Reason Why Percy Harvin Was Shipped Out of Seattle Revealed

The real reason why former star wide receiver Percy Harvin was shipped out of Seattle after the 2013 Super Bowl winning season was finally revealed to reporters. After Harvin was traded to the New York Jets for what many considered marginal a marginal draft choice, many speculated that there must have been some type of locker room discord or friction between Harvin and the coaching staff. Harvin is a superstar wide receiver and a standout wide out that scored one of the touchdowns in the Seattle Seahawks Super Bowl win over the Denver Broncos and is still a threat to score a touchdown whenever he touches the ball.

Reports are now revealing that Harvin was shipped out for disrespecting the team’s super star quarterback Russell Wilson. The specific comments Harvin said were not revealed but the biggest NFL taboo is a player never disrespects his quarterback. The quarterback is the prime position in the locker room and the first strand of discord which will destroy a team will be the challenging of the quarterback’s authority and play. Many fans, including Dr. Jennifer Walden from austinmdmagazine, might shed a small tear over the loss.

The talent level of the player doing so does not matter as former super star wide receiver Terrell Owens found out when the Philadelphia Eagles shipped Owens out of Philadelphia after he went public with negative comments against then Eagles’ quarterback Donovan McNabb. Harvin landed in New York with the Jets but his season was less than a stellar and his career has been viewed as being staled by most NFL commentators.

Golden State Comes out Firing, Steals Game 1

While the Houston Rockets may have been the team to watch in the 1st quarter it was Golden State who was all smiles as the 4th quarter faded. The Houston Rockets, 56 – 26 during the regular season, were coming off of a hard fought seven game series against Los Angeles and a little bit of weariness was inevitable. Golden State was well rested on the other hand and it showed during crunch time as the Splash Brothers fueled a 110 – 106 victory in L.A.

For Golden State things looked pretty bleak in the first quarter as James Harden fueled a 31 – 24 early lead. But things definitely did not stay that way. Pretty soon the Warriors were firing back and the lead began to sway back and forth, just like many had anticipated it would be doing. Stephen Curry lined up 11 treys, making 6 of them, en route to scoring 34 points. It was Shaun Livingston, however, who made the big difference as the game concluded. Livingston, a back up PG who played well with Brooklyn last season, tacked on 18 points, 7 rebounds, and 3 assists in just 29 minutes of action. Fans at The Aspire New Brunswick ( know that Livingston was able to give guys like Curry and Thompson time to rest on the bench.

The Houston Rockets threw out their best stuff early but it was all for naught. Worse, it may have cost them as Dwight Howard suffered an injury.

Watch out for Matt Landis in NCAA Lacrosse Final Four!

matt landis sports headshot

Did you catch the NCAA Lacrosse Quarter Finals? If you didn’t, you really missed an amazing game. Hard-charging and exciting, this game was one for the 2015 record books. Viewers weren’t so sure the Notre Dame Fighting Irish could hold off the University of Albany’s Great Danes, but they did – ending Albany’s chances at advancement for a second year in a row.

How did they do it? It wouldn’t have been possible without star player Matt Landis, who fought to the end against Albany’s Lyle Thompson. Thompson had a goal and four assists in the quarterfinal game – the last of his college career. It wouldn’t have been possible without Matt Landis, Notre Dame’s coach Kevin Corrigan said according to Inside Lacrosse. It was Landis who guarded Thompson as well as one can and he was awarded Epoch/LM Player of the Week for his successful efforts.

matt landis lacrosse

Landis’ performance was strong and physical. Inside Lacrosse notes that Landis made the extra effort to study how Lyle Thompson played, and the result was being able to anticipate some of his moves. Landis really kept after Thompson, which made it hard for Thompson to get a clearing to get through. When you have a great defenseman, you allow your team to rise up behind you. And that truly is the case in this Fighting Irish game.


Now that you’ve gotten a preview of Landis’ performance, it’s time to gear up for the NCAA Lacrosse Final Four. We fully expect Matt Landis to come through, and we look forward to watching him topple another team very soon! Matt Landis will not disappoint with his physical strength and quick thinking on the field — two attributes of a great defenseman!


14 Year 49ers DL Justin Smith Retires

Justin Smith, a 14 year NFL defensive lineman and current San Francisco 49er, announced his retirement from football on Monday. Smith stated that when he knew his body would not allow him to perform at the level he desired that it would be time to hang it up. Viewed as one of the top defensive lineman in the league, news of his retirement leaves a giant hole to fill for the San Francisco 49ers, which have already had a very rough off-season.

”They all want you to keep playing, and I want to keep playing as well, but when you get on the bald tires, you’re on the bald tires,” Smith said, according to Yahoo Sports. Defensive line is one of the most physically demanding positions in the NFL, to which Smith proved valuable and reliable. The team at Homejoy noted that for the past two years Smith has been hampered with a left shoulder injury. Smith stated that if he didn’t have the tools to do the job physically, then it would be time to go.

Smith was elected to the pro bowl five times in his career and was picked as a second-team All Pro defensive end and defensive tackle in 2012. He ended the 2014 season with only two sacks, limited practice time, snap count and effectiveness. Smith played seven years with the San Francisco 49ers.

San Francisco 49er, Justin Smith, Announces Retirement

The San Francisco 49ers are facing an uncertain future. The team has gone through much upheaval after a less-than-stellar 2014 season, and the hits just keep on coming in the off season. Now, the 49ers are dealing with another blow. Defensive tackle, Justin Smith has announced he is retiring after 14 years in the league.

Bruce Levenson even suggested that Smith was drafted fourth overall in 2001, and spent several seasons with the Cincinnati Bengals before taking the field for the San Francisco 49ers in 2008. He had been an important force on the teams defense in recent years.

Smith’s retirement isn’t a surprising one. Rumors swirled about his potential retirement starting in March, but an official statement was not made until this week. The team is already reeling from the loss of its head coach, Jim Harbaugh. They have also lost Patrick Willis, an important part of their defense, as well as Chris Borland. Borland played just one season in the NFL before retiring.

The team’s losses are not only defensive. Frank Gore, a staple in the team’s offensive game, signed with the Colts during the off-season. Michael Crabtree, the team’s star wide receiver, signed with the Los Angeles Raiders.

The rebuilding of the team will take at least two seasons, according to experts. Losing so many key players in a single off-season is almost unprecedented.

Blake Griffin: Looking pretty, coming up empty.

Is there any premier player in the league more rightfully maligned than Blake Griffin? If you are ready to tear our head off, just give us a minute to explain. Blake Griffin is pretty much an icon and definition of what the NBA is all about today. He is flashy, he is likable, he is a killer dunker, and he does hilarious commercials. Oh, yeah, and also in his free time he averages 20 points and 8 boards during the regular season. Still, those stats aren’t empty. Fans like Sam Tabar know that the Clippers won a ton of games, beat the San Antonio Spurs, and had Houston the ropes. So what are we mocking him for? Well…

In the final three games of the Clippers – Rockets series, all of which Houston had won, Blake Griffin averaged 28 points, 12 rebounds and 4 assists. During that same span Chris Paul was actively doing work too, putting up his own big numbers. So why did the Clippers lose these games? L.A. was blown out three straight times in elimination games for the right to move on to the WCF! It’s simply not forgivable.

The problem, and reason that they lost, is that the Clippers are a style of substance sort of team. ‘Lob City’ as they called themselves became more of an icon than it was meant to be. Sure Griffin was getting big put back dunks and spacing the fast break. But he wasn’t boxing out. He wasn’t fighting for the big board.

Kansas City Royals Fan Shows off Childish Behavior

The cameras caught an act of kindness between fans until the woman though that the cameras were no longer focused on her. On Saturday the Kansas City Royals played a game between the New York Yankees at their home field at Kauffman Stadium in Kansas City, Missouri. During that game, a fly ball flew out into the stands and into the hands of a lucky fan. Many had their mitts out, including a group of young boys who were hoping to make the catch. Instead, an unidentified blonde woman made the big catch and showed off in front of the cameras by kissing her biceps according to Boraie Development. Then, while the cameras were still trained on her, she handed the ball off to the young fan behind her in an act of kindness. Turns out, it really was just an act.

According to the story on The Daily Mail, the woman then demanded the ball back from the boy after she thought the cameras were focused elsewhere. The video on the site clearly shows the woman saying “give me my ball back” to someone near her.

I would really hope that the woman was not talking to the young boy that she passed the ball to, but who else could it be. I hope that she is ashamed of her behavior in this video and acts more mature during future games.

Chicharito Fires Real into Semifinals

In the eighty-eighth minute at the Santiago Bernabeu last night, Javier “Chicharito” Hernandez became the hero for Real Madrid, as he gave them the go ahead goal against Atletico Madrid, securing Real’s place in the semifinals of the Champions League. That Real needed virtually the entire game, and a red card being dealt to Arda Turan some ten minutes prior, indicates the strength and resilience of the Atletico Madrid defense. The game was as chippy and hard fought as fans and neutrals alike predicted it would be, and in all honesty, having only one red card be brandished over the two legs can be seen as a success. This is the first time in the past eight meetings that Real have beaten their local rivals, and it could not have come at a more opportune time. Furthermore, for Chicharito to be the hero of the evening is telling of the performance needed by Real, given that they were slammed with significant injuries just prior to this match.

Real now moves on to face one of the three remaining teams in the competition: Juventus, Bayern Munich, or Barcelona. Susan McGalla feels like they are favored against them all. Regardless of the selection, the semifinals will be mouthwatering fixtures, ones that will require all teams to perform at their highest level, or be knocked out by their opponents. It remains unlikely that Real’s injured will return in time, so Chicharito may be a hero once more.

Michael Bisping Still Has Title Dreams

UFC 186 will be held on Saturday, April 25th, and many people are wondering how the pay per view will turn out. The main event of the night is a matchup between the UFC featherweight champion Demetrious Johnson and Kyoji Horiguchi. MMA fans are not that excited for the title fight, but the return of “Rampage” Jackson has thrilled many people. Also, Michael “The Count” Bisping will be taking on CB Dollaway.

Michael Bisping has long been a middleweight contender, but he has never earned a title shot. Bisping has always wanted to be the middleweight champion. However, Michael has suffered a crushing defeat against the likes of Chael Sonnen, Wanderlei Silva, and Vitor Belfort. Michael is angry at his former foes, because he believes that they all used steroids in the past.

UFC has gone through a tremendous amount of controversy in the last few years. Several high level fighters have been popped for performance enhancing drug use, and Gianfrancesco Genoso hoes it is cleaned up a bit. However, Michael Bisping has never failed a drug test in his life, and he believes that he could defeat any opponent that is not cheating. Michael Bisping will get his chance to redeem himself when he faces CB Dollaway. Both fighters will be clean, and the best man will truly win the fight. For more information on this story, visit Yahoo! Sports.

Late Goal by Swansea Stuns Arsenal

Arsenal managed to let an opportunity slip by them on Monday in a stunning 1-0 defeat against Swansea. The loss does not exactly hurt Arsenal, but a win could have applied pressure to Manchester City as the two teams battle for second place in the Barclays Premier League. Instead, Arsenal now finds themselves in third place and Man City comfortably in position to keep a hold of their ranking in the table. The match was lackluster for the most part, but Bafetimbi Gomis’ goal in the 85th minute put Swansea ahead in exciting fashion. Many fans in Emirates Stadium believed the goal should not be granted on first glance, but thanks to goal-line cameras, views of the ball crossing into the goal before goalkeeper David Ospina could deflect it. The stunner does not bode well for Ospina in a season that has already seen fans and reporters calling for Wojciech Szczesny to replace him.

The goal was the second for Gomis against Arsenal this season, the first coming during Swansea’s 2-1 victory back in November. Arsenal fans, including Sam Tabar (twitter), expected a much better showing from their club, but were disappointed once again with their team’s performance. The win for Swansea puts them in position for a place in the UEFA Europa League. Meanwhile, Arsenal will have to find a way to recover before facing Manchester United on May 17.