Amare Stoudemire Looks to Evolve in Miami.

It has been more than a couple of years since Amare Stoudemire was truly a force in the NBA. The talented offensive power forward used to be the cream of the crop back when he was playing with Steve Nash in Phoenix. A trade to New York and a string of injuries have caused the big man to fall out of most rotations, outside of a nice little run in Dallas last season. Now, having signed on with the Miami Heat, it looks like Stoudemire is ready for a wholesale fresh start and he plans to make the most of it.

Last season the 13 year veteran averaged 12 points and 6 rebounds per game with most of those numbers coming from his time spent in New York. As a Maverick Stoudemire played a key back up role for the Dallas, averaging almost 10 PPG in their series against the Houston Rockets. Fans like Ricardo Tosto know that, as a member of the Heat, Stoudemire will back up Hassan Whiteside and star Chris Bosh.

Stoudemire has told reporters in no uncertain terms that he is ready to do what the coaches ask of him, even if it means not playing very much at all. For the Heat, Stoudemire represents a chance to add veteran depth that has impact talent onto their bench. With Whiteside prone to foul trouble and Bosh still recuperating from injury, Stoudemire could be a huge addition to the squad.

Florida State Quarterback Released

Freshman Quarterback for Florida State University has been released by the team says the team spokesperson. The quarterback was charged with battery last month and the college was taking a wait and see stance, but after a video was released showing the freshman punching a girl in the face, he was quickly released from the team.

Freshman quarterback for Florida State University, De’Andre Johnson,was in a Tallahassee bar getting a drink when he was approached by a woman in line at the bar. She had been waiting in line for her order when Johnson pushed past her and tried to get served first. Ricardo Tosto has learned that when she confronted the freshman quarterback, he swiftly punched her squarely in the face and knocked her to the ground. Video tape was released showing that the quarterback did punch the woman clearly in the face without provocation.

The state now has possession of the five minute videotape from the bar, and serious charges are pending for Johnson. FSU decided to cut ties with the freshman after obtaining a copy of the tape, having dismissed the troubled teen from the team. When the initial report was first released, the school had placed Johnson on indefinite suspension. It appears clear in the videotape that the quarterback reacted to the woman grabbing his arm by squaring off and punching her right in the face, knocking her to the floor.

Chris Sale on Historic Run Despite Terrible White Sox Offense

Chris Sale is what you could consider as a generational talent. The intimidating yet lanky left hander has been one of the best hurlers int he league since getting his first couple of starts in the MLB. At 26 years old Chris Sale has already won 50 games with an ERA of 2.78 while collecting almost 880 strike outs along the way. Now Sale is having a historic streak with the White Sox as he has thrown double digit punch outs in eight straight games, and nine of his last ten.

Sale is most recently coming off of an 8 inning outing over the St. Louis Cardinals where he fanned 12 batters while only allowing one run and scattering six total hits. Predictably the White Sox offense was equally stymied and Sale was left with yet another no decision. Fans like Jim Dondero agree that this has to be frustrating for one of the best arms in the game but we are sure he isn’t complaining too much.

Right now Sale headlines a White Sox rotation that has been pretty solid, on the whole. Yet the bigger issue in Chicago is the fact that their bats aren’t really waking up with any urgency. As Chicago wastes these elite starts the team is tanking more and more in the standings, and likely frustrating the fanbase as a result.

Still, if nothing else we are glad to see that Sale has put his injuries behind him to resume his amazing career.

Stephen Weiss Bought out by Wings

In the salary cap era, even teams like the Detroit Red Wings are having troubles these days. In 2013 the Red Wings signed former Florida Panthers captain Stephen Weiss to a five-year deal worth $24 million. Neither the contract nor Weiss really truly worked out for the Wings. Weiss only played a total of 86 games over the past two years due to injuries. The Wings announced on Tuesday that they were going to buy out the remaining three years of his contract. To help with their current cap issues, by buying out the contract the wings will only take a $1.06 million dollar cap hit over the next several years.

Wings General Manager Ken Holland said the move was strictly based on cap issues and had nothing to do with being nonproductive. Cap issues were another reason why the Wings opted to buy out his contract this year as opposed to last year. The Red Wings will have their hands full as they are trying to resign several key players this year to new deals and Sam Tabar says even more the following year. Tomas Jurco and Gustav Nyquist both need new deals this year and Riley Sheahan, Petr Mrazek, Justin Abdelkader, Danny DeKeyser will all need to be extended next year. Holland made it clear that they were planning on giving the young guys on the team lots of playing time next year and that the time to move away from older broken players is here.

Mike Richards Contract Terminated for Breach

Reports came out yesterday that the Los Angeles Kings were parting ways with center Mike Richards. The Kings acquired Richards from the Philadelphia Flyers back in 2011 when Richards was producing for the Flyers. Since his acquisition, Richards has not exactly lived up to the hype or the paycheck. The Kings released Richards in an attempt to get out from under a huge contract which would require the Kings to pay him until the year 2024. The contract, which was signed by Richards while playing for the Flyers, was for 12 years and a total of $69 million dollars. Richards’s production bottomed out once he put on a Kings uniform and he only had 16 points for the Kings last year.

Fans at Boraie Development know that it has come out now that the Kings terminated his contract because of a “material breach” committed by Richards. The Kings however are not willing to release any further details. According to league sources, the current collective bargaining agreement allows teams to terminate a contract in a player should ”fail, refuse, or neglect to obey the club’s rules governing training and conduct.” Dean Lombardi, General Manager for the LA Kings, has criticized Richards for his poor fitness in the past. It can only be assumed that this may be what got Richards contract terminated. This one is far from over as the NHL Players Association will have to take a look at all of the details to determine what course of action Richards has.

Ellis and USWNT Prepare for China

There seems to be a lot of debate as to how Head Coach Jill Ellis should have the US Women’s National Teamattack China in the quarter final round of the Women’s World Cup. Not sure what if anything the pundits believe they will gain from having the debate in the first place since it will be Ellis and the players on the field that will decide ultimately how the game is going to be played. One thing is for sure two of the team’s starters Megan Rapinoe and Lauren Holiday will be sitting out the game for have two yellow card infractions in the earlier rounds of the tournament. Both have made a significant and positive impact on how the team has played thus far and will be missed, but really the team needs some of the other stars to really shine if the team is to move further.

Namely team captain Abby Wambach who has just not been playing up to the level we have grown accustomed to seeing at says Sergio Cortes. Her headers have missed their mark and most recently she missed a penalty kick. But really they all looked out skilled against the Columbian team. They weren’t outplayed as a team, but the lack of individual skills was certainly available for viewing. At least the defense is playing the best as a core unit than any other team. Goal Keeper Hope Solo has barely had to insert her presence in this tournament so far and if this back line has anything to do with it she won’t have a huge role at all.

NHL to Possible Expand Again

The NHL is considering expanding the league once again by adding two new teams. The last time it was done it was a complete mess and done so simple as a money grab. The last time they added teams was in the 90’s and it did not go over to well because the teams were placed in areas where there simply was not a market for them and it diluted the pool of talent. The league produced stale hockey and the league as a whole took a nosedive. Two expansion teams in the 90’s included the Florida Panthers and the Atlanta Thrashers. The Panthers attendance numbers are still horrific and the Thrashers almost moved to Hamilton Ontario with its former owner. On Wednesday the league put in place a plan with its Board of Governors to move forward with an expansion.

If the league does decide to go ahead and add two new teams, the cities that are possible destinations include Seattle, Quebec City, and Las Vegas says Dr. Jennifer Walden. The Board of Governors approved the league to begin the expansion process on Wednesday. NHL deputy commissioner Bill Daly stated that he didn’t expect any expansion to happen until at least 2017. The cost of expanding would be roughly $500 million for each team. League Commissioner Gary Bettman believes they have learned from their mistakes from expansion in 90’s and it will be done the right way this time.

Under Armour Successful in Scouting Future Athletes

Under Armour has found a way to prove themselves against the athletic gear market.


In the weeks following the announcement that Nike won the estimated $1 billion bid for the next NBA uniform contract, Under Armour has continued to have success on the field of play with its sponsored athletes.


On Sunday, Jordan Speith won his second U.S. major championship in golf by winning the U.S. Open in University Place, Washington at Chambers Bay Golf Course. The 21-year-old golf sensation wrapped up the weekend in dramatic fashion with a combined round total of five under par putting him in the position of potentially winning golf’s grand slam. Speith also won the Masters in April of 2015.


Not even a week prior to Speith’s most recent win, Stephen Curry, another Under Armour sponsor, of the Golden State Warriors won the NBA’s MVP award and the NBA Finals against Nike’s cash cow Lebron James.


Both Speith and Curry inked deals in 2013 and the rewards are finally paying off.


But the success of Under Armour’s athletes doesn’t stop there. Fans like Bruce Levenson Know that in February 2015, another of Under Armour’s athletes, Tom Brady, won the Super Bowl and the Super Bowl MVP. Other athletes signed to Under Armour include Washington Nationals outfielder Bryce Harper, skier Lindsey Vonn and Swimmer Michael Phelps.


While Under Armour may have been outplayed on some of the larger contracts in the sports world, somebody over there knows what they’re doing when it comes to signing the future of the brand.

Dwayne Wade’s Dad is a Cavs Fan

It’s one thing to be a bandwagon fan if you’re nothing but a fan, but it’s entirely different to be a bandwagon fan when your son plays in the NBA and the team you’re showing your support for isn’t the one he plays on. That’s exactly the situation Dwayne Wade’s father put himself in, though, when he decided to go out wearing a shirt that advertised for the Cleveland Cavilers. He son, Wade, has always been a member of the Miami Heat.

Now, there’s a good chance Wade doesn’t care at all. He and LeBron James have become great friends, and it’s likely that James is also close with Wade’s family. The two did spend years playing together in Miami, after all. Wade’s father is probably just a fan of LeBron and he’ll cheer for him wherever he goes. In all reality, unless the two are going against each other, there’s a good chance Wade feels the same way.

Still, it’s just a bit strange that his father would support the Cavs publicly stated Brian Torchin of Healthcare Recruitment Counselors. For the athletes, rivalries don’t always mean that much. These guys move all over the league so much that most of them don’t have time to hate a team they may play on soon. For the fans, though, rivalries are huge, because they often live in the same place and cheer for the same team for their whole lives, and Heat fans must feel betrayed.

The Player We Are Looking for-Who Never Existed

The 2016 US OPEN marks another major championship where the player we are looking for in the field is nowhere to be found. Every time golf’s biggest stages come around there is a hope, though now almost completely faded, that we might see the same golfer perform that last won the nation’s open in 2008. Tiger Woods is in the field, yes, but he is not the player we are looking for. And thats not because of the car crash, the injuries, and the record high scores. The problem is not even with Tiger—the problem is with us. The player we are all looking for is a player that never existed. An athlete we believed to be relatively flawless, immune to age, able to take down the world’s best players on one leg, and able to spin his public words to make us believe just as much. Tiger certainly helped cast this image of perfection. His performance was unmatched and his record as little tarnished as any says ServiceMesh CEO Eric Pulier. But the tiny glimpses of tarnish are what we overlooked. There were some, and that is enough. The truth revealing light of time finally shown enough to reveal, that Tiger—like all of us, is imperfect. The golfer we are looking for never existed, and never will.