Agora Financial is giving you 10 rules for smart investing in life. Please listen

Agora Financial has risen in the ranks over the years to become one of the preeminent authorities on private investing and investment opportunities. Many people have benefited from Agora Financial’s advice over the years, and they have regularly predicted some of the worst tragedies in the financial markets, such as the housing crisis and the dot-com bubble. Crunch Base hosted an article that they wrote for Release Fact dated March 3rd, 2018. The article was titled “Agora Financial’s 10 best ways to invest in your future”. Below is a summary of those ten ideas, or rules on the list.

The Rules:

Rule number one is to learn investing basics. Most investors go to professional advisors first, but it is advisable that you learn a bit about investing yourself so you know what’s being sold to you. Rule number two is to set long-term goals. In order to make short-term goals more palatable, long-term goals must be set for your own life as a backdrop.

Rule number three is to set short-term goals. The short-term goals are meant to be used to help buttress your long-term goals and make them easier to accomplish. Rule number four is to study long term investments. Agora Financial seeks to educate its readers on how to work their retirement plans whether self started or a retirement vehicle through their employer.

Rule number five is to also study short-term investments. Short-term investments are for those who need money within five years, and they may require those people to take money out of their long-term investments to build it. Examples of short-term investments include money market accounts, commodities, and real estate investments.

Rule number six is to keep a safety margin, or to be sure to buy stocks or other investments at their lowest point possible. Rule number seven is to profit from volatility. One must take the emotion out of investing and learn to benefit from price swings. The last three rules are to be a self-aware investor and keep your emotions in check, mitigate long-term risks like political and changing economic trends, and the last is to make a life plan, or assign your life a purpose. These rules, when taken into consideration make a good foundation for anyone’s investing goals.

IC System Is Proof Family Values Are Critical To A Sucessful Company

Jack and Ruth Erickson founded IC Systems in 1938. The accounts receivable business provides their clients with honest and ethical services. The company has been family owned for three generations and the founding principle continues to guide the business. IC Systems has remained innovative within their industry and was the first United States company to use computers as a replacement for typewriters. The company adheres to the latest compliance and regulatory standards. Top of the line collection tools ensure IC Systems retains their reputation as one of the industries most secure collection agencies.

The headquarters of IC Systems are right outside of St. Paul, Minnesota. They improve their clients financial outcomes and take pride in honesty and ethics. The representatives are trained to use consumer friendly and ethical practices while ensuring clients receive the necessary results. The integrity of the company was honored in 2013, 2014 and 2015 with the BBB Torch Award for Ethics. IC Systems is the most trusted and best possible provider for receivables management services.

IC Systems takes security very seriously and it remains a principle concern. The company has taken additional steps by having a stringent third party audit performed not only for the part of the network responsible for processing credit cards but for the entire network. The typical collection agency never takes this extra step. This is just one of the many reasons IC Systems has a reputation for integrity and honesty.

IC Systems believes in affecting positive changes within their community. This is accomplished both by giving something back and setting a good example. In 1981 the company started a charity committee in house. This committee decides how the funds donated by the employees and the company will be distributed including employees facing severe personal and health issues. IC Systems supports numerous charities including Special Olympics Wisconsin, the American Cancer Society, Ronald McDonald House Charities, Toys for Tots, the American Red Cross, St. Jude Children’s Hospital Charities and Relay for Life (

IC Systems has been bonded or licensed in all territories and states. They provide debt collection in all fifty states, Puerto Rico and Guam. This is a company still based on family values and integrity.


NGP VAN: The Firm Behind Digital Campaign Fundraising

Political campaigns are not a walk in the park as some outsiders may imagine. The political class have to dig deep to get resources for successful campaigns. Funds drives are normally done at different levels but the generated data can be tedious to work with. A lot of times this has damaging effects on the whole campaign. The campaign manager along with their team have their work cut out whenever an election year approaches.

Competitive campaigns are getting sophisticated by the day and even the lowest positions require large sums for one to be successful. New technology has been sought to adequately manage the complexities that arise from the present day campains. The political world has embraced technology that had been reserved for the financial sector and the fruits are evident.



NGP VAN is leading the way in supplying the necessary technology for campaign teams. It has offered its services to both Progressive and Democratic campaigns. Campaign information can be better handled using the online platform that the firm offers. The dashboards are characterized by graphs that can easily be interpreted and charts for discussing the information with the team.

The firm’s software had a hand in the Obama fundraising as well as campaigns. NGP VAN has incorporated social media platforms to make it possible for individual donors to be part of the funds drive. They do not have to give their whole donations at a go. The technology allows the campaign team to harmonize individual contributions made bit by bit. It also gives them an opportunity to solicit funds from as many sources as possible.




Rather than looking at political donations as charity work, NGP VAN’s technology helps donors give towards political causes as investments. One is given the opportunity to support his own political interests. The initial idea had restricted the heights that campaigns would go to as most donors gave sparingly.


Voters can easily be accessed through a number of networks given that they tend to cluster themselves in groups as the campaigns intesify. The NGP VAN technology also allows the campaign team to inform their donors on the gains they make from the donations. This information is relayed to the donors through the social media platforms. Direct messaging can also be used for this.

Mobile devices are also used to monitor the contributions. This was made possible by the advanced NGP 8 technology that works together with ActBlue. The staff’s security is guaranteed all this time. The information can also be shared widely in a short time. The technology has also made it possible for campaign teams to analyse trends and use this when making their budgets.

Professor Kamil Idris Take on Enhanced Globalization and Development Through Solid Intellectual Property Rights

According to Kamil Idris, former director general of World Intellectual Property Organization (WIPO), for development to continue, proper safeguarding of the drivers of economies is necessary. In this age of technology and globalization, international development has undergone remarkable changes, especially between developed and developing countries. To increase relevance and harness the power of these components, intellectual property rights are a key to tapping their power while at the same time keeping the drivers of creativity intact in areas such as trade, art, literature, science, food, and health. Intellectual property rights of inventions and industrial products can help firms to gain competitive advantages over their products spurring more growth.


There is, however, a grey area as identified by Professor Kamil Idris concerning privacy issues such as backlogs for patents and counter fitting. He says that piracy and counterfeits pose a threat to intellectual property, recommending for more resources and focus to be aimed at intellectual property human resources and capacity building.


Applications of patents take some time even in developed countries leaving a significant loophole at the global level. This can lower the incentives of developing countries from taking part in such a system. Kamil Idris, a Sudanese national says that limited resources and training means that some countries, especially in Africa, lag behind in technology. Organizations such as WIPO have done their best to provide affordable services in developing countries especially in getting patent approval.


With on 2% of patent applications coming from Africa, Kamil Idris observes that these nations with time will be disadvantaged by power imbalances with little ownership and profits from original ideas. For instance, in the pharmaceutical field, firms claim international property rights for medications and drugs in the treatment of various illnesses. If foreign companies were to deny affordable medications such as those of HIV, developing populations would be at a disadvantaged position.


He recommends that African traditional knowledge is developed along relevant technology lines, and be patented to counter the troubling trend. This is because foreign companies use traditional African knowledge to develop and patent innovations and products that never come back to benefit the African people. Kamil Idris is a Sudan statesman, international civil servant, and scholar. He holds a PhD in International Law from the University of Geneva, an LLB from Khartoum University, and from Cairo University a BA in Philosophy, Political Science, and Economic Theories.

Jose Hawilla Is A Highly Successful Businessman

Are you researching successful entrepreneurs? Do you want to know how to achieve great success in your own business? Perhaps you want to learn how Jose Hawilla has built highly successful businesses.


If you are planning to start your own business, it is advisable that you learn from entrepreneurs who have already achieved business success. You can learn a great lesson from others’ successes and mistakes. You will know what to do and what to avoid as you pursue entrepreneurship.


Jose Hawilla is a reliable and reputable entrepreneur and one of the leaders in the industry. Based in Brazil, Jose Hawilla has established highly successful businesses in many different areas and is well known world wide. As a successful entrepreneur, Jose Hawilla has worked with individuals and organizations from a wide variety of industries.


Based on linkedin, In order to become successful in business or other venture, you need to develop certain skills or characteristics that will help you handle transactions or deals effectively. It is imperative that you have the ability to deal with business challenges and obstacles and reach your goal. People who possess these characteristics can overcome adversities and setbacks and eventually achieve success.


Jose Hawilla advises entrepreneurs to steer clear of naysayers. Keep in mind that to become successful in any field of endeavor, including finance and business, it is imperative to avoid people who don’t encourage you. Naysayers and pessimists are negative people and they always look for reasons why a project or business will not succeed. For more details you can visit



Jose Hawilla and other successful people make it a top priority to stay away from negative influences, and immerse themselves in positive environments.


You must have self-discipline and keep working hard towards your goal. In your own business, there’s no boss telling you what to do, and nobody tells you when to get up in the morning and start working. You may have to face setbacks or even business failure.




Hawilla had his own setbacks but he never allowed such situation stop him from reaching his goal. As an entrepreneur, it is crucial to possess the discipline to work until the project is completed successfully.



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The success of OSI Group

OSI Group is a unique company which partners with world-leading food brands and food service to provide the customers with customized table solutions which bring delight and satisfaction. As a result of providing the customers with concept-to-table solutions, OSI Group has become a global leader in the food industry. Due to the presence of the adequate financial resources and infrastructure, OSI has become the largest privately held providers of food. The availability of financial muscle has enabled the organization to the capability of developing, sourcing, producing and distributing customized food solutions anywhere in the world. Agility and entrepreneurial passion are the key drivers for the organization making it possible to provide customers with high-quality services.

Some of the excellent services which OSI offers to its clients and other potential customers are as follows. The management has well trained human resource management which employs talented and individuals who are passionate about food. Therefore the company has the capability of providing the clients with custom food solution as per their specification. In addition, it has efficient and reliable chain supply of expertise in matters regarding food. Unlike other food companies, OSI Group has an exceptional culinary skill which integrates all the global cuisine. When it comes to food safety, OSI takes it seriously and has met various regulations and quality assurances practices to ensure food is free from contamination. Lastly, the company invests significantly in ensuring new designs and facilities to continue improving on the menu and meals. The other reason why OSI is among the top 100 companies in the United States, the management has invested significantly in making it possible all the employees remain motivated and committed.

In the recent times, OSI Group announced it had acquired Baho Food, and this is just an indication of the growth of the company. The acquisition of Baho is growth strategy which will enable OSI to venture into a foreign market which is mainly in Germany and Netherlands. Baho is a private Dutch company which mainly deals with meat processing and other food items for retail industries and foodservice. Since Baho operates in both Germany and Netherlands comprising of five subsidies, OSI will leverage on the developed networks to distribute its products. The subsidiaries combined have more than 60 years’ experience in retailing food products such as the deli meats, snacks and convenience foods customer service in more than 18 European countries. Therefore, Baho portfolio of products and competent service delivery will only make OSI better through strengthening its processes.

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Perry Mandera’s Contributable Giving

Perry Mandera is well known for his generous nature. He has helped many get the support that they need. Mandera is the owner and founder of The Custom Companies. Custom Companies is a transportation provider. Mandera employs hundreds of people and he has sales totaling more than 2 million. He is headquartered in Northlake, IL and has several other locations around the United States.

Perry Mandera was formerly in the Marines. He served as heavy equipment and truck operator. After fulfilling his service to the military, he decided to go on with working in transportation. He worked for several before creating his first enterprise. He decided later that he would sell this transportation business and go into politics. This was short lived and by 1986, he decided that he would start Custom Companies.


Custom Cares Charities

Mandera had a strong drive from the beginning to help the less fortunate. He had a strong vision even before starting and made sure that much of his business was based on philanthropy. He started Custom Cares Charities which helps to support organizations that help to serve the underserved population. Some of his sponsorships include over 100 sports teams in the Chicago area and around the state.


Other Charities

Mandera also provides help to former military members that might have problems in today’s world. He has a close association with Marines for Life as well as Hire Our Heroes. With his experience in transportation, he can combine his philanthropy with logistics to ensure that underprivileged individuals get what they need.


Hurricane Katrina

When Hurricane Katrina hit the New Orleans area, Mandera knew that he had to help. He sent 40 truckloads of supplies and food to the area that was hit the hardest. He also sent food and supplies to other areas of Louisiana and Mississippi.


In addition to all these charities, Perry Mandera also supports many other charities. During the holiday season, Custom Cares Charities donate cash to those families who otherwise would not be able to celebrate the holidays. He also contributed to the wildfire clean up in California and many other charities. Mandera has taken charitable giving to the next level.



Jorge Moll’s Contribution in Research Science

Jorge Moll is the director and a member of the governing board for IDOR. Jorge is a trained and qualified neurologist who is making great strides in the medical profession. He has a Ph.D. in Experimental Pathophysiology. Jorge is the founder and leader of both CBNU and IDOR, which is located in Brazil. He has a vision in the research, healthcare, and education disciplines.

Through some new studies, giving is seen to benefit both recipients and the givers in terms of health and happiness. Research shows that these benefits originate from making charitable donations and volunteering time to help the needy. Some of the benefits are discussed in the article. For starters, it makes one feel happy. Through a study in 2008 by Michael Norton, the conclusion was that the initiative brings one a good feeling. In another study by Jorge Moll in 2006 together with his colleagues, they learned that when individuals donate charities, some regions of their brain which is related to pleasure, trust, and social connection makes a warm glow. These scientists believed that this behavior led to production of endorphins in the brain that are associated with good feeling. Also, it is perfect for your entire health. Much research has been done that proves that different levels of generosity makes one have a better health especially among the elderly and the sick. It therefore concluded that good health is by giving (Crunchbase). At the same time, when you give, you become more socially connected. The chances are that when one gives, they are likely to receive back even though in a different ways. When you practice giving towards others, your generosity never gets unrewarded. These exchanges bring about cooperation, trust, and strengthens the social ties between individuals. As a result, one advances greatly in their health, happiness, and even wealth. Interesting to note, giving makes one grateful due to the excitement mood created. Gratitude is key when it comes to happiness and other social bonds. Finally, it becomes very contagious when you give ( The more you give the more you affect those around you towards giving. The observers are inspired to gives as well.

Co Founder of Fortress Investment Group Randal Nardone

Randal Nardone is a leading financial services firm executive. He is the co founder and co chief executive officer of Fortress Investment Group. Nardone has also worked at a number of other financial services and law firms during his career. Over the last few years, Randal has founded other financial services firms such as Newcastle Investmetn Holdings and Fotress Registered Investment Trust. With his experience and expertise, Randal has been able to guide a number of financial services firms and build them into highly successful companies within a short period of time. Recently, he made the list of billionaires and world’s richest people.Nardone has a vast educational background that has allowed him to make steady advancement in his career. After completing high school, Randal went on to attend college at the University of Connecticut. At this university, he would complete a bachelor’s degree in both biology and English.

With two bachelor’s degrees, he would then move on to attend law school and become a lawyer.Once he completed law school, he would receive a Doctor of Jurisprudence degree from Boston University.With this educational background, Randal was able to have a rewarding career in both law and finance.Today, Randal Nardone runs the financial services firm Fortress Investment Group. He currently serves as the co chief executive officer along with being its principal and co founder. As a result, he has a considerable amount of leadership of the firm. During his time as a top executive of the firm, Randal has helped build it into a comprehensive investment management company.

Under his leadership, Nardone has developed a number of services that are able to help investors get the most out of their investment options. Along with serving as a top executive of the firm, Nardone is also a member of the firm’s Board of Directors.Prior to working at Fortress Investment Group, Nardone worked at the investment banking firm UBS where he served as a managing director from 1997 to 1998. He has also been a part of the investment firm RIC Coinvestment Fund LP and also Newcastle Investment Corp. While working at these firms, he has held a number of high ranking executive positions such as Chief Operating Officer, Secretary and Vice President. Randal also worked at a prestigious law firm when he first began his career after completing law school. These experiences helped Randal gain the expertise to start up Fortress Investment Group.

Equities First Holdings

Equities First Holdings is an investment banking company that has locations all over the world in major countries. However, the company invests in companies that are located in even smaller countries. In order to have personal relationships with all the business owners Equities First Holdings partners up with other banks all over the world so that they can provide the best possible customer service to all of the businesses that the company helps with funding to make the business grow.

Unlike other investment banks the company truly wants to help the business owner in every way that they can to make sure that they succeed. To the investment company a business owner is much more than just a way for them to make money it is a business that can help the economy not just locally but internationally. Equities First Holdings invest more into companies that are truly there to serve the community not just their pockets.

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