Former Hawks ownership sues New Hampshire insurance company for breach of contract

Sept 2016, the former ownership of NBA Franchise filed a case for breach of contract against New Hampshire Insurance Company involving the settlement of claims made by Danny Ferry the former manager. Bruce Levenson is included in the controlling partner by former Hawks Ownership group. However, the lawsuit does not involve the current Hawks ownership that is managed by Tony Ressler.

On Sept 13, the lawsuit was filed in Superior Court of Fulton County, is also described as AIG, insurance bad faith and also a breach of contract. The group claims that it was insured under a policy that covered particular losses in relation to employment practices, including, but not limited to, specific acts of “Wrongful Termination” and “Workplace Torts.” The court’s documents indicate that AHBE notified AIG on April 2015 that claims have been vindicated by Ferry that it believed were included.

Two days later after Ferry and Hawks ownership arrived at a concealed buyout agreement on 22 June 2015 terminating a relationship that began six years earlier, the approval of the sale of Franchise to Ressler group was settled.

According toESPN the confidential limits of liability to the policy are sufficient to play AHBEs claim. The lawsuits illustrate that AIG refused to acknowledge the claim and the triggered policy. It also indicates that AIG declined to engage in defense of the uttered claims and accept coverage during the council discussion of Ferry and Hawks. Hence, the lawsuit claims a breach of contract for the decline to provide payment for covered losses in the agreement.

Bruce Levenson is a philanthropist ( and American businessman. Bruce attended Washington University and graduated from law school at America University. Bruce has founded various companies including Aslant Hawks LLC, and United Communication Group where he is a co-founder among others.

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The Evolution of EOS Natural Lip Balm

Over the years, purchasing a lip balm was a hassle to a good number of people, partly since you had to go through different stores and shopping malls to buy one of these lip balms, which in most cases didn’t meet your expectations. Creating EOS lip balm helped a lot of people especially women who hated using some of these sticks that felt entirely medical.

Seven years ago Mehra, Jonathan Teller, and Craig Dubinsky after doing some research in the lip balm industry, they realized that the industry had been abandoned, and this encouraged them to create the Evolution of Smooth Lip Balm. In a short period, the product was popping up in various beauty shops and supermarkets. Beauty editors and celebrities could not get enough of EOS lip balm especially honeydew and grapefruit flavors.

EOS lip balm success was mainly driven by the demand for natural and organic products. They came up with a product that engaged all the five (5) senses which included soft round packaging, colors of orbs, the sweet smells, scrumptious flavors’, and finally, the clicking sound that the sphere made while closing.

Its prices were also fair with a single lip balm going for only $3. The business was booming and in a week’s time, the organization had sold over 1 million units. Their primary target audience was the stylish millennial women aged between 25-35. So as to market their product, the company carried out marketing ventures through magazines and television ads.

Coming up with a perfect product took quite some time, partly because the organization wanted to create something unique, and not an increment of any other product in the market. They wanted to rethink about its format and shape to favor all of their users. Rather than being just another product in the lip balm industry, the organization wanted to create an emotional connection with its consumers, hence the tagline “the lip balm that makes you smile”. For more info, visit the EOS social media pages on both Facebook and YouTube.

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Securus Technologies Certifies Specialists

In a recent PR Newswire article, it was announced that eleven of Securus Technologies field specialists had been awarded the prestigious certification offered by the Building Industry Consulting Service International (BICSI). This is an indication of the quality of work being done by Securus Technologies. Read the full PR Newswire story here: Field Specialist Certification

Securus Technologies has been at the forefront of implementing audio/video communication systems between inmates and the general public. This form of communication is radically different from normal phone conversations. It must be secure, and the conversations must be recorded for prison staff to reference in case of any illegal activity taking place during the conversation. With the advent of voice and video communication using Internet pathways, these in-depth conversations can take place between family members spanning great distances with one end of the conversation taking place in a prison facility. But this communication serves a deeper more meaningful purpose because it serves to connect persons convicted of criminal activity to their friends and families. This familiar connection is vital if rehabilitation is to take place. When an inmate realizes that there is a caring support system outside the prison walls, only then will that inmate want to pay for the crime and reenter society at the conclusion of his sentence.

Prisons exist to protect society from those who chose not to obey the laws and also to rehabilitate the prisoner. Prison staff and programs make it possible for that person to re-enter society at some time in the future. Recidivism rates prove that rehabilitation is not totally effective, but with the implementation of Information and Communication Technologies (ICT) used by Securus Technologies, there is hope for the future.


How To Push Down Bad Reviews

Are you in search of a great online reputation management system? Need help getting rid of negative reviews and malicious content about your organization? Protecting your online reputation is an important step toward running a successful business.

In today’s business environment, it’s imperative to remove all the unfair, malicious, and negative search results about yourself or your organization. A negative posting, or malicious remark, can ruin your chances of gaining clients and clients, while a great review about your company can boost sales and revenue in your company. In fact, negative content will cause tremendous damage to your reputation if not removed or suppressed right away.

Business owners and organization leaders should take steps to maintain a great online reputation and track conversations about their brand. As a business owner or company manager, you will want to know what people see when they search your name or your brand online. It is advisable to have a system in place that will remove what you don’t want, while creating fresh, positive content to portray yourself or your company as credible.

Reputation problems can occur at any time and it is important to be prepared in case it happens. Once it happens, it is imperative to address it properly.Online reputation management is a great way to control your reputation and improve your search results. Every business person, entrepreneur and corporate personnel should have a reliable way of monitoring conversations and resolving reputation issues.

Keep in mind that if you are looking to disappear from the Internet, this is not the solution for you, and is not advisable. You need Internet visibility to promote your business or brand and achieve financial success. You need to be creating more content about your brand or company, but you will be tipping the balance from derogatory or negative to positive.

There are several excellent resources that can help you accomplish that, and reliable reputation management professionals can assist you. Choose a company that has the resources to help you enhance your credibility and online reputation by suppressing negative or misleading content to pages where people will never see them.


Executive Kevin Seawright Recognized By Notre Dame Executive Leadership Program

Financial guru Kevin Seawright just received a prestigious award from the University of Notre Dame. The Chief Financial Officer of the Community Econonic Development Corporation (CEDC) recently completed the second part of the Nonprofit Fund Development Program at the University of Notre Dame Medoza College of Business. This executive leadership program is part and parcel to Seawright’s job at the CEDC.

Kevin Seawright says he has always understood the importance of actively serving within governmental agencies and neighborhood communities. He says he is now determined to use what he’s learned to align himself with organizations to ensure that the communities of Newark are strengthened and empowered.

The program was designed specifically to help executive navigate through the often complex world of non-profits. The course also outlines the structure of non-profit boards and instructs individuals on how to successfully run boards. The program takes a hands-on approach that includes training, organization, evaluation and how to successfully pick board members.

After the completion of Phase 2, Seawright was awarded with a Certificate of Achievement as identified on his Twitter. Kevin Seawright has deep roots within the public and private sector. He spent 13 years working as a financial officer for several state and federal entities within the city of Baltimore. Seawright notably implemented an accounting system that saved the city $100,000. When the CEDC decided to reopen under new leadership, Seawright was the obvious choice to fill the Chief Financial Officer seat.

Seawright says he has a certain vision for the future. He is hoping that his years of hard work will carry over into his role at the CEDC. As Seawright looks forward to his final phase of the program, he plans to continue his role as CFO of the CADC and stay active within the local community. Seawright serves on many local boards and is also a member of the Babe Ruth Museum.  Further reading can be done on WorldClassMagazines website, for the full interview with Kevin Seawright.

Famous biotech enterpenuer working on cures for cancer

Seattle Genetics has been continuing its projects with the largest funding possible. The company has increased its $480 million public stock offering to $552 million. They did this because of the over-allotment option.

Seattle Genetics has been able to increase the stock amounts because of the large amounts of interest offered from investors. In addition to using the funds for drug pipeline and expanding the use of its flagship cancer drug Adcetris, Seattle Genetics will continue to bring in more employees and expand their work environment. The company is planning on hiring at least one hundred new employees every year over the course of the next five years. That would mean the company would have to make room for over 1200 employees by 2020.

Seattle Genetics is looking at other buildings to lease near Canyon Park area of Bothell. The company is located at 21823 30th Dr. S.E. The company is working on pushing growth as fast as possible. There have been no promises yet, but there are expected to be more buildings under their name in the new future.

Seattle Genetics was founded in 1998. The have now grown to be one of the largest biotech companies. However, they are not at the stage where they can earn much profit. The company has made a good amount of profit from selling Adcetris, but all the medical equipment and research costed the company a lot of money. CEO of the company, Siegall, has said that the lack of profit thus far has nothing to do with future growth. There is still so much to build.

It is common for biotech companies to to take a long time before earning any significant profit. Seattle Genetics is continuing their research to find all possible uses for Adcetris beyond cancer. They will continue to advance drugs through their pipeline.

Clay Siegall is the president of Seattle Genetics. He earned his Bachelor of Science in Zoology at the University of Maryland and a Doctor of Philosophy. He helped grow the company until it became an industry leader. Siegall has multiple licenses with affiliated companies such as ADC technology, including with Genentech (Roche), AbbVie, GlaxoSmithKline and Pfizer. He has earned $675 million through public and private funding.

Why Did Goettl Air Conditioning Help Someone In Need?

Goettl Air Conditioning was there to help people in need because it is the right thing to do, and they helped a man living in Las Vegas whose AC did not work. They found out about his problem and they decided that they needed to get it taken care of. They also got to work with a plumber who fixed the plumbing in this man’s home to help him live comfortably again. He was older and widowed, and it was only right for Goettl to do something that would help this man live comfortably.

The hot southwest is a place where people cannot go without air conditioning for very long, and it was even worse because this man did not have any plumbing to speak of. Goettl was willing to come into his home and figure out what the problem was. There are a lot of things that have to be done to make sure that homes in the area will be safe and secure, and part of that comes down to making sure that they are comfortable. Goettl was able to get this man’s air conditioning running, and his plumbing was fixed at the same time.

The people who are living in Las Vegas with no air can come to Goettl at any time to get help, and they will find out that this company has more options for help with AC than any other. They have been around for a long time, and they have a reputation that speaks to how well they do their job. People can trust them, and now the public knows that they can trust their charitable work to Goettl. Going in and helping a widowed man who had no AC or plumbing is something that all businesses should consider just because it is the right thing to do.

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IAP Worldwide Is A Leading Logistics Provider

The logistics industry has continued to grow over many years, and today IAP Worldwide has earned a name for itself as being one of the best logistic support companies in the world. Not only this, but the company offers many different services today to many different individuals and companies all over the world. They are capable of this with their employee pool of more than 2,000 that is spread out internationally.

Ingenuity and Purpose has their headquarters out in Cape Canaveral, Florida, but they also have business locations located in the Middle East, Panama, and the UK. Today, IAP Worldwide spreads out it services to more than 25 different countries in hundreds of different locations. For more than 60 years, IAP Worldwide has been in business and growing, and work to meet the needs of both the private and public sectors. They are known as one of the most reliable and professional companies that always exceeds expectations.

IAP Worldwide, through its predecessors, started up back in 1953, and has been offering logistics support ever since. Over time, the services provided by the company continued to grow, especially as they acquired new companies on Hoovers. It was in the 1990’s that the company started working on energy efficiency problems for different facilities. IAP has successfully become a procurement and highly specialized logistics company.

The company has also partnered up and collaborated with a large number of other recognized companies on in order to spread its awareness and grow its base of clients. The biggest concern for the company is providing the best solutions and services to their clients and completing their objectives. The company always thoroughly goes through every situation to provide a solution that is optimal and efficient.

IAP Worldwide Services has been offering the most reliable and safe solutions for their clients for a long time now, with the highest standards both morally and professionally. Since first opening their doors, IAP Worldwide has acquired several companies as well, such as DRS Technologies and Tactical Communications & Network Solutions, with the intentions of increasing their available services and the quality of their services offered on

For Soft and Moist Kissable Lips

The lip is the border between the outer skin of the face and the membrane inside of the mouth. It is not hairy and have no sweat glands, therefore missing the defense provided by sweat and body oils. The lips are always in danger of drying out and cracking more easily than the skin in other parts of the body.
The lips’ most common problems are lip dryness, cracking, pain, and sores. They are usually a result of prolonged exposure to the sun, either cold or dry weather, dehydration, or simply lacking in moisture.

For every day lip problem like dry and chapping lips, the solution is simple – by using a lip balm.

A lip balm is a waxy stuff applied to the outer part of the lips to help nourish it and diminish the pain caused by chapped or dry lips. Most lip balms may contain similar formulations, but some others may have additional ingredients to add color, scent, texture and other features to differentiate them from the rest.

Lip balms are formulated to provide an extra layer on the lip surface to keep the lips moist and cover them from direct exposure to the elements. Wind, dry air, and hot and cold temperatures dry the skin by extracting moisture away from the body. Because lips are so thin, they are exceptionally helpless, often showing the first signs of dryness.

Evolution of Smooth (EOS) is one of the most popular lip balms that deliver solutions to these dryness problems and discomforts. It moisturizes the lips and keeps it from drying and chapping. Its discreet packaging makes it easy to apply and re-apply anywhere and anytime you want.

More people attest that they appreciate its moisturizing and soothing effect, plus the different flavors, scents and colors that they can choose from. No wonder EOS is one of the top ten best lip balms in the market today. Evolution of Smooth lip balm products can be found at major retailers that have personal care sections, such as Walmart and Target or online via and Ulta.

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Covers Is An Excellent Source Of Information About College Football Betting

College football season has started, and that means that there are many people looking to bet on these events. While some people will simply bet on who is going to win, a lot of people bet on the specific score. There are many places where you can bet on college football offline, but betting on college football is also commonly done online. While no one can ever predict the outcome of a game with certainty, educated guesses can be made that can greatly improve your odds. While certain teams have a tendency to fare out much better, the odds change every season and during the season. Luckily, there are many places online to check the odds for college football.

One place to find the information you need is, and they have been in operation for more than ten years. Covers is a popular information source for betting on football odds and sports/gambling enthusiasts. The odds are presented in charts that allow you to look at expected final outcomes of upcoming games, along with odds for the score at specific points during the game. In addition, they provide information about injuries that players have suffered, which can impact upon the outcomes of games. Information is also provided on the current standings of different teams in the NCAAF. Experts from the website even recommend specific places to bet on college football, because some sports betting websites offer certain deals that can increase your potential winnings.

However, there is much more available on the website. Since Covers gets a lot of traffic from sports betting enthusiasts, a forum has been set up. There is one section of this forum about betting on college football, and there are more than a quarter of a million threads on the subject. The size of this forum really stands out amongst many other websites about sports betting. Many members of the forum are quite knowledgeable. In addition to information on college football, you can also find any information that you need on NFL games. There also is information on sports other than football. They also feature articles about betting on different sports, including college football. Furthermore, all of this information is available for free!