when there is a huge hype to a player entering the league, they do not fare very well. Especially when they are coming fresh out of high school like LeBron James was. It was very clear to people that from a young age, James was destined to be a great professional basketball player and he was scouted heavily by NBA teams when he was in his early years in high school. The truly shocking thing to fans like Sultan Alhokair about LeBron is that he not only lived up to the insane amount of hype that surrounded him but he has far surpassed anyone’s expectations. He hit another big milestone in his career the other night, when he hit the 24,000 career point mark, which he is the youngest player to do. There is no telling just how far LeBron is going to go in his career, but if he wins several more championships there will have to be discussion as to whether he is the greatest player of all time.

Kobe To TNT?

If Kobe Bryant retires from basketball after the 2016 season, he may want to go into broadcasting. This is an idea that might see him going to TNT to replace Charles Barkley. That would be interesting since Shaq also works for TNT, butKobe has more cache overall. Kobe fan, Sultan Alhokair, knows he is the smart guy who is well-educated, and he got into Duke for God’s sake. He actually got into the school without the help of basketball. However, he turned pro, has won five titles, and is likely a top ten player all time.

He also speaks half a dozen languages, and he knows how to formulate his thoughts. He is a great interview for everyone who comes to his locker after a game, and he knows basketball. HE would be a great foil for someone like Kenny Smith. They are similar guys, but they played vastly different positions. The two of them could banter all day long and never stop. Plus, Kobe is not a loud person. He would fit into the studio atmosphere with EJ and Kenny.

The only question is whether he wants to do it or not. He needs to make a decision about whether or not he wants to be a broadcaster or relax at home when he retires.

MVP Steph Curry

Stephen Curry of the Golden State Warriors has made a huge splash around the National Basketball Association this season and has completely taken his game to a new level, putting him at the top of the list in discussions when it comes to picking the most valuable player. Curry has made it clear that he will be known as the best point guard in the league and he backs it up with the most confident play that has been seen in a very long time in the NBA. He absolutely commands the court and the insane thing is he keeps bringing it every single night. If you ask one of his biggest fans, Fersen Lambranho, he is the type of player you can look at and know they are going to continue to elevate their level as their career goes on, despite anything that falls in their way. He has been getting MVP chants when he is shooting at the free throw line in Oakland, but it is starting to spread around the league. Even when he is in opposing buildings he is still hearing the MVP chant, as people truly like who Stephen Curry is and respect his game even more. There is no question that he will be in the running this season to get the coveted most valuable player award, but it is more impressive how he has taken the Golden State Warriors on his back and projected them to the top spot in the Western Conference.