Predictable Phases of Technology: In the Present and Near Future

Technology has truly come a long ways. From the huge gigantic cell phones in the early 90s to the waterproof smartphones that can also do the work of a desktop computer. Even though technology has come so far, we still have a ways to go. Paul Mampilly has given us 10 phenomenal predictions of the routes business is taking us based on modern technology:

Prediction 1: Big Data will become accessible which is a great improvement. It is no secret that Big Data was hard to come by for small companies years ago. Thanks to the evolution of technology and massive improvements, small companies finally get a piece of the action too. Behind the scenes, technology and processes involving Big Data implementation has become easier and cheaper for consumers. In near the future (particular in 2019), small companies will finally get to capitalize on Big Data and will reap massive profits that come along with it.

Prediction 2: Home appreciation rate lose steam. There was a time when one could buy home and flip it to sell and make a profit with ease. Now things in the housing market have change and not for the better. A home appreciating at the fast pace of 5 to 7 percent is a thing of the past. For homeowners to really see a profit, they will have to hold on to their homes a little longer–with the future appreciation statistics. According to Mampilly, homeowners can expect to see equity rates significantly lower. Equity rates are expected to be on an average of 1.5 percent. Thus, it is also expected to remain at 1.5 percent for awhile.

Prediction 3: Businesses will adapt to modern consumers. Businesses are in many ways like animals in nature; its survival of the fittest. You either adapt and survive or die out. Paul Mampilly lets us know businesses should not only change the way they market products, but they should pay more attention to the consumers as well. Consumer feedback should have a priority of its own. If consumer need isn’t being fulfilled, there will be no need for the product itself. Businesses should be more sensitive to customers need and designs products accordingly.

Prediction 4: The rise of the voice search. Voice searching has been and will continue to be around. Minus a few changes in the algorithms, people will conduct more searches using their voice as opposed to writing out text. This also means greater investments in voice searching software and artificial intelligence will be needed.Companies that are willing to change with the times will stay ahead instead of those refusing to innovate.

Prediction 5: New Sources of consumer data. It is said that it consumer data will change the way businesses market their wares and services. Thanks to apps on many smartphones, companies are able to make decisions what products to market and which locations have a need for said products.

Prediction 6: Interestingly major data– gathering scandals like those occured on the Facebook platform have done nothing to stop consumer feedback. In spite of it all, customers have willingly given information about the companies and the products they use.

Prediction 7: Political Conditions will be favorable for business. Businesses big and small should get excited about the new tax break they are getting. The Tax Cuts and Job Acts reform was recently approved last year and it gives lower tax rates to businesses. The other thing it does is give business owners more leave way on deductibles. Business owners also have an increased ability to deduct from investments . Furthermore, they have more opportunities to earn money in overseas markets.

Prediction 8: Edge Computing will propel the internet of things. With technology constantly changing, Mani lets us know to expect new changes to new inventions to come along with the package. Particularly, edge computing is predicted to change communications patterns between devices. Edge computing will be able to process and send information faster and more efficient without delays.

Prediction 9: Long-termism in investing. Paul Mampilly did not fail to mention some pointers for future long term investors. From a statistical standpoint, 20 percent of managed assets were in invested in with respect to ESG. ESG is the abbreviation for environment, social, and government factors. Mampilly predicts that the there will be an increase of 40 percent in year 2019. For investors who are willing to get a ahead in investing, they should do two things. They should be willing to to be patient and pay close attention to what’s going on around them.

Prediction 10: VR is poised to explode. Do not be fooled about the potential of virtual reality. Paul Mampilly believes in the the virtual reality market and for good reasons too. Although virtuality reality is in its early stages, a lot can be said about this remarkable piece of technology. First off, the technology that makes virtual reality what it is– is quite advanced. It would be wise for investors to throw their hats into the ring on this one. The past market for virtual reality hardware was a whopping 2.2. Billion in year 2017. That being said, it is expected to skyrocket to 20 billion. Investors should not let this opportunity go unnoticed.

Prediction 11: User reviews more critical than ever. It’s not that a company or brand doesn’t matter. In fact, reputation among companies and businesses are about to get a whole lot bigger. Companies with more positive will outperform and make more money than the companies that don’t. According to Mampilly, 95 percent of online customers prefer looking at the reviews of a company before making a decision to buy.

A lot investors rely on the advice Paul Mampilly before choosing a venture to invest in. He has over 20 years experience when it comes to money management and wall street trends. He obviously knows what he’s talking about. So to all the investors and businesses alike, do your research and don’t be afraid of taking chances and don’t be afraid of change. It’s coming whether you want it to or not.

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The Secret to Agera Energy

Many companies stagnate after reaching a significant point of success. Agera Energy stands out as one which continues moving upward regardless of their level of success. They work passionately every day, using all their efforts in order to ensure their consumers are provided with nothing but the best. It is this sort of devotion that keeps people buying products and pushing the economy forward; so, in essence, Agera Energy is not only working to improve the world but also the world’s economy.

Agera Energy hopes to educate consumers and, with the knowledge they provide, empower them. Rather than watch the world from the sidelines, they have decided to enter the marketplace of energy supply, hoping to change it for good. Homeowners tend to expend the most amount of their money on energy; as such, it has become a top-of-the-line product for numerous businesses. Agera Energy potentially provides more of these businesses and homes with energy than any other energy supply corporation.

It is not easy to manage your market when it is so filled with clients. Their secret, however, is to view their clients as people rather than customers. The knowledge that they are working ultimately to help others inspires consistent high-quality work. It is largely due to this indefatigable strength Agera Energy possesses that they are able to spread so swiftly among potential clients, providing them with simple and immediate service.

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Highland Helps Improve on Capital

Mark Okada is the co-founder and Chief Investment Officer at Highland Capital. Okada supervises the company’s board investments tasks on retail and institutional firms. Mark Okada is the portfolio manager for Highland Capital. The co-founder is regarded as an industry innovator. He earned this recognition for working thirty years with credits markets. Read more at Wikipedia about James Dondero.

Mark Okada earned his B.A. in economics and psychology from the University of California. He is a regular guest on the Bloomberg television and on CNBC. He is a dependable devotee to philanthropic and civil needs. Okada focuses on education, faithful service, and Japanese-American relations. Okada is a Chairman for Education is Freedom, Common Grace Ministries, a member of the Japanese Evangelical Missionary Society, and an executive board of Dedman College Humanities and Sciences. Mark Okada is also in the United States-Japan Council as a leader.

Highland Capital was founded in 1993. The founders were James Dondero, founder and President of the company. Mark Okada, co-founder, and CIO (Cheif Investment Officer). The company specializes in different corporate affairs such as hedge funds and strategies for credit, long-term funds, private equity, and collateralized loan obligations. The main Headquarters are located in Dallas or Fort Worth Metroplex, Texas United States.


Highland has about 17.7 million dollars in management assets. The company helps with investments for the emerging markets, long and short equities, and natural resources. Highland has a diversified clientele with different needs. Customers would need pension plans, foundations, endowments, funds for funds, and people of high net-worth. The company has locations in New York, London, Singapore, and Seoul. Learn more about James Dondero at High Yield Credit.

Nick Vertucci unconventional career decisions.

When you think of porker, you feel about risk. However, this is not the case for everyone, Nick Vertucci has been successful in porker and made a name for himself. He is a master of rational decision making which has helped him in porker career and real estate business.

Nick Vertucci is the founder of NV real estate and a successful poker player who came from a humble background. At the age of eighteen, he started his own company where he was selling computer accessories to make ends meet. Later he joined real estate academy where his real estate interest grew and led a successful career as a real estate investor. Then he started his real estate academy Known as NVREA.

He is not only a real estate investor but also a successful poker player and author with his current book being seven figure decisions. In his book, he mentions that people do not become wealthy by playing it safe but by the billion worth choices that they make during a lifetime. His book is a guide to entrepreneurs and real estate investors on how to become successful.

In his journey to success, he almost lost everything ad this made him wise and bold. Nick Vertucci has made a career in porker by taking calculated and well-thought risks. He has played against the most famous parker player in the world such as Antonio famously known as the magician, Mike knew as the mouth and David Benyamine.

His porker career started in 20004 at a tournament held in the no-limit Texas where he was placed 8 and walked out having made a profit of $ 6030. Since then he has been improving his poker game, and in 2016 he participated in the world series of poker, which is one of the biggest poker tournament in the world. Here nick Vertucci made a profit of $2532.

Agera Energy will keep you Connected

Agera Energy is the top energy provider in the United States of America. They have been around for a very long time and have the experience and resources to keep you connected at the lowest energy rate compared to anyone else in the country.

They know what it takes to be the best retail energy provider, and that is through hard work, dedication, persistence, knowledge, experience, expertise, resources, updating and adaptive technology, and the right equipment. They make sure to do everything that they need to do to keep at least 99% happy at all times while you are a member of their best customer services.

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Drink to Good Health Every Morning

Now your morning cup of coffee can be good for you. Thanks to the revolutionary new coffee Organ Gold you can get a dose of Ganoderma Lucidum in a delicious full-bodied coffee. Commonly known as lingzhi in China, Ganoderma Lucidum is a Chinese mushroom that is known to have many positive health effects. These antioxidants the secret ingredient in Organ Gold making it a drink that is not only tasty but healthy. Called the mushroom of immortality in China, western buyers are just now learning about the positive effects of this marvelous mushroom.

Research is showing that Ganoderma Lucidum helps fight cancer. By boosting the immune system, it fights to prevent the proliferation of cancer cells. Studies seem to show that it works to prevent cancer metastasis.

Its immune system support works on other serious health issues besides cancer. Studies show that after taking it for thirty days it can increase T lymphocytes while decreasing CB8 counts. Great news for anyone dealing with advanced tumors or suffering the effects of chemo.

Since it helps promote blood flow it will relieve stress. Scientists in Japan have found that it lowers oxygen consumption in the heart muscle. Russian studies found that it stopped plaque buildup on walls of arties.

The antioxidants in Ganoderma Lucidum make drinking Organ Gold an important part of your healthy routine. So many studies have found that coffee alone has health benefits, now with Ganoderma Lucidum added, it is the best thing you can do for yourself every morning. Millions of people are finding how easy it is to be their best self just by drinking a delicious cup of coffee every morning.

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Reputation of Madison Street Capital

The Madison Street Capital reputation has soared with their acquisition of the 13th annual Turnaround Award Winner by the M&A Advisor. Madison Street Capital is an international investment banking firm that is based in Chicago.


The team of the Madison Street Capital had been awarded the Distressed M&A Deal of the Year. That award equals to move than $25MM to $50MM and they earned it by their expertise of being the exclusive advisor to the Sachs Capital Group in that company’s venture of the take-private of the RMG Networks. Along with the Merion Investment Partners and Sachs Capital Group Virgo Capital had also invested with them. With their combined effort, they had been able to provide debt financing for the closing of this transaction. The man who had led the team of Madison Street Capital was Barry Petersen who is the Senior Managing Director.


The Founder and CEO of Madison Street Capital is Charles Botchway. He attributes their success on the transaction to the team members and their hard work and dedicated efforts. The award will show clients their ability to navigate and close difficult transactions in a successful manner.


The goal and mission of the Madison Street Capital is the commitment to the excellence, integrity service and leadership in the process of delivering merger and acquisition expertise, financial opinions, corporate financial advisory services and services in valuation to privately and publicly help businesses. Their services enable their clients a success in the worldwide marketplace.


Madison Street Capital has clients from a vast and diverse business and industry world. These include pharmaceutical and biotech, technology, aerospace and defense, healthcare, real estate and construction development, consumer markets in food and agriculture, retail, distribution, solar energy, oil and gas energy, manufacturing, media and telecom, mining, minerals and natural resources, logistics and transportation, medical devices and financial services. With such a variety of businesses, Madison Street Capital is a globally known and successful team can help all of these accomplish their financial goals.


With the reputation of Madison Street Capital gaining by winning the Turnaround Award all of their global clients will increase their trust and will enjoy even more success by depending on the professional standards of this worldwide firm.


Connect with Madison Street Capital on LinkedIn.

Shervin Pishevar’s tweets reveal why the US economy will underperform

Shervin Pishevar was born in Iran but migrated to the United States. He is one of the brilliant investors in the world today who has made a great name in the finance sector through successful investment as a venture capitalist. He is the former managing director of Sherpa Capital and the co-founder of Virgin’s Hyperloop. Pishevar has also previously worked with Menlo Ventures, a firm through which he invested in the growth of Uber. Sherwin Pishevar gained recognition after his role in the growth of Uber into a unicorn in less than a decade. He has also invested with other companies such as Airbnb, RobinHood among others.

When Shervin Pishevar engaged in a tweet storm that lasted for 21 hours, he talked about various matters related to the US economy and the financial sector. He was quick to point out that the US economy would not perform well in the coming months due to a looming financial crisis. In his understanding, the stock market was crashing, inflation was settling in, the national debt burden is going up, and the government is making mistakes such as the new tax plan. All these are signals of an economic crisis.

Although Shervin Pishevar talked a lot about the US economy, he also pointed out to some other matters related to the financial industry. He indicated that bitcoin would crash and gold would gain. In times of financial crisis, gold is considered a haven. For bitcoin, the high prices that were recorded at the end of 2017 would not be sustained, and therefore a drop was in unavoidable.

Shervin Pishevar also engaged the audience on matters related to the Silicon Valley. After working here for many years, Shervin has a better understanding of this innovations’ hub. His prediction about this hub is however not positive. He sees a scenario where Silicon Valley will become irrelevant due to internal and external factors. Shervin believes that the recent move by the government to lock out immigrant talent will not help the situation. The success of the Silicon Valley has had great input from the immigrants and therefore any decision to keep them out will be detrimental. He also pointed out the fact that other countries no longer export their talents to the US.


Sandy Chin Reading Program

Who Is Sandy Chin?

Sandy Chin is a Portfolio Manager and Chief Investment Officer (CIO) with Tidal Bore Capital. She and her NYC partner have two children, Taggart and Nolan, age four and six, and Abby, their dog who is twelve-years-old. At Tidal Bore, she started a consumer staples hedge fund. These products such as sugar, food, beverages, and other essential household products are items the consumer will not usually stop buying or experience a decline in sales in a declining market. Sandy has a life-long love of books and learning. She volunteers at her children’s school Public School 11 (PS11) William T. Harris School in NYC’s West Side. Sandy loves the NY Rangers, cooking, singing karaoke, running, and weight training. She speaks French conversationally, and Russian a little, though not proficiently.

In a recent interview with Idea Mensch, they asked what she would tell her younger self. She stated, “Always ask for more. More work, more promotions, greater salary, more opportunities.”

The Summer Reading Program, A “West Side Story”

Nolan attends William T. Harris School where his mother is a very active volunteer. Sandy’s love of books led her to the conclusion that many children in the area served by the school could not afford books. Inhabitants of two low-income housing developments go to PS11, a large multi-cultural school.

Realizing that many children do not read during summer vacation for a variety of reason, she considered a book drive to get more books into the hands of her son’s classmates and the rest of the school. During the school year, book reports and other reading assignments keep children busy with books.

However, during the months of summer vacation, many children backslide on their reading ability. Some very noticeably; in fact, some regress a full-grade reading level in those three months, while others who are encouraged to read by parents or siblings progress because they have more time to read.

The Book Drive

Although Sandy Chin, other parents, and the teachers asked people to donate books appropriate for a list of reading levels, many had no idea of the reading level of their books. They named their book drive, “Books, Boxes, and Bodies, which collected over three thousand books.

To gift each child their very own book of choice, they first had to label each book for reading level. They’re hoping this will become an annual event before the summer recess. They intend to build on their successes and learn from their errors. However, supplying books to that many children is no mistake!



Why Sunday Riley is Getting Positive Reviews

The skin is an important part of the body. Having an excellent skin is what many people, regardless of their gender, prefer to have. There are many products to use so that a person can get the skin they desire. In the recent years, there have been numerous companies that focus on giving consumers skincare products. What is shocking is the fact that most of the brands that have been introduced are not effective. People have spent so much money trying to make their skin smooth and beautiful. The brands they purchase do not give this result. Some of the ingredients used leaves the skin with damages. There are millions of people who have given up on their skin because they could not get the products that are suitable for them. If you are among these people, Sunday Riley is the brand you should start looking for. The brand is very common at the moment, and it suits the needs of most personalities, regardless of their gender. The cult brand has impressed customers, and this is why it has so many followers from all corners of the world.

When cults started becoming popular in the world, people didn’t know that they were going to affect the beauty industry. The government allowed all of the cults to continue with their operations as long as they were not going to break any regulations in their activities. People follow cults for their own reasons. Sunday Riley followers have the right reasons to worship their brand. At the moment, there are more than two hundred thousand devoted fans who love to use the high performance skin products that are manufactured by the successful firm. The Instagram page for the company shows that the brand has managed to offer its customers thirteen products, and they are unique in all features. The independent brand, which was introduced by a personality who prefers to remain behind the scenes, focuses on the different skin tones when selling its products. Sunday Riley has been receiving positive reviews all the time because of its efficiency on the skin. There are products to use in all occasions that have been introduced by the company.