Mark Holyoake’s Time With ISI Comes To An End

A renowned corporation, Icelandic Group, recently announced the stepping down of two key executives from its leadership panel. Mark Holyoake, one of the most recognized British businessmen, was one of the executives stepping down from their position at the helm of the corporation. Second in the list is Benedikt Sveinsson who once served as the Chief Executive Officer of Iceland Seafood International.

Upon the announcement of the changes in the leadership panel, the Iceland Seafood International held a shareholders’ meeting on February. This meeting was meant for discussing the future of the company as well as vote for top contenders to take up as successors for the vacant seats. Among the contenders was Magnus Bjarnason who once served as the CEO for four years at the older version of ISI Group in 2012. Jakob Valgeir Flosason, a partner and shareholder of ISI Group, also featured in the list of candidates. Liv Bergthorsdottir and Ingunn Agnes Kro, both have business relations with the corporation and were also nominated for board membership slots.

Mark Holyoake, who is now a former board member of the ISI Group, is a well-educated and young businessman with interests in the real estate industry. His company, Oakvest, a London based company, was launched with the aim of developing, purchasing and managing both commercial and residential property across the United Kingdom. He established a partnership with the ISI Group after agreeing to become a major shareholder. Until recently, he was the largest shareholder at the corporation before selling his shares to the other interested companies.

ISI also announced its new CEO, Bjarni Armannsson. Bjarni served as the Chairman of Icelandic Iberica and ISI partnership and was also known as the force behind that union. These structural changes in the corporation hope to see the continuity of a strong legacy held by the ISI Group for decades. In one of his press releases after the announcement, Holyoake stated that he hopes that the successors left behind would propel the company forward to greater success. With his vision and leadership strategy, the company is likely to achieve more even in his absence.

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How Rebel Wilson has grown to become one of the most influential actresses.

For most Rebel Wilson has always had a blend of genius in her. She has been able to take on roles that are so demanding and deliver. Having the right attitude, the vocal capability and a sense of humor make her a triple threat.

Her performance in Pitch Perfect would articulate all this and also remind us why she was able to come from Australia a relatively smaller film industry and take over Hollywood. Her performance was so incredible that it remains one of the most iconic among all other performances in the film series. Success has not come easy for Rebel Wilson as she had to work hard especially in a male-dominated comic field.

She reckons that family genes may have something to do with her comedic chops. She attributes her success to her high school drama teacher Mrs. Bowmaker who encouraged her to enter the Tournament of Minds. Read more: Isn’t it Romantic Trailer | Glamour and Pitch Perfect for Rebel Wilson | VanityFair

She first considered taking on serious roles but whenever she would get on stage people would start laughing. At the time this made her angry and confused until she discovered that maybe she was more suited for funny roles. It was a hit for her, and soon enough she would join Hollywood.

She acknowledges that being different helped her a lot. In an interview with Cosmopolitan, she admitted that it made all the difference for her when she walked into her agent’s office.

They did not have anyone like her and recognized that her character would soon break out. It did not take long as soon after she was cast as Brynn in Bridesmaids. Over the years Rebel Wilson has made the United States even though she has not requested citizenship.

Roles nowadays seem to follow her and if statistics are anything to go by 2019 will be another good year for her. She has already started in Isn’t it Romantic alongside Adam DeVine, Priyanka Chopra, and Liam Hemsworth.

Next, she stars in Cats a film that will be directed by Tom Hooper. The musical fantasy has already inspired Rebel Wilson to release her new dance named Catzercise. It is a blend of dance and workout like movements. In a video released to her more than six million fans on Instagram on her 39th birthday, Rebel Wilson is seen wearing a black outfit complete with pink paws and cat ears.

The dance is well choreographed as the dance to one of the Jellicle songs. Her fans were quite impressed as she challenged them to try it out. Rebel state that the video was the culmination of 30 minutes of rehearsal. The new routine by Rebel Wilson seems like a good way for her fans to get a workout going while having fun at it.

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Vijay Eswaran Achieving Big Things through the QI Group of Companies

The Malaysian writer, entrepreneur, and philanthropist, Vijay Eswaran is the founder of the QI Group of Companies, where he serves as the Executive Chairman. A multinational force, the Group’s business interest is diverse, including direct selling, education, hospitality, and real estate.

The QI Group of Companies has regional offices in Malaysia, Singapore, Thailand, Hong Kong, and the Philippines and subsidiary firms in nearly 30 countries. The six main lines of business of the Group are diversified into luxury, Lifestyle & leisure, property development &management, training and education, logistics, as well as online retail & direct sales. The QI Group’s constant evolution has seen it open up spa resorts and boutique hotels in Sri Lanka, South Africa, Thailand, and Turkey.

In 2011, the QI Group ventured into the education sector, by partnering with the State Government of Perak, Ipoh, Malaysia – giving birth to the Quest International University.

While in a London University, Vijay Eswaran worked a couple of part-time jobs to fund his economics degree. He would later leave London, relocate to the United States for a couple of years where he worked in Corporate America, before his return to Asia during the early 1990s. He started a direct selling network in 1998 which experienced tremendous growth in a few years to become one of the leading companies in Africa, South-East Asia, and the Middle East. In only 20 years, Eswaran’s network has trained and empowered more than one million upcoming entrepreneurs across the most robust and esteemed emerging markets all over the world.

Vijay Eswaran has a deep passion for mentoring entrepreneurs, and that’s how RHYTHM and Vijayaratnam Foundations were born. These foundations work with disadvantaged communities in the Middle East, Africa, and Asia. The renowned speaker on issues such as spirituality, mindfulness, and leadership is also the founder and chairman of the Malaysian, Quest International University Perak.

“Marc Beer Successfully Gathered Fund For Device That Helps Women With Pelvic Floor Disorder “

Renovia, a company that was formed in able to develop devices with an innovative sensor to improve diagnosis and treatment, successfully gathered the funding needed to develop four of its new devices. One of its new devices is called the Leva, which is being developed in order to battle the pelvic floor disorders that affect a lot of women in the world. A Series B Round funding which is worth $32 million and a $10 million venture debt was successfully accumulated for the development of the four devices.


The Longwood Fund, which is an investment firm that focuses on healthcare, provided the $32 million of series B round funding. Perceptive Advisors, a New York-based investment advisory firm, as well as Ascension Venture, a Missouri-based firm, led the funding transaction. It can be noted that the Longwood Fund is one of the early investors of Renovia. With these findings, along with the $10 million venture debt, Renovia is planning to develop Leva along with three other products. Leva has already been approved by the FDA last April 2018. It is expected to use non-invasive diagnostics and therapies that can help with the problem of pelvic floor disorders that occurs worldwide to a lot of women.


A lot of people are unaware about pelvic floor disorder, also known as pelvic floor dysfunction. This happens when a person’s ability to tighten and relax the pelvic floor muscles weakens. Among its symptoms are constipation, urine or stool leakage, and the need to urinate frequently. One such example of a pelvic floor disorder is the Urinary Incontinence, which is the weakened or lost control over the urinary sphincter. One of the biggest challenges of this venture is that people are not aware of the disorder, which makes its diagnosis tricky.


There are an estimated 250 million people affected by this condition, but only a portion of them are aware of it. Because a lot of people are undiagnosed, the total number is expected to be higher. With Marc Beer leading the movement, Leva is expected to help diagnose people who have pelvic floor disorders. The device will be using non-invasive tools for the diagnostic and will use available technology such as Bluetooth in order to help with the rehabilitation.


Being the CEO of the company, Marc Beer stated that he was thrilled with the support that he and the company received from its investors. He also stated that through the propriety sensors, it is now possible for customers and medical practitioners to get valuable data in easier methods.


Marc Beer is the CEO, Chairman, and one of the Co-Founders of Renovia. He was also the founder of ViaCell, which is a company that specializes in stem cells operations. Beer also founded Good Start Genetics and is an alumnus of the University of Miami, Learn more:


NeuroCore will change your workout

If you’re reading this article, you’ve been there. It’s a Wednesday morning at 5:30 or a Thursday afternoon after a long shift. Sometimes you’re just not feeling it walking into the gym and you need the extra spark or you’re progress has flat-lined. This is when your pre-workout puts you over the top. NeuroCore by Muscletech is the stimulant you need to get going. If you intend on bringing the extra energy, focus, and muscle pump that really, truly puts your workouts on the next level, NeuroCore is there. To know more about the company click here.

At a price point of around $20 (depending on the flavor it seems to range from $18-23 on Amazon) this product is very fairly priced. This product has also been receiving great reviews. With over a 4 star rating on Amazon, consumers have been loving NeuroCore. This shouldn’t come as a surprise as MuscleTech is a household name in the performance supplement industry. For more information about NeuroCore check out either of the links provided which detail why you should be taking it, how to take it, and what to expect out of it.


HGGC Has Made A Significant Announcement In Regard To A Major New Acquisition:

San Francisco Bay area based private equity outfit HGGC has recently announced the fact that it has come to an agreement to acquire management solutions and patent risk company RPX Corporation. The purchase price for this major acquisition comes in at $10.50 per share of RPX or a total of around $555 million. As a part of this massive deal, RPX Corporation has received advisory and financial advice from GCA Advisors. For its part in this deal, HGGC’s team has received advisory services from Jeffries LLC as well as Houlihan Lokey Capital Inc. This deal was initially announced on the 1st of May in 2018.
Shelby Bonnie is the Chairman of the Board of Directors at RPX Corporation and she has emphasized how excited she is to be able to be a part of this massive new deal. The Board of Directors at RPX has considered a number of options in the arena of capital structure and financial alternatives and have determined that this deal is the best way to serve the interests of the firm’s shareholders. The Board of Directors at RPX goes into this move with HGGC with full confidence that it is the right one and will bring immediate value to the company’s shareholders.
RPX CEO and President Marty Roberts have mirrored the sentiment of Shelby Bonnie and the Board of Directors in emphasizing that this new partnership is an ideal way to help his company toward its next major phase of growth. The financial support that RPX will attain from being involved with this transaction is highly valuable and helps the company toward achieving its prospects on a long-term basis.
HGGC co-founder and Chief Executive Officer Richard Lawson have made it clear that the entire HGGC team is a major believer in the work that is being done by RPX. It will the HGGC’s goal to ensure that RPX’s clients continue to be served in a manner that focuses squarely on their best overall interests. With this major deal now scheduled to go through, the future continues to look bright for both of these exciting firms.

Yanni Hufnagel Has Had A Life Long Love Of Basketball

In the world of college basketball, quality recruiters are one of the most important parts of the team. While Yanni Hufnagel may not have played basketball since his high school years, his position as assistant coach and recruiter for multiple teams with big names in college basketball led to some big achievements during his career. Some sources even claimed that Yanni Hufnagel was one of the best recruiters in college basketball.

The first assistant coaching position that Yanni Hufnagel took after earning his Master’s Degree at the University of Oklahoma was with Harvard University where he worked with their men’s basketball team, the Harvard Crimson. During this time, he worked under coach Tommy Amaker. Yanni Hufnagel stayed with Harvard from 2009 to 2013 and during this time, CBS Sports named him a member of the “dream team” of college basketball. In addition, many people believed that he was most likely to make it big in recruiting.

During the Men’s Basketball Tournament in 2013 in the NCAA Division, Yanni Hufnagel led the team to upset the New Mexico team. This achievement increased the morale of his team, but he still made the decision to leave Harvard at the end of the season to join the coaching staff at Vanderbilt. When he joined Vanderbilt in 2013, he worked under Kevin Stallings as an assistant coach. While he may have only stayed with the team for a single season, he is still accredited with helping to recruit the players Matthew Fisher-Davis and Wade Baldwin IV. For more details you can visit

While he may have experienced some turbulence after joining the University of California of 2014, the record was able to be set straight by Yanni Hufnagel. Unfortunately, the damage had already been done and he decided to willingly leave the team and move on to a different opportunity with the University of Nevada. While with Nevada, the team made it to the NCAA Men’s Basketball Tournament in 2017.

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Yanni Hufnagel has had a lifelong love of sports. In high school and college, he played lacrosse. While he may have stopped playing basketball in high school, his love for the sport still continues.

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How Guilherme Paulus Jumpstarted The Brazilian Tour Industry

Being an entrepreneur is hard work anywhere but especially in Brazil. There are are a lot of obstacles a business owner needs to overcome if their company is going to succeed. There are a number of factors at play that stack the deck against entrepreneurs. This includes high business taxes, not much venture capital, and unstable government. In 2017, World Bank released a report which stated that out of 190 nations Brazil was 125th when it comes to the ease of doing business and 176th when it comes to starting a company.

Guilherme Paulus became successful as an entrepreneur in two industries, tourism and hospitality. To do so he had to take advantage of every opportunity from the time he started his first company in 1972, CVC. He says what was key to him was listening to everybody involved with CVC including its customers, government agencies, and other business owners.

He is from Sao Paulo and has a degree in business administration. Guilherme Paulus graduated from college when he was 20 and he took an internship at IBM. Four years later he met Carlos Vicente Cerchiari, a government official at the time. Carlos had been interested in expanding tourism in Brazil but didn’t have the time to dedicate to a business. Guilherme Paulus had the time and desire to do this but no money backing him.

They went into business together and started CVC. Guilherme Paulus handled the day-to-day operations of the tour agency while Carlos Vicent Cerchiari took a behind the scenes role. The business was very successful and four years later Cerchiari left, leaving the company in the hands of Guilherme Paulus.

Paulus had a vision of tourism in Brazil that nobody else had. He placed the first agency just outside a theater exit which meant thousands of people passing by each day. He then expanded by putting additional agencies in other areas with great foot traffic. He is credited with opening up the tourism industry in Brazil and getting both people in that country and abroad traveling across Brazil. Conheça o empresário Guilherme Paulus e seu estilo de atuar

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How To Make Your Brand Sticky and Sweet At the Same Time Brought To You By Edwin Miranda and KOI IXS

Brand performance can be both sticky and sweet at the same time. You want to make your brand sweeter, but sometimes only the sticky truth can get you there. That is why we turned to Edwin Miranda for some advice on how to achieve those goals.

1) The volume has to be there to make it worthwhile, according to Edwin Miranda. You have to have more than one or two people interested in what you offer to make money.

An Example:

Someone recently told me their volume orders are higher than usual right now. That means products meet the need for a lot of people, especially when they add more than 80 new items to their online inventory.

That is the type of business you need to be doing on a regular basis, according to Edwin Miranda.

2) Do you have the sustainability to keep brand going? Sustainability requires two things: Dependability and longevity.

In other words, do you offer something rare that no other person does? An example of that would be a person who sells music DVDs for performance artists. Do you offer DVDs that are rare and hard to find? Do you have the type of artists that fit every genre and almost every client type? That is a great example of someone who has sustainability, according to Edwin Miranda.

Customers know they can come to you because you offer rare music performances for artists that encapsulate every music genre, including titles from Madonna to Motorhead.

3) Do you have a solid profit margin? Your profit and loss statements should tell you everything you need to know. Your profits need to be enough to be better than breaking even each month.

Gross income- taxes and bills= net income.

Your net income needs to be enough to keep you afloat no matter what the economic climate is.

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Stream Energy Formalizes Its Philanthropic Efforts In Dallas

Stream Energy has been based in Dallas, Texas ever since it was founded and has since become an integral part of the community. Over the past few years, however, both Dallas and the rest of Texas have been hit by a number of natural disasters. Hurricane Harvey, for instance, dropped a reported 56 inches of rain across Houston neighborhoods over a few days. It also wreaked havoc across the rest of Texas, destroying countless homes and businesses. Over the past decade or so, Stream Energy has helped give back to the community through a variety of philanthropic efforts.

Now the company has established Stream Cares, a non-profit aimed at formalizing Stream’s charitable efforts in the state. Corporate philanthropy has always been a part of Stream’s DNA; as such, the company has always prided itself on giving back to the community. The company has been partnered with Habitat for Humanity and the Red Cross for a few years and helped with a variety of grassroots efforts across the state. The way that Stream Energy is set up is somewhat unique; instead of full-time employees, the company has a base of independent local contractors who are in touch with the local community.

These distributors are the impetus for many of Stream Energy’s philanthropic efforts. One of the most notable of these was homelessness in Texas. Because of that, the company partnered with Home Supply Co. to provide a variety of supplies and financial support to homeless children in the area. They also arranged for 1,000 homeless children to have a day out at a waterpark. For many of the children, this was the first time they had been to such an event.

Stream Energy has also been helping military veterans in the area, providing both moral and financial support to those in the area. On top of providing that, the company also arranged a special lunch for military veterans last December; the meal consisted of ribs, burgers, steaks and more in a well known Texas restaurant. Stream Energy also provided the transport for the veterans and their families too and from the event.