The Importance of Leadership Skills in Business

Many companies have conducted research in an attempt to establish their best leadership strategies. James River Capital Corp. believes that leadership in the business world is an art and a science that also involves considerable skill. Although it understands that leadership skills may take some time to develop, it also believes that in some cases only simple changes may be needed to make a difference. Here are three simple changes that can improve corporate leadership.


Supporting Rather Than Leading

Leaders at Facebook have adopted this philosophy. The mere changing of one word for another can alter the concept of leadership and, in the process, change how leaders interact with members of their teams. This simple change can have a surprisingly big impact in the relationship between managers and their workers.


Welcoming and Encouraging Feedback

According to recent studies, approximately 85 percent of the employees who were questioned admitted that they often withheld information from their managers. Workers may fear retaliation if they raise certain issues, with this failure to communicate resulting in insufficient engagement and collaboration, and possibly even the suppression of innovative ideas. Under the principle of “psychological safety,” which was discovered by Google, employees can confidently approach their managers with problems and ideas for improvement. This principle can be enhanced when managers welcome and even encourage comments from their employees, and show appreciation for such feedback.


Respecting Opinions

Managers can help their employees by removing any obstacles that may interfere with the communication process. This is especially true at team meetings, when everyone should be given an opportunity to speak. It is of initial importance to take note of everyone who is attending the meeting and to identify those who speak. Although some employees can be expected to provide more information than others, management personnel should identify those who are less willing to speak or who may say nothing. It is these reticent employees who should be asked questions and encouraged to provide input. Employees should always feel comfortable when they speak and equally reassured about the information they provide. This will make them feel that their opinions are indeed important and valued by the company.


The History of James River Capital Corp.

Located in Richmond, Va., James River Capital Corp. is registered to provide advice in both the investment and commodity trading fields. It was founded in 1986 as KP Futures Management Corp., initially serving as the alternative investment division of Kidder, Peabody & Co. In 1995, it became an independent investment company through the efforts of two of its senior officers, Paul Saunders and Kevin Brandt. It is currently responsible for managing products valued at more than $570 million.

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Treat Your Hair Right With WEN Hair Care Products

WEN by Chaz Dean is a product line that Chaz Dean created to give women all over the world the hair that they desire. According to, his products are natural and are not tested on animals. Wen products are also easy to incorporate into your daily schedule and they even replace the many beauty products that you may be using.

The WEN Cleansing Conditioner is a 5-in-1 formula that is a shampoo, conditioner, deep conditioner, detangler, and leave-in conditioner. When used with the Cleansing conditioner, you will most likely be amazed by the results. A study taken on the Sweet Almond Mint product showed that 100% who used it noticed that their hair felt more moisture, 95% found their hair was more manageable, and 97% noticed that their hair was more manageable. To use all you need to do is wet your hair, apply and massage into your scalp and then leave in for the remainder of your shower or bath. When you are ready to get out, simply rinse thoroughly. It is recommended to follow up with a couple of pumps of Cleansing Conditioner for the best results. It doesn’t lather because it is free from sulfates and it will not damage your hair. Wen products are available on QVC stores and online.

Chaz Dean loves hair and photography, and it was when he was helping a company to develop new products that he realized that creating new products was yet another passion for him to pursue. He attended cosmetology school and worked up to a managerial position in a salon in Bel Air, see

He then bought the salon that would become known as The Chaz Dean Salon. He then relocated to Hollywood and renamed his salon The Chaz Dean Studio. He has an extensive clientele list that includes many celebrities. He also styles hair for various award and fashion shows. Follow wen @wenhaircare.

OSI Group Evolving Process

Otto Kolschowsky was a member of the German immigrant community in America. He is the reason OSI Group exists. Otto ventured in the meat market industry when he started his retail butchery. With dedication and hard work, the business expanded establishing another retail in Suburb, Maywood. Otto’s sons offered maximum support to their father hence the butchery became a family line business. Otto’s family rebranded the enterprise to Otto and sons. When Kolschowsky retired his sons, Arthur and Harry formed a business alliance with Ray Kroc.

Ray Kroc owned a restaurant formed through franchise model with Richard and Maurice McDonald. The McDonald restaurant specialized in producing hamburgers serving many consumers across united states. Otto’s sons were to supply fresh gridded beef to the McDonalds restaurants consistently. With time the joined family alliance evolved into a global corporation known as OSI Group. The company produces food products which are consumer- driven and relatively cheap as compared to other food products. OSI Group has adopted advanced technology that designs products in several ways.

Sheldon Lavin, a partner to OSI Food solutions, became a partner to the company. His experience in the international investment and capitalization contributed to him becoming the CEO for OSI Food company. Lavin contributes to the expansion of OSI Group establishing new facilities all over the world as well as forming joint ventures in different countries. Some of the countries where OSI has established joint ventures include Poland, Philippines, Hungary as well as Japan.

OSI food solutions introduced new food products including Pizzas, hamburger patties and various meat products. The company serves a wide range of customers all over the world including Europe. In Europe, OSI Group became a stakeholder for Baho Food Company.

OSI Food Solutions focuses on expanding and establishing facilities all over the world to serve customers at an individual level. With more than 20, 000 employees, the company creates a good relationship with their clients by ensuring that all their tastes and preferences are met. Some of the potential clients for OSI Food solutions include Papa Johns, Burger King, Yum, Starbucks and Saizeriya.

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A Few Tips On How You Can Handle A Challenging Boss At Neurocore

We have all been there. We have all worked with a boss that is a little “challenging” to say the least. Your boss at Neurocore might be too negative. No matter what you do, the person at Neurocore has nothing nice to say. They focus too much on the negative, and not enough on the positive. He or she may micromanage everything a little too obsessively. Read more about Neurocore at

I worked with someone like that. She used to micromanage everything. She focused on the little things, instead of the big picture plans. She did not trust us to do the job we were hired to do. It got old real quick.

Some of you might be in a similar situation. I have a few suggestions that might lay some of your grief to rest.

1) You need to make the distinction between a “bad boss” and a “weak boss.” There is a difference between the two. Watch what they do at Neurocore for a few days. You need to make sure your efforts of fixing them are worth it. It might not be in that person’s control. They might be reacting to something one of the exes at Neurocore implemented.

2) Identify what motives your boss to do some of the things they do. They might not care, but their boss might. They have to protect their job too. Your boss at Neurocore may be watching you because someone is watching them. Remember that everything trickles down from the top. The grief your boss gives you is not nearly as bad as the grief they get from their boss.


I have been through similar experiences. I know what you are going through.

3) Continue on as if nothing is happening. It is one of the better ways to defuse the situation. Your job at Neuroscore may be in jeopardy once you let it affect you. Your boss might not want to let you go, but his boss may. Do not give his boss that power.


I have been through some of the same situations myself. I am imparting this information so that it can serve you better. Remember that you cannot assume anything. There might be something happening that is bigger than you. Visit to know more about Neurocore.

Steve Ritchie and his Comeback plan for Papa John’s Pizza

Although the year of 2018 was not the best for the Papa John’s books, CEO Steve Ritchie is confident in their long-term approach to bring back customers and most importantly to bring back respect for the company as a whole. Earlier this year, Steve Ritchie wrote a handwritten letter to employees, staff, and customers about his plans going forward and the steps the company was going to take. Steve laid out three things that are set to begin the healing process. His first action is to include having a total audit of the companies culture to better understand where Papa Jonh’s is at the moment followed by a country tour of his management team and himself to better connect with their staff and customers.

In addition to these moves, Steve has also recommended long terms plans that would see the rapid expansion of minority-owned franchises through newly set programs. Secondly, Papa John’s will aim to create a separate branch of Papa John’s solely dedicated to community outreach in the form of a foundation. Steve commented that he joined Papa John’s family because pizza always brought everyone together and he stayed due to the strong relationships built within the company with people from all different kinds of backgrounds. He further states that one of his main priorities for the company was the improvement of diversity, equity, and inclusion which according to Steve have grown immensely in the year that he’s been in charge.

Although all the initiatives are great, many investors and franchise owners are asking when the stock of the company is going to improve? Papa John’s addressed this concern by stating that they are currently working in conjunction with Bank of American and Lazard LTD. to receive the best possible financial advice. The company, however, is set to get back to normal in the upcoming year once all the programs have been implemented through the U.S and Canada.

Innovative Technologies Louis R. Chenevert Believes Are Quickly Changing Industries

In a recent article, Louis R. Chenevert, Chairman & Chief Executive Officer of United Technologies Corporation, broke down some of the essential technologies that are having a tremendous impact on some of North America’s largest corporations. During his time at UTI, Chenevert has noticed one important fact; it’s critical to always look ahead beyond the current horizons of your industry and try to figure out what the next ‘big’ thing is going to be. This is why staying on top of the latest technological developments in your industry is essential to a company’s overall success. Listed are just a few of the most recent technological advances that helped shape entire industries.


The Automobile Industry Past and Present


Close your eyes and go back in time 90 years to the early 1930s. At that time most of the cars where steam-powered with small boilers built directly into the engine. As time progressed, Fords Model T became increasingly popular with the majority of new engines being converted from steam to gas. This advancement increased both safety and efficacy for newer vehicles. Louis R Chenevert understood that investing in the research and development of new technologies was essential to UTC’s success. In 2008, this paid off when the company released a new and improved F135 engine featuring a sole source position leading to a completely redesigned military propulsion system that offered a 7 to 10 percent increase in thrust and propulsion with a 5 to 7 percent increase in improved fuel efficiency.


Another victory won by Louis Chenevert related to the development of a better GTF engine. This resulted in a final product that boasted a twenty percent increase in fuel efficiency, a fifty percent reduction in noise and thirty percent fewer moving engine parts. These advances mean the new and improved GTF engine will last longer and exhibit a greater efficiency when compared to its older counterpart. Looking into the future, Louis Chenevert believes technological advancements in automation and artificial intelligence will completely eliminate the need for human factory workers. Furthermore, with the advent of Google’s self-driving cars, it’s very likely that fifty years from now, most people will quit driving altogether.


Louis Chenevert earned his Bachelors of Commerce Degree in production management from the University de Montreal. He is the founding director and Chairman of the Board of Directors for the Friends of HEC Montreal.

The Road which has led to the Success of the Chain-smokers

In 2012, the members of the Chain-smokers duo were introduced to each other by their manager. At the time, the idea was to have them work together on one project, after which they would part ways. However, as fate would have it, the two did their gig, and then realized that they had great chemistry between them. As a result, they decided they were going to transform their temporary arrangement into something more permanent, and thus the band was born. Six years later, the little-known band has become a household name, and the future is getting brighter by the day. Here is an interview that the duo gave about their journey and the secrets that have fueled their success.

When Andrew was asked about his musical journey, he stated that he started developing a keen interest in electrical pop when he was in college. He adds that as he was going about his gigs, he was informed that there was a band called chain smokers, and one of their members was leaving. He told his manager that he would be interested in seeing what type of music the band was creating, and from the moment he met Alex, everything just clicked.

On the other hand, when Alex was asked about his musical journey, he stated that as he grew up, hos only dream was to be a successful DJ. He added that when he was introduced to electrical dance music, he immediately developed an interest. With time, he decided to give a career in music a shot. When he met with Andrew, they connected, and the magic started happening for Chain Smokers.

The band has released some songs, but it was their single selfie which catapulted them to fame. The duo believes that working in their field is not easy, mainly because there are so many others within the field and getting a unique connection with the audience is complicated. They state that their secret has been creating music that their listeners connect with at an emotional level and that this has helped them win the hearts of audiences across the country.

Guilherme Paulus Is An Entrepreneur Who Values Social Accountability

Every successful entrepreneur was the owner of a start-up company at some point in their life. If you reside in Brazil, you may be familiar with the name Guilherme Paulus. He is well known for investing in the domestic and international tourism sector. Since Paulus hails from Brazil, he has significantly impacted the Brazilian domestic tourism sector through CVC Brasil Operadora.

CVC is a tour company that was established in 1972. Carlos Vicente Cerchiari was the one who came up with the idea since he had the vision of operating a tour company one day. Since Carlos Vicente and Paulus became good friends after meeting on a ship, they became business partners eventually, and their first venture entailed securing a shop that was located at the exit of a cinema. The two individuals worked well for four years before going their separate ways. During the four years, Paulus had learned a great deal about entrepreneurship, and he used his experience to ensure that the CVC Brasil Operadora was a huge success.

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While working at IBM as an intern, Guilherme Paulus showcased that he had a deeper understanding of the international business world. He used this knowledge to ensure that the CVC Brasil Operadora had become the most revered tour company in the Latin America region. By combining his skills and ambition, Paulus was able to turn his vision about CVC into a reality. Through his input, CVC Brasil Operadora has also been able to trade its shares at the stock exchange in 2013. The company’s growth also attracted investors such as Carlyle Group, a company that acquired some shares within Paulus’s company in 2009.

Guilherme Paulus also serves his community members by taking part in charitable acts and events. Since CVC Brasil Operadora earns approximately $5.2 billion annually, Guilherme Paulus channels some of the company’s profits into corporate philanthropy. Paulus also opens up about 100 new stores on an annual basis. CVC has also expanded its outreach in Brazil by ensuring that they are present in most of the renowned malls within the country. As for philanthropy, young people who have expressed a significant interest in working in the tourism sector can access educational opportunities through the help of the PIET project. Since Paulus funds the PIET project through CVC, he contributes significantly to the growth of the tourism sector.

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