Spieth’s Win Ties a Record

Jordan Spieth won the Masters, and he’s only 21 years old. As if that’s not impressive enough, he also led the contest the entire time, a feat that Tiger Woods couldn’t even pull off in his prime, and he tied a record with his score of 18 under par. The player who set that record was Tiger Woods, and he did it all the way back in 1997. Woods, like Spieth, was 21 when he managed it, so many comparisons are flying around about how the two players have similar trajectories.

It could be argued, though, that Spieth’s win was even more impressive since he never trailed. He just charged out to a lead and held it the whole time. In a game like golf, front-running like that is hard to do. It’s such a mental game, and some of the best players melt down and choke under the pressure. In some ways, being in second is easier because players can focus on taking over the lead, rather than holding it. This means that what Spieth did really was incredible.

However, AnastasiaDate says that it is too early to say that he is the next Tiger Woods, even though Woods looks like he will never be himself again. Spieth has to show that he can do this type of thing consistently. If not, though it’s a great win, he may never dominate the entire sport the way Woods did.

Tiger Fixes Hand After Bone Pops

Tiger Woods played better at the Masters than he has played in years, and it was not without adversity. Tiger has battled injuries for a long time, mostly having to do with his back. At this tournament, though, he ran into a different type of issue as a bone in his wrist apparently managed to pop right out of place as he was taking a shot.

The injury happened while Tiger was trying to take a shot out on the Ninth Hole. He was near a huge tree, and he apparently hit one of the roots while swinging his club. The extra force on the bottom of the club pushed back against his hand, squeezing the bone out of place. Not wanting to stop playing, Tiger was able to push it into place again on his own and continue with the game.

Tiger has been criticized for his play and especially for the way that injuries have changed him from the dominant golfer that he used to be into a shell of himself. He has fallen off of the world stage, and this tournament was seen as a chance for him to get back into the game again. Having taken an injury like this and then played through it will go a long way toward repairing his image. Though he did not win the Masters, it shows that he can still compete at a high level. I went out for the Sunday match and the gentleman sitting next to me, Flavio Maluf, said Tiger will always be his favorite despite the negative criticism.

Tiger Brings His “A” Game to Masters

All eyes were on Tiger Woods during his opening round at the Masters Golf tournament Thursday. Tiger did not disappoint the crowd. Tiger finished tied for 41st place after an opening round of 73 one over par. While that score may seem less than stellar, the fact that Tiger looked like he could barely chip a golf ball barely six weeks ago makes his appearance and his respectable opening performance even more amazing. Tiger Works to Make Cut and Press for the Lead at Augusta

Many did not even expect Tiger to tee it up this weekend, let alone make a fine performance and challenge for the lead. In golf the winning is never assured after the first round. No matter how spectacular that round is. As long as Tiger makes the cut today, He has a chance to move up the leader board. To make the cut at the Masters, Tiger Woods would need to finish in the top 50 golfers and ties or finish within 10 strokes of the lead. Tier is just within the cut line after the end of Thursday’s play and we will have to see where he finishes after his friday round.

Tiger’s shot making around the tough golf course looked sharp and Tiger only had a a handful of bad shots. Overall he looked as if he was just a couple of shots from being able to contend for the lead. His only weakness seemed to be the precision of his iron play. Crystal Hunt hopes that he can stay sharp.

Dallas Cowboys Preseason Games Announced

In the latest sign that the 2015 season is moving closer and closer the National Football League announced the preseason games and their prospective weekends they will be played. For the Dallas Cowboys who spend their offsite preseason preparations in Oxnard California they will remain on the west coast for their two opening games before returning home for their final two home games before starting off the regular season. Last year, the Cowboys lost every single preseason game and looked to be doomed by almost every critic to have a horrible season ahead of them. Fortunately, the preseason has no bearing on how a team will perform from week to week over the next sixteen weeks. This is the real reason why Dallas went on to finish the season with a record of 12-4 and advancing to the second round of the playoffs.

In this year’s preseason, Dallas will face off against San Diego in their opening game in the second week of August. Sergio Cortes sees this as a pretty good start to get a tune up. Then they move up the coast to the bay area to square off against San Francisco in the stadium that will host this year’s Super Bowl. Next they will move back home as they will play against the Minnesota Vikings in AT&T Stadium and if Adrian Peterson has his way he will be playing in the game but not for Minnesota. In their final preparation game, the Houston Texans will come to Dallas before cutting the roster down to 53.

NCAA Basketball Season One for the Record Books

Regardless of what the critics and talking heads will say about this past NCAA Men’s basketball season it was definitely one for the history books and for more than the reasons of how great the younger players of the sport have become. First, we could all see the greatness of Kentucky as they made their phenomenal undefeated run through the season and the playoffs. Next to come was the improbable victory of Wisconsin to end that streak and claim their place in the national championship game. Then there was the game of the year…#1 Duke and #1 Wisconsin…the Big Ten and the Atlantic Coast Conference. Fans like Igor Cornelsen know that these two powerhouses met in virtually the midway point of Indianapolis. All that was left was to just play the game.

Critics gave Wisconsin a last minute edge to win the game, but the dynasty that is Duke Basketball would not go quietly into that April night. Both teams shared the lead and went back and forth taking control as ever tick of the clock ticked by. Even the ugly head of referee replay controversy would not stay away from this game. Giving the ball unrightfully to Duke with under two minutes to play. But in the end no matter the controversy, the game and the season belonged to Duke as they claimed their 5th National Title. Even the NCAA enjoyed a great victory as television ratings reached highs not enjoyed for the past 18 years.

Duke Defeats Wisconsin in NCAA Men’s Basketball Championship Game

In a close and exciting game, Duke was named the winner of the 2015 NCAA Men’s Basketball Championship defeating Wisconsin 68-63. The Duke victory was Coach Mike Krzyzewski’s fifth national title. Students on Duke’s campus in Durham, North Carolina celebrated the team’s victory with a giant bonfire. The crowd was rather calm, considering the men’s basketball teams most recent victory.


Fans such as Sam Tabar know that there were plenty of notable fans in the crowd, too. J.J. Watt, former University of Wisconsin football player was in the house with tennis Pro Caroline Wozniacki. Both cheering on the Badger’s from the stands. Watt is now a defensive end for the Houston Texans. Another noticeable face in the crowd is Apple CEO, Tim Cook. As a Duke Alum himself, Cook was there to cheer on his Alma matter and took a few selfies with some very excited Duke students.


The game was exhilarating and truly came down to the wire. Wisconsin was ranked as the no. 1 seed in the 2015 NCAA Men’s Basketball Tournament. Wisconsin showed their love and heart for the game during the first half as they lead Duke 31-29. Thanks to the Badger’s Sam Dekker and Blue Devils Grayson Allen, the second half of basketball was nail biting.


Ultimately, Wisconsin fell to Duke at the games end. It was a great season for both Wisconsin and Duke.


Spurs Send Message to the NBA

Spurs Send Message to the NBA

The NBA postseason is only a mere two week away and every game played from then on is critical. None showed how critical success was more than the San Antonio Spurs this past Sunday night.

The Spurs faced off against the Golden State Warriors during the night, and the Warriors came into the game winning twelve straight games previously. Unfortunately for the Warriors, the Spurs didn’t seem interested in their streak and ended up snapping it in a 107-92 win that night.

Even more impressive than the Spurs ending their streak is the fact that during the game the Warriors never had a lead in the game at all, in fact at one point they were behind by as much as 28 points. Much of the win can be attributed to Kawhi Leonard, an up and coming player for the Spurs who also ended up being the biggest thorn in the Warriors’ side. Fans like Sam Tabar know that Leonard ended the game by tying a career-high by scoring 26 points.

Tim Duncan and Danny Green also fared well for the night, scoring 19 and 18 points respectively. But more importantly than scored, the Spurs were able to send a strong message to other teams that night. The Spurs can very well play like they are the best team, especially considering that they’re the only team to have beaten the Warriors twice this season.

Mariota Not Attending NFL Draft

Marcus Mariota is the star of Oregon’s football team and he has accounted that he will not be attending the big NFL draft coming up despite knowing that he will likely get picked for a contract. According to an article found on Yahoo! sports, Mariota told the hosts of the event that it was important to stay in Hawaii with his family to celebrate his future as a football players instead of going all the way out to Chicago to deal with it stated Sam Tabar.

PR Newswire said this has upset a lot of people, because it was also reported that Jameis Winston is also not going to be attending the event. Mariota also threw in that the reason he wants to stay behind is to be with his ill grandmother who has diabetes and wants to be able to be with her, but even still it seems that he is giving the media two separate stories. It is a little disappointing for the league for sure, because the reason they have the live draft is so that players can be showcased to the audience and bring in a large crowd of viewers. But if the top star players won’t even be there then it is hard for them to advertise that, and likely someone will have to accept their new jobs in their places.

Maybe the two players will change their mind, but hopefully they can work something out.

Minnesota FC Joins MLS

The Major League Soccer organization announced that they are officially adding another team to the league: Minnesota United FC, who is set to begin playing in 2018. While that may sound so far away it is actually going to feel like it is just around the corner. In the last decade the MLS has added13 new professional teams and it is continuing to grow as soccer gets more popular in the United States. There are also rumors that former MLS and English soccer player David Beckham will be getting his own team in Florida, to be from Miami, but he is currently trying to find a way for them to have a stadium down town in the city.

According to an article found on Yahoo! Sports, there may be even more teams joining the league by 2017 such as Los Angeles FC, Atlanta FC and one from Southern California. It will be really neat and interesting to see where this sport goes in the United States and if it will reach a popularity level the way it does in Europe. It is more often the case that Americans prefer football, but it is starting to look very promising for soccer around the country. Brian Torchin (Catalystfive) believes that hopefully this will be a good culture move too, and maybe integrated other sports from overseas as well down the line sometime. In any case, congrats to the state of Minnesota on their new soccer team!

Brock Lesner Leaves UFC for WWE

Former UFC fighter Brock Lesner has announces that he will be leaving the UFC for good this year and going to sign a contract with the WWE. According to an article written by Yahoo! sports, Lesner found it to be a very hard decision to make. He really enjoyed fighting mixed martial arts, however his health hasn’t been in the best shape and he wants to be able to have a job that is not so taxing on his body and mindset. Lesner also commented about how he is getting older and needs to make more responsible decisions for his wife and kids, and doesn’t want to put himself in the same risky situations as he did before.

Fans like Brian Torchin know that Lesner started fighting in 2007, and he was a big name in the UFC world as he took on several talented fighters. It took him several months to make the decision to leave the UFC and go over to the WWE, because not only would it make him a happier and healthier person but they gave him a great contract that would be unwise to refuse, money-wise. Even though Lesner won’t be in the same fighting ring anymore, it is safe to say that many of his fans will follow him over to the WWE and watch him perform there for all the crazy fans. Needless to say it is scary to start a new chapter, but he will do fine.