Lime Crime Is Simply Sublime With A Complex Twist You Won’t Be Able To Resist

Doe Deere and her incredible makeup line Lime Crime are revolutionary and remarkable. Although the objective of Lime Crime products is to paint the face and hair gorgeously and intensely, another main objective is to be cruelty free and let the inner beauty shine through with the philosophy of this product company and its owner. Doe Deere, originally from Russia and raised in New York city, is a creative genius who has been sharing her artistry and lovely imagination as well as humanitarianism through her makeup line Lime Crime since 2008. The premise is achieving bold, unique colors for human expression without making innocent bunny rabbits and rats be the guinea pigs which most other makeup companies unfortunately do. The daring pretty products are also free of any animal products. Lime Crime is certified vegan and cruelty-free by PETA and Leaping Bunny.


Doe Deere is also active in animal related charity work and has an affinity for the infamous unicorn as well. She refers to her customers as unicorns and regards them gracefully and gratefully as the title would imply. Part of her mission is to help people be themselves and share their own unique beauty and soul with the world. She also likes to inspire others to pursue their dreams and not be afraid of taking chances or failing, which is just an opportunity to try anew. Doe confesses her makeup line launch and continuance has not been without hiccups. She is realistic about being human and wants to help others be secure in that as well, although she bestows them with the majestical title of unicorn because she sees the innate magic inherent in everyone.


Lime Crime is an online based company and Doe Deere enjoys the feedback she can get from her customers and is very loyal to them. She listens to praise and criticism alike, but also realizes how important it is to deal with so-called haters with a level head and open heart. With such an adventurous company it is inevitable to attract some people who don’t extend the same understanding so she chooses to not spend time fueling their unfair fire when she has so many better things to do. Doe works closely within her company and even spends time perfecting products alongside chemists in the lab. One of her greatest accomplishments in that token is creating a lipstick that goes on from liquid to matte and doesn’t crumble or smudge, which she worked with a chemist for months on. Another of her amazing products launched more recently is Unicorn Hair, semi-permanent hair dye in outlandish and delicious colors such as bubblegum rose and neon peach. Doe herself is an excellent ambassador for her brand as she wears the colorful hair and rebellious makeup colors with a special sort of sophistication stemming from her inner beauty and unwavering belief in being herself and everyone’s right to share love in their own ways with the world. Lime Crime is an innovation and icon for individualism. Learn more:


Talos Energy: Growing to Purchase Others

The chief executive of the company is Duncan(45 years old). In last months four months, Duncan was orchestrating $2.5 billion mergers using his private company with a Stone Energy. He publicly traded and became bankrupt. When acquiring trouble outfit, it was a risky play but would make Talos Energy to be a public entity and there will be no public offering expense.

He kept telling him that he has to let the deal closed. Flood is not always an excuse. He called a private plane for his family and they took them to Alabama. When he returned to Texas, he used to camp in his parents home. He used to work late night after dinner. He did the negotiation in his mother’s dining room.

In may after the merger was completed, Talos Energy was to take Stone’s listing over, and by doing so, Duncan will know be presiding the oil company that generates $900 million annually. Most of Talo’s assets will be located in the Gulf of Mexico.

It was a contrarian bet. The crowds are now somewhere else like Permian Basin, where there is an application of technology in old reservoirs. Talos can be said to be a classic wildcatter. Duncan is now refreshing the burst due to high-energy enthusiasm.

He is a guy who has made the tough situation. Talo’s has now its biggest asset being Phoenix field that is in 165 miles south of New Orleans. It was developed first by Chevron, where it drilled half-dozen of the wells and then installed production platform. It tethered seafloor down 4,000 feet. Hurricane Rita came in 2005 and capsized roughly 13,000 tons of typhoon platform which sent it to drift 60 miles crossing the gulf.

The asset that looks promising for Talos to inherit is Pompano platform from stone. It was acquired with $200 million from BP together with some new drilling prospects. Duncan takes it as a developed deepwater model because he will turn the new discoveries into existing ones.

Duncan had founded Talos in 2012 with $600 million, an equity fund from Apollo and Riverstone. He later paid $620 million in next year while acquiring Phoenix together with other assets.

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The Many Roles Of Peter Briger Are Performed Beautifully

Peter Briger is an investment and finance professional with an excellent reputation. He spent more than fifteen years with Goldman, Sachs and Co. He attended to numerous committees including the Japan Executive Committee, the Asian Management Committee and the Global Control & Compliance Committee. His leadership responsibilities have included serving as the co-head for the Special Opportunities Fund LLC, the Whole Loan Sales & trading business, Asian Distressed Debt and Asian Real Estate Private Equity. Peter Briger is currently the Board of Directors Co-Chairman at Fortress Investment Group. The headquarters for this investment management firm are in New York City. He became a part of the company through the Management Committee. He was then elevated to overseeing and creating the Fortress Credit business. This consists of a team of 300 people checking the firm’s distressed and underrated illiquid credit investments. He has been ranked among the United States top business professionals by Forbes Top 400.

Peter Briger also serves the Princeton University Investment Company on the Board of Directors. He gave his support to the Central Park Conservancy and several similar organizations. He is a well trained and highly qualified professional. He was educated at Princeton University and graduated with a Bachelor of Arts. His Business Administration Master’s degree was obtained at the University of Pennsylvania. He has established connections and broad networks in several organizations in seven extremely diverse areas. This enables him to extend and expound his community service much more effectively. His affiliations with other people and companies have made him famous in the world of business. He works hard to make certain Peter services receive a good reception and maintains excellent customer relations.

There is a philanthropist inside Peter Briger. He makes contributions to organizations and charity events. This includes the Silicon Valley Council assisting children all over the world and the Council on Foreign matters promoting and improving people’s abilities to comprehend foreign protocols and issues. His charitable supports has been based on three areas regarding his resources, money and time. These are helping to alleviate poverty throughout entire communities, the children and the educational sector. Peter Briger has made a commitment to make certain the less privileged people in communities have access to quality services. He also ensures better services are available for the children. He gives his deepest support to nonprofit organizations and companies focused on handling the riskiest demographics in the proper way.


Jason Hope Health Research

Jason Hope is one of the leading entrepreneurs in the health and wellness industry. He is a firm believer that people can live a healthy lifestyle if they follow specific habits each day. He spends a lot of time and money researching anti-aging solutions. In the coming years, Jason believes that some people will live longer than ever before.

Jason started his career as a business owner. He enjoyed operating a business because he had complete control over his time and money. Over time, he was able to make a positive difference in his clients. He enjoyed helping clients with fundamental health issues. He started to research new technology available in the industry, and he made lifestyle changes to improve his energy levels each day. Tapping In: Jason Hope Reveals How IoT is Revamping the Airline Industry.


Jason believes that the most critical aspect of aging is a person’s diet. Far too many people eat a diet that is full of processed sugar. Sugar can have adverse health consequences in various ways. Not only does it reduce a person’s energy, but it also causes the cells to age. Jason recommends that people throw out any food that is made with processed sugar. He only eats natural food choices at each meal. By changing their diet, a person will have more energy and feel better each day.


There are various supplements available for people to take to improve their health. Most supplements are not nearly as effective as living a healthy lifestyle. However, there are plenty of ways for people to take their fitness to a new level in the coming years.

Anyone who wants to improve their health should consider working with Jason. He will recommend some necessary steps, but he will also offer a customized approach based on a person’s medical history. Jason enjoys his work, and he is excited about the possibilities for the future.

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Agora Financial is giving you 10 rules for smart investing in life. Please listen

Agora Financial has risen in the ranks over the years to become one of the preeminent authorities on private investing and investment opportunities. Many people have benefited from Agora Financial’s advice over the years, and they have regularly predicted some of the worst tragedies in the financial markets, such as the housing crisis and the dot-com bubble. Crunch Base hosted an article that they wrote for Release Fact dated March 3rd, 2018. The article was titled “Agora Financial’s 10 best ways to invest in your future”. Below is a summary of those ten ideas, or rules on the list.

The Rules:

Rule number one is to learn investing basics. Most investors go to professional advisors first, but it is advisable that you learn a bit about investing yourself so you know what’s being sold to you. Rule number two is to set long-term goals. In order to make short-term goals more palatable, long-term goals must be set for your own life as a backdrop.

Rule number three is to set short-term goals. The short-term goals are meant to be used to help buttress your long-term goals and make them easier to accomplish. Rule number four is to study long term investments. Agora Financial seeks to educate its readers on how to work their retirement plans whether self started or a retirement vehicle through their employer.

Rule number five is to also study short-term investments. Short-term investments are for those who need money within five years, and they may require those people to take money out of their long-term investments to build it. Examples of short-term investments include money market accounts, commodities, and real estate investments.

Rule number six is to keep a safety margin, or to be sure to buy stocks or other investments at their lowest point possible. Rule number seven is to profit from volatility. One must take the emotion out of investing and learn to benefit from price swings. The last three rules are to be a self-aware investor and keep your emotions in check, mitigate long-term risks like political and changing economic trends, and the last is to make a life plan, or assign your life a purpose. These rules, when taken into consideration make a good foundation for anyone’s investing goals.

IC System Is Proof Family Values Are Critical To A Sucessful Company

Jack and Ruth Erickson founded IC Systems in 1938. The accounts receivable business provides their clients with honest and ethical services. The company has been family owned for three generations and the founding principle continues to guide the business. IC Systems has remained innovative within their industry and was the first United States company to use computers as a replacement for typewriters. The company adheres to the latest compliance and regulatory standards. Top of the line collection tools ensure IC Systems retains their reputation as one of the industries most secure collection agencies.

The headquarters of IC Systems are right outside of St. Paul, Minnesota. They improve their clients financial outcomes and take pride in honesty and ethics. The representatives are trained to use consumer friendly and ethical practices while ensuring clients receive the necessary results. The integrity of the company was honored in 2013, 2014 and 2015 with the BBB Torch Award for Ethics. IC Systems is the most trusted and best possible provider for receivables management services.

IC Systems takes security very seriously and it remains a principle concern. The company has taken additional steps by having a stringent third party audit performed not only for the part of the network responsible for processing credit cards but for the entire network. The typical collection agency never takes this extra step. This is just one of the many reasons IC Systems has a reputation for integrity and honesty.

IC Systems believes in affecting positive changes within their community. This is accomplished both by giving something back and setting a good example. In 1981 the company started a charity committee in house. This committee decides how the funds donated by the employees and the company will be distributed including employees facing severe personal and health issues. IC Systems supports numerous charities including Special Olympics Wisconsin, the American Cancer Society, Ronald McDonald House Charities, Toys for Tots, the American Red Cross, St. Jude Children’s Hospital Charities and Relay for Life (

IC Systems has been bonded or licensed in all territories and states. They provide debt collection in all fifty states, Puerto Rico and Guam. This is a company still based on family values and integrity.


A Professional Gaze At The Successful American Businessman Wes Edens

Could calling Wes Edens an investor or a businessman fully describe his qualifications and ranks? Definitely, it is not the ultimate of who he is but it is significant in describing a part of him. Besides being one of the most successful business people on American soil, he is a great investment guru in private equities and also a great sportsman. Born in late 1961, he focused on education so as to achieve his dreams and by 1984; he was awarded by Oregon State University with Bachelor of Science in Finance and Business Administration. Mr. Wes Edens is the Co-Founder of Fortress Investment Group and Milwaukee Bucks which is a National Basketball Association (NBA) in Wisconsin and also owns League of Legends team known as Fly Quest which is a video gaming made of professional. In fact, the team is known to be competing in NA League of Legends Championship Series. In partnership with Marc Lasry in 2014, he bought Milwaukee Bucks from its owner, Herb Kohl for $550 million.

For a team to be in NBA, it means that it has qualified players because the Association consists of professionals in basketball.Before joining Fortress Investment Group, Wes Edens commenced his career as a Partner and a Managing Director at Lehman Brothers from 1987 to 1993. He later joined BlackRock Asset Investors where he held similar positions and served till 1997. In 1998, Wes, Pete, Rob, Randy, and Mike founded Fortress Investment where he built businesses from his investments and through creative financing. He was among the guys who took the company public via its IPO in early 2007. With the 15% acquisition of Fortress by Nomura Holdings, which is a Japanese financing company, Wes and his fellow partners became the latest billionaires in town in 2006. In 2009, he was the Co-Chairman of the Fortress Board of Directors.

Wes Edens spearheaded the acquisition of Springleaf Financial Services which increased the investment of the Fortress after its holdings value increased tremendously in 2015. This achievement made him be referred to as the new king of subprime lending by one of the popular journals, Wall Street.Wes Edens has served as the Chairman at Nationstar Mortgage, Springleaf Financial Services, New Senior Investment Group, Mapeley Limited, GateHouse Media, Newcastle Investment Group, and Capstead Mortgage Corp among many others. His great expertise and experience have made him serve in more than 40 firms, and institutions as a Director, Co-Chairman, Vice CEO, Chairman, President, Co-Founder and/or CEO. He likes horse jumping and also mounts climbing as his hobbies.

NGP VAN: The Firm Behind Digital Campaign Fundraising

Political campaigns are not a walk in the park as some outsiders may imagine. The political class have to dig deep to get resources for successful campaigns. Funds drives are normally done at different levels but the generated data can be tedious to work with. A lot of times this has damaging effects on the whole campaign. The campaign manager along with their team have their work cut out whenever an election year approaches.

Competitive campaigns are getting sophisticated by the day and even the lowest positions require large sums for one to be successful. New technology has been sought to adequately manage the complexities that arise from the present day campains. The political world has embraced technology that had been reserved for the financial sector and the fruits are evident.



NGP VAN is leading the way in supplying the necessary technology for campaign teams. It has offered its services to both Progressive and Democratic campaigns. Campaign information can be better handled using the online platform that the firm offers. The dashboards are characterized by graphs that can easily be interpreted and charts for discussing the information with the team.

The firm’s software had a hand in the Obama fundraising as well as campaigns. NGP VAN has incorporated social media platforms to make it possible for individual donors to be part of the funds drive. They do not have to give their whole donations at a go. The technology allows the campaign team to harmonize individual contributions made bit by bit. It also gives them an opportunity to solicit funds from as many sources as possible.




Rather than looking at political donations as charity work, NGP VAN’s technology helps donors give towards political causes as investments. One is given the opportunity to support his own political interests. The initial idea had restricted the heights that campaigns would go to as most donors gave sparingly.


Voters can easily be accessed through a number of networks given that they tend to cluster themselves in groups as the campaigns intesify. The NGP VAN technology also allows the campaign team to inform their donors on the gains they make from the donations. This information is relayed to the donors through the social media platforms. Direct messaging can also be used for this.

Mobile devices are also used to monitor the contributions. This was made possible by the advanced NGP 8 technology that works together with ActBlue. The staff’s security is guaranteed all this time. The information can also be shared widely in a short time. The technology has also made it possible for campaign teams to analyse trends and use this when making their budgets.

Professor Kamil Idris Take on Enhanced Globalization and Development Through Solid Intellectual Property Rights

According to Kamil Idris, former director general of World Intellectual Property Organization (WIPO), for development to continue, proper safeguarding of the drivers of economies is necessary. In this age of technology and globalization, international development has undergone remarkable changes, especially between developed and developing countries. To increase relevance and harness the power of these components, intellectual property rights are a key to tapping their power while at the same time keeping the drivers of creativity intact in areas such as trade, art, literature, science, food, and health. Intellectual property rights of inventions and industrial products can help firms to gain competitive advantages over their products spurring more growth.


There is, however, a grey area as identified by Professor Kamil Idris concerning privacy issues such as backlogs for patents and counter fitting. He says that piracy and counterfeits pose a threat to intellectual property, recommending for more resources and focus to be aimed at intellectual property human resources and capacity building.


Applications of patents take some time even in developed countries leaving a significant loophole at the global level. This can lower the incentives of developing countries from taking part in such a system. Kamil Idris, a Sudanese national says that limited resources and training means that some countries, especially in Africa, lag behind in technology. Organizations such as WIPO have done their best to provide affordable services in developing countries especially in getting patent approval.


With on 2% of patent applications coming from Africa, Kamil Idris observes that these nations with time will be disadvantaged by power imbalances with little ownership and profits from original ideas. For instance, in the pharmaceutical field, firms claim international property rights for medications and drugs in the treatment of various illnesses. If foreign companies were to deny affordable medications such as those of HIV, developing populations would be at a disadvantaged position.


He recommends that African traditional knowledge is developed along relevant technology lines, and be patented to counter the troubling trend. This is because foreign companies use traditional African knowledge to develop and patent innovations and products that never come back to benefit the African people. Kamil Idris is a Sudan statesman, international civil servant, and scholar. He holds a PhD in International Law from the University of Geneva, an LLB from Khartoum University, and from Cairo University a BA in Philosophy, Political Science, and Economic Theories.

Jose Hawilla Is A Highly Successful Businessman

Are you researching successful entrepreneurs? Do you want to know how to achieve great success in your own business? Perhaps you want to learn how Jose Hawilla has built highly successful businesses.


If you are planning to start your own business, it is advisable that you learn from entrepreneurs who have already achieved business success. You can learn a great lesson from others’ successes and mistakes. You will know what to do and what to avoid as you pursue entrepreneurship.


Jose Hawilla is a reliable and reputable entrepreneur and one of the leaders in the industry. Based in Brazil, Jose Hawilla has established highly successful businesses in many different areas and is well known world wide. As a successful entrepreneur, Jose Hawilla has worked with individuals and organizations from a wide variety of industries.


Based on linkedin, In order to become successful in business or other venture, you need to develop certain skills or characteristics that will help you handle transactions or deals effectively. It is imperative that you have the ability to deal with business challenges and obstacles and reach your goal. People who possess these characteristics can overcome adversities and setbacks and eventually achieve success.


Jose Hawilla advises entrepreneurs to steer clear of naysayers. Keep in mind that to become successful in any field of endeavor, including finance and business, it is imperative to avoid people who don’t encourage you. Naysayers and pessimists are negative people and they always look for reasons why a project or business will not succeed. For more details you can visit



Jose Hawilla and other successful people make it a top priority to stay away from negative influences, and immerse themselves in positive environments.


You must have self-discipline and keep working hard towards your goal. In your own business, there’s no boss telling you what to do, and nobody tells you when to get up in the morning and start working. You may have to face setbacks or even business failure.




Hawilla had his own setbacks but he never allowed such situation stop him from reaching his goal. As an entrepreneur, it is crucial to possess the discipline to work until the project is completed successfully.



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