Genucel Raises Money for Victims of Abuse

From Surviving to Thriving with Self-Esteem

Genucel by Chamonix shows there support for women of abuse by raising money, raising awareness, and giving beauty bags for women filled with Genucel products. They understand that victims of emotional or physical abuse often have lower self– esteem and it takes time to heal that reflection of one’s self. They offer help also through re-teaching necessary self-care habits.

Astounding Self-care

There are many ways to help deal with overcoming abuse once the more noted options are through self-care practices. Below is a list of some of the more common ways to approach self-care and the healing process after being abused in any form.


  • 1. Self- affirmations. These phrases can greatly increase someone’s self-worth through repeated statements and through hearing them.


  • 2. Creative Expressions. This can be done through art, music, dance, etcetera.


  • 3.Being Healthy. Through regular exercise and healthy eating habits, it has been proven to increase many areas that help with lifting self-esteem.

Strong Community Support


In the state of New Jersey, an act of domestic violence occurs approximately every seven minutes. The nonprofit organization Woman Aware has taken action into helping battered women and children and families. Each gender experiences domestic abuse, however, more cases happen that involve a woman. Do to this statistic the state feels it is necessary to raise awareness to help prevent this and to help those that have been a victim of this to speak up. They offer emergency shelters, food and recovery services for those affected. Woman Aware does a 5k and provides charity to raise money for this topic throughout the community.


I like to refer to it as nature’s magic. This is an outside gathering for individuals to connect with others that have been through similar circumstances. Also, a known fact that being connected to nature and the outdoors has been proven to help in the healing process of many mental and physical illnesses. It relieves stress, resurfaces the outside appearance of one’s self and overall lifts the health greatly. These self-care practices are helping women walk towards higher self-esteem one day at a time. Learn more about Genucel on


Gareth Henry scholarship at Herriot-Watt University

On Dec. 11, 2018, Gareth Henry funded an undergraduate scholarship for research led Herriot-Watt University in Edinburgh, Scotland. An alumnus who graduated from the University in 2001, Gareth Henry is not only providing the bursary for students, but will also give some of his time to mentor and coach students on career enhancement growth. He has offered one call per term, of which there are three a year, if students need his advice. Gareth Henry also will be helping them as they graduate and seek career advice and guidance with getting a job. He hopes with this bursary that Herriot-Watt graduates can see what can be achieved with hard work in the Actuarial Sciences.

Gareth Henry is currently living in New York, where has worked in investor relations in senior roles for a number of years. He holds a Bachelor of Science degree with first-class honors in Actuarial Mathematics and Statistics from Herriot-Watt University. For those who wish to work in finances, Gareth Henry believes that the learning Actuarial Maths at Herriot-Watt University will be the path to the future. Herriot-Watt is one of the U.K.’s leading universities for industry and business. It currently is producing leading-edge research and graduates who are specialists in science and engineering. He believes the school’s program’s quantitative model lessons and scholastic processes will extremely useful in the future. Understanding technology, machine learning, and Artificial Intelligence will become crucial as robo-advisory and quantitative investing are becoming in demand with investors.

The Actuarial degree from Herriot-Watt is one of the few to be accredited by the actuarial position of the U.K. A strong performance allows a student to be exempt from a number of professional exams. This gives them a great advantage on other mathematics courses. The graduates who qualify to become U.K. actuaries go on to get credit with the Society of Actuaries in North America. For a person with a technical background hoping to get into finances, this a truly global course. To be selected for the scholarship, you must be from the U.K., have financial need, and be enrolled in the Actuarial Mathematics and Sciences course.

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Robert Deignan The Best Relationship With All Your Technology

Robert Deignan can be an intelligent guy with many concepts. He lets us know ” The majority of my tips are delivered when I am outside after I am turned off from the telephone and pc. Whether I actually am seated in my own back garden with a sit down elsewhere, on the winter snowboarding journeys to Colorado or summertime outings to Panama and Nicaragua,, the majority of the time the tips are created when I am outside taking pleasure in character and considering innovative methods to improve our business.

I’ll take down notes and once I am back in front of my pc, I’ll make some presumptions and generate a spreadsheet to discover if the theory has hip and legs. If the theory looks ensuring, I’ll perform even more analysis and once it is over fifty percent cooked, I can speak to just a few business companions about it.

Both of my companions are usually very operationally audio and if the theory makes sense for all folks they are going to assist obtaining the idea released. Directly after we apply a concept, we all will review it and make the required adjustments. We now have a distinctive method of doing stuff which does not require a large number of meetings. The majority of suggestions are based away from a short tum sense.

Contrary to that which was previously believed, the mind is malleable. Thorough research of taxi motorists working in London helped to show this. In London, taxi motorists need to mémorize every single path possible and all of the tourist-popular places in the town. Since London is indeed vast as well as the roads are poorly organizéd, this schooling takes regarding four years.

In the analysis, researchers deliberated thé hippocampus, some from the brain focused on memory, and discovered that taxi driver who also underwent this training created a more substantial hippocampus.

Because the human brain is malleable, it’s vital that you consider just how technology adjustments just how the brain functions. In comparison to state, reading, technology provides a variety of distractions-notifications, updatés, emails, texts, etc-that need a different sort of concentrate. Seeing that Psychology Tóday highlights Technology conditions the mind to focus on information extremely differently than réading. ”

Genucel – an aid in the fight against winter skincare blues

The winter months are now upon us. It brings harsh winds and freezing temperatures that can cause havoc to our skin. It robs us of vital moisture and leaves dry cracking skin. This condition causes discomfort in the form of itchy flaky skin. Unfortunately, the dryness becomes more harmful as we age, so year after year we fight this drying battle. This article provide tips that will help combat winter skincare blues.

Tip 1. Drink plenty of water. As we age we loose elasticity in our skin which can cause unwanted wrinkles. Providing moisture from the inside is a key factor in the war on dryness and signs of aging. Not only do water help provide hydration, it also helps the body flush unwanted toxins from the body. It is a good idea to keep a bottle of water nearby to assist in getting your recommended daily intake.

Tip 2. Invest in a quality humidifier. Humidifiers add moisture to a room that has been robbed of its moisture by a home’s heating system. They are a great source to add good humidity back into the room. Take care to monitor the moisture and humidity level in the home so as not to encourage mold.

Tip 3. Dial down acne treatments. Acne treatment work by absorbing the natural oils from your skin which prevents the skin from over producing the oils that can cause acne. During the winter months it is advised to tone down or eliminate the use of these products. Talk to your dermatologist to discuss the best treatment for your skin.

Tip 4. Protect your skin from the harsh winter weather. Choose clothing that will not leave the skin exposed to the cold elements of nature. Wear gloves, scarves and hats when going out into the open air.

Tip 5. Include Genucel Plant Stem Cell Therapy in your skincare regimen. Genucel treatment is an anti-aging treatment system that combat the signs of aging. This system helps promote youthful and vibrate skin.

Winter do not have to be the death of your skin. Fight back by following these few tips and you will continue to look your best. So go enjoy those winter festivities and feel confident that you have the necessary tools to beat old man winter at his own game.



US Money Reserve to Provide Special Edition Ronald Reagan to Selected People

People need to make sure that they take measures to protect their future financially. The steps you take today are going to decide how your future is going to be in terms of finances.

There are many investment options that are available in the market that you can choose from, but investing in precious metals is considered to be one of the safest options for centuries. Read more: US Money Reserve | Ispot and  US Money Reserve | LinkedIn

People have been using, buying, and trading gold as a valued commodity for centuries and it continues to be that way till date. If you want to diversify your investment portfolio, it is highly recommended you buy gold coins from US Money Reserve, one of the most reliable and trusted sources to buy precious metals coins in the United States.

The US Reserve is headed by the former director of the US Government Mint, Philip H Diehl, and he has ensured that not only the inventory of the company is diverse, but also that its customer service is top notch. The customers can go through the collection of precious metals coins over their new modern e-commerce site and order online.  Follow US Money Reserve on Twitter and Instagram

The products ordered by the customers are delivered safely to their doorstep. With time, the price of gold and other precious metal coins have been increasing constantly. If you do not invest today in gold, you are certainly losing a lot.

Make sure to make it a point to invest in gold coins from US Money Reserve today as sooner you invest in it, better returns you would get from it. instead of waiting for the right time, it is best to invest when you can. Learn more about US Money Reserve: and

There are people out there who have invested in gold coins many years back and are now sitting on considerably sized profits. It saves you from any kind of market fluctuations and doesn’t let the market volatility touch you and your family.

The Business Consumer Alliance has also given AAA rating to the US Money Reserve, which adds to their overall credibility as an organization. US Reserve is also collector heaven as the company introduces special coins from time to time for the interest of collectors and investors.

The company introduced Ronald Reagan coins using the latest technology. The coin has been designed by popular artist Joel Iskowitz and shows the statesmanship of the former president. The rare design is already high in demand ever since its announcement, but it will be available only to a few people.

Unroll Me and New Year’s Data Protection Strategies

Unroll me is a private Email and email marketing firm that deals with junk mails management services based in Greater New York, East Coast United States. Founded in 2011, Unroll Me led by the co-founder and Chief Executive Office Jojo Hedaya who began the company after being troubled with newsletter, media and mail update, which disrupt essential emails in the inbox.

New Year’s Goals to Secure Your Technology

Regular Software Updates

  • Regular Software Updates

Many threats usually arise from unknown emails sent to your inbox, and when opened, they either contain viruses or random figures that attack your devices. Unroll Me came up with an email tool, which separates such emails that possess treats and consumers remains advised to update their technological gadgets to receive new firewalls frequently.

Always go Through Private Policies

  • Always go Through Private Policies

Most security breaches may arise from individuals who join internet platforms without understanding the private agreements it contains. As some may have involved without the knowledge and now remain frustrated with this junk mails, Unroll Me, therefore, provides a platform, which you can unsubscribe from these services.

Get Rid of Unused Applications

  • Get Rid of Unused Applications

Many unnecessary apps on your devices may get access to your private data and steal them, hence, losing some essential files. Unroll Me has raised awareness of individuals to evaluate their gadgets and delete some dormant apps, subscriptions and some data downloaded while unaware. Also in social media platforms and unhook some unused applications and subscriptions attached to them to enhance cybersecurity.

Subscribe to a Virtual Private Network

  • Subscribe to a Virtual Private Network

As some web providers can monitor and learn your browsing history, the device used and the web visited, use of a VPN can protect you from such activities, which may threaten your data. Unroll Me tries to advise consumers to use a VPN to hide their IP address and secure data when connected to open Wi-Fi networks such as of airports.

Secure Your Device Hardware

  • Secure Your Device Hardware

Hardware security involves casing your gadgets from shattering or cracks as most modern smartphones remain covered by glass, which is susceptible to damages. Hence, covering the devices with glass protectors and back covers are among Unroll Me guidelines in helping individuals to keep their sensitive data safe.

Jojo Hedaya : The introduction of to the World

If you’ve ever had the misfortune of not seeing an important email due to a sudden influx of newsletters in your inbox then you’re not alone. Meet Jojo Hedaya, co-founder, one of one the fastest growing email organizing companies in the market today. The idea for came to him out of a scenario very similar to the one stated. Jojo says that his business partner and co-founder of Josh Rosenwald would often miss his emails due to a cluttered inbox. They quickly came to the realization that there where only a handful of companies available in the market that were attempting to remedy this issue. The issue with all these companies was that they all wanted to replace the email client, knowing that their efforts could only match about 75% of it, then sought to simply declutter a person individuals in order to offer a more organized and effective email account.

The execution of the service was the focus from the start, says Jojo Hedaya. The fact of the matter is that if people cannot conveniently use the service then nothing else matters, therefore, Jojo Hedaya and his business partner quickly planned out an interface that was not only easy to use but fun as well. Incorporating a Tinder-style interface where swiping left, right and up conveniently allowed the users to choose which subscriptions to keep, delete or save for a later time. also provides the ability to be notified for specific emails such as for work or school.

Being college students with no degrees, Jojo Hedaya and his partner were on a tight budget. Not wanting to invest such a large amount of money on an unproven service, Jojo Hedaya decided to release the service to the public in the hopes that the reviews and suggestions would allow them to skip over the guesswork and focus on the features that customers want. There is no doubt that we have seen the last of and Jojo Hedaya and look forward to the upcoming years of growth and innovation.

Dr. Villanueva Positively Impacts the Dental Health Industry by Founding the MB2 Dental

The field of health is made up of many categories among them being dental health. With that said, health practitioners can specialize in fields such as being a dentist. Many individuals have taken up dentistry as a profession and among the renowned dentists is Dr. Chris Steven Villanueva. As a dentist who is passionate about his profession, Dr. Chris Steven Villanueva has even taken it upon himself to launch MB2 Dental.

Background Information

MB2 Dental has been thriving over the years, and the organization has an employee base of 533 employees. As an entity that is entirely dedicated to offering quality services, the MB2 Dental is set to continue their streak of excellence which is as a result of the excellent leadership within the company. Additionally, since the company is not oriented towards making increasing their profit margins, MB2 Dental is geared towards revolutionizing the manner in which dental health services are offered.

As for MB2 Dental, Dr. Villanueva founded the organization and made sure that it has adhered to offering personal growth, support, and autonomy. By adhering to innovations, MB2 Dental is able to improve the lives of the patients who seek dental health services at the organization.

The Birth of MB2 Dental

Dr. Villanueva acknowledges that after attaining his academic credentials as a dentist, he had two options which entailed either working as a dentist for any institution that offered dental services or establishing his own company that would offer dental services. In between this two options, Dr. Villanueva saw it fit to establish his own company, and that is how MB2 Dental came to life. By establishing the MB2 Dental Solutions, Dr. Villanueva decided to revolutionize the dental industry by making sure that the needs of the patient always come first.

So far, MB2 Dental has been doing a great job, thanks to the oversight that has been offered over the years by Dr. Villanueva. Additionally, Dr, Villanueva works side by side with like-minded individuals who are smart and productive. Dr. Villanueva goes ahead and acknowledges that it is good to always make sure that the people you work with are inspire at all times so that they may give maximum input while working within the organization. According to Dr. Chris Steven, employers should hire a team that understands the requirements of the job instead of focusing on micromanagement. That way, it will be easier for them to build an empire.

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Ryan Seacrest Cheers People Up During Another New Year’s Eve Celebration

Ryan Seacrest is an entertainment dynamo who stays extremely busy with all of his work. He is the host of “Dick Clark’s New Year’s Rockin’ Eve,” which takes place in Times Square. While it looks like it is going to be a rainy new year, it was much colder last year. Seacrest commented recently that he prefers the cold to the rain but that the New Year’s Eve celebration always goes off without a hitch, either way.

Jenny McCarthy joined Ryan Seacrest for the New Year’s celebration and wore a beautiful maxi-coat. Christina Aguilera also made an appearance during the celebration as did Colton Underwood and Dan and Shay. Down the road just a bit Andy Cohen and Anderson Cooper were hosting “CNN New Year’s Eve” celebration. While the rain was truly a lot to deal with, all of the hosts for the New Year’s Eve celebrations remained calm and appeared to be having fun.

Ryan Seacrest has been called the busiest man in show business by some, and he definitely has a full plate most of the time. He is one half of the Live with Kelly and Ryan show, where he works with Kelly Ripa. Seacrest actually made his move out to New York City from sunny Los Angeles to partake in the show and be a part of other media obligations. He has slowly adjusted to life in the “Big Apple” but initially was challenged by the completely different kind of weather in the city.

Most people know Ryan Seacrest as the host of American Idol because he has been a part of the show since its very beginnings. Seacrest is also a radio host who is featured on the “On Air With Ryan” show. The radio show has made it to the top of the charts as a morning drive show in Los Angeles. As if this wasn’t all enough, he also founded his own clothing line appropriately named “Ryan Seacrest Distinction.” Seacrest is also the creator of “Polished By Dr. Lancer.” This is his skincare line for men, and it is doing very well. Seacrest is also a philanthropist who started up the Ryan Seacrest Foundation.