Michael Lacey – Mathematician and so much more

Michael Lacey is a mathematician who was born on September 26th in 1959. Lacey attended the University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign. It was here where he received his Ph.D.. Lacey made his thesis by using the area of probability in something known as Banach space. A Banach space is a complete normed vector space. He used this to be able to solve a problem that was related to the law of the iterated logarithm.

Lacey has done work in many different areas including ergodic theory, probability and also harmonic analysis. He received his first work positions after obtaining his doctorate at Louisiana State University and also University of North Carolina Chapel Hill. It was at UNC that Lacey, alongside Walter Phillip, gave their proof of a theorem known as the central limit theorem.

In addition to working at Louisiana State and UNC, Lacey also had a position at Indiana University. It is while working in this position that he received a fellowship with the National Science Foundation Postdoctoral Fellowship. Lacey began a study of the bilinear Hilbert transform while he was in the tenure phase of his fellowship. Learn more about Lacey: https://www.math.gatech.edu/people/michael-lacey and https://scholar.google.com/citations?user=CVXnps0AAAAJ&hl=en

At the time, this specific transform was a subject of conjecture that Lacey helped solve alongside Christoph Thiele. They solved this in 1996 and due to this huge achievement, Thiele and Lacey were awarded with the Salem Prize. This prize is awarded each year to a mathematician who has been seen as doing outstanding work in the field of interest of Raphael Salem, the founder of the award.

Since Lacey has received this award he has started working at the Georgia Institute of Technology. He works as a mathematics Professor here. Lacey has also received a Guggenheim Fellowship in 2004 and then in 2012 he got the honor of becoming a fellow of the American Mathematical Society. Read more: Michael Lacey | Mathalliance

This society is an association of many professional mathematicians who are dedicated to many of the interests of mathematical scholarship as well as research. The members of this society also serve not only the national community but also the international community through many different publications, advocacy, meetings and more.

Felipe Montoro Jens as a Financial Expert with unique strategies

Felipe Montoro Jens is one individual whose strategy in finance are unique, and investors can learn a lot from the way he approaches things. He gave his insight on Brazil’s private industry and what he shares can be of help to investors as they are tips to succeed in a foreign market that has a lot of opportunities.

He points out that the finance world is divided into various sections and the division depends on different expertise. For instance, there is investments, sectors for loans and banking. He has always had a concern on the level of wastes that are found in various states. For him, the residues reduce the economic wealth, therefore; the situation ought to be looked into. Him talking about Brazil the partnership with BNDES to shed light on how to go about the finance sector with success.

Felipe Montoro is a public finance professional. He is the president and CEO of energizer Captacao, S.A. He has in-depth knowledge in investments, finance, and infrastructure.

Considering that most states put things or other business in the hands of the public, execution of projects is slowed down. In Brazil, things are different, and this is thanks to Montoro. He encouraged the public sector to work in liaison with the private sector. According to him, the partnership is healthy as it makes all process to be done speedily.

Emphasis has been put in sanitation in the sense that, when all the work is left in the hands of the government action is taken at a slower pace. Therefore, when the two sectors complement one another, every function is run smoothly hence improve the economy of a country.

Felipe Montoro Jens has used his professionalism to benefit his country. His example can be copied by anyone irrespective of their field. He is a transformational leader and touched many lives by foretelling future businesses, giving his country an edge over their competitors.

Talkspace, a Therapy App, has Taken over Online Therapies

Talkspace is a renowned online mobile therapy company which has its headquarters in New York. Talkspace employs many qualified and licensed therapists who have the expertise and the experience and specialize in advising various users on the life issues that have an impact on their way of lives. Difficulties that often come with problems like depression and the stigma that is involved can be analyzed and scrutinized.

Talkspace has also done a lot of research work on how to handle a sociopath. The therapists can outline the various signs and symptoms associated with a sociopath, thereby, helping many individuals who are either living with emotional discrepancies or physical ones. A personality disorder is one of the most dreaded conditions among many people.

Talkspace has enabled many people to live happy lives and eventually overcome the different barriers in their lives that may need therapy. Talkspace can deal with a lot of discrepancies that may arise in the course of daily lives. The professionals at Talkspace will assist all users during the psychotherapy sessions which can be through their smartphones.

The firm, therefore, can help you solve various problems without necessarily incurring the costs arising from travel and consultancy services. Each user has a specific therapist who he/she chooses for convenience purposes. Our staff at Talkspace will keep you engaged thus motivate you with instant responses the minute you inquire about online therapy. The feeling of getting support is fanciful because you feel a free man.

One strategy that has proved effective is the Text therapy. This approach allows the client to freely mingle with the therapist in a bid to attain realistic solutions. Talkspace has an option for you to contribute anonymously hence you and send videos and photos or other documents at your convenience. Indeed, this app has been of incredible contributions in the therapy domain.

Drew Madden’s Stellar Contribution to the Healthcare IT Sector

Technology has become an essential aspect of several sectors in the 21st Century. It plays an indispensable role in facilitating important processes such as the collection and storage of data, the analysis of such data, and general information transmission. The Healthcare realm is one of the sectors that have embraced Technology. This has significantly bolstered the quality of services that they offer to their patients.

Drew Madden is one of the most astounding personalities who have contributed tremendously to the field of Healthcare Information Technology (Healthcare IT). His exceptional proficiency in this field can be attributed to his remarkable educational background and the vast experience that he has. Drew Madden is an alumnus of the University of Iowa where he graduated with a BSE in Industrial Engineering in 2002.

Drew Madden’s résumé speaks for itself as he has been at the helm of myriad healthcare institutions in which he has nurtured and developed his proficiency in Healthcare IT. He began his career as a Senior Epic Consultant of Ingenix Consulting in 2006 before joining the renowned Nordic Consulting Partners, Inc. where he served as President. Drew Madden is the Managing Partner of Evergreen Healthcare Partners.

Drew Madden has greatly specialized in Healthcare Information Technology, and has always envisaged refurbishing EMR Projects through managing, optimizing, implementing and advising them on a series of aspects. He has achieved tremendous success in this field due to his exquisite ability to fuse his project management skills with his firm technical EMR background. This has enabled him become one of the most renowned Healthcare IT experts who have been instrumental in building formidable epic implementation teams.

Drew Madden has exuded spectacular leadership skills that have been manifested greatly by the overwhelming developments and accolades that companies have attained during his tenure. During his reign at Nordic Consulting Partners, the number of employees grew from 10 to over 500. Additionally, the annual revenue of the company spiked to more than $130 million dollars. Moreover, the company also achieved a series of accolades including the 2012 AND 2014 KLAS Awards.

Fabletics, the company that proved customer-centric business strategies are the key to success

Kate Hudson is the co-founder of Fabletics alongside Don Ressler and Adam Goldenberg. When the company was founded in 2013, Don and Ressler decided to use Kate to ensure the brand created stylish, quality and reasonably priced products. At that time, the market was full of overpriced workout gear that offered no styling options.


From the inception of Fabletics, Kate has ensured the company keeps producing customer-centric products. She ensured that the company updated its customer service department. It is through her love for the brand and keeping fit that she ensured the company never suffers bad publicity and stock run out issues. Kate’s determination and hard work regarding customer service and satisfaction that saw Fabletics grow in triple digits in 2014.


Consumers have shifted to purchasing products based on the power of the crowd, that is through user reviews. Nowadays, consumers trust what they read on reviews to determine if, they will purchase a product. Companies like Fabletics have used this change in consumer behavior to ensure they stay relevant in the market. The management of Fabletics credit the success of the brand to how they embrace their customer’s reviews. Customer reviews act as a way of increasing customer acquisition, retention, and loyalty to the brand.


A recent study showed that 84% of consumers trust the reviews they find online. These customers found online reviews as informative as information from a reliable source that they are acquainted with. This statistic has been increasing year on year. This is due to customers today spending most of their time online. Smart brands like Fabletics are aware of this and leverage on their customer’s reviews. People nowadays no longer trust the traditional way of marketing through advertisements. There is more power in consumer opinions than ever before. Reviews are a way of generating income for a business. Studies showed that 74% of consumers considered buying a product based on the reviews that they saw on both the company’s website and landing pages. Reviews on non-product pages also had a positive impact on their purchase decision.


Review sites have been recording a boom in people researching about products and others leaving reviews on products they have used. On average, about 20,000 new reviewers visit review site, Trustpilot, daily to post comments and research on brands. The global trend nowadays has shifted from what companies say about their products to what users say about the product. Fabletics has reacted to this by listening to their customer’s tastes and preferences to design and manufacture products. They are aimed at improving the lives of their customers through taking a keen interest in their needs. Which is why they come up with a quick quiz before you sign up. In this quiz, you will be required to advise the design team on what products you are interested in and how much you expect to pay for them. This personalized way of product development by Fabletics ensures that they only produce items that their consumers want. It is therefore very important to fill in the questionnaire before creating an account with Fabletics.

Benefel Grain Free Dog Food : The Benefits

Full of goodness, that’s the definition of Beneful. Beneful dog food brand offers a grain free recipe for dogs that have special diets. Some four-legged friends are allergic or can not tolerate grains but there is a healthy option.

Purina’s Beneful Grain Free is a nugget style dry dog food. It begins with fresh from the farm chickens. This chicken is then combined with nutritious spinach, powerful blueberries, and pumpkin. These ingredients are what makes this grain free food able to provide 100% nutrition to dogs. There is no corn, wheat, or gluten.

Beneful makes sure the food is full of goodness, by working with leaders in animal nutrition and they also employ a full time nutrition research team working to track the ingredients, among other things.

From farm to dog bowl, Beneful and Nestle Purina are always striving to provide the customer with what specialty items they may need for the safety and comfort of their animals.

Larkin and Lacey Journey to a Successful Immigrants Rights Movement

Larkin & Lacey Frontera Fund is a famous organization that was formed with the intention of making the lives of Arizona immigrants better. Learn more about Jim Larkin and Michael Lacey: http://www.phoenixnewtimes.com/news/new-times-founders-helping-fund-latino-program-at-asu-journalism-school-6661821

They have been on the frontline fighting for their rights and ensuring that their rights are usually protected. The company is dedicated towards the supporting of both civil and immigration activists who work around the clock in that city towards ensuring that everything is in order.

The organization was established a decade ago by two journalists Michael Lacey and Jim Larkin who have been recognized for the efforts they apply in their lives towards ensuring that the rights of those immigrants are well protected.

They also have Village Voice Media and the Phoenix News Times which happens to be among the most trusted news suppliers in the country and mostly in the Arizona state. They have been writing great articles affecting the interests and the lives of the immigrants in general.

Larkin & Lacey Frontera Fund has strived and dedicated their lives towards ensuring that Fifth Amendment Rights are upheld during their career. They have vowed to write and expose dirty rules with courage and dedication and more Maricopa County. In the year 2007, the two significant journalists once made an article about the secrets by Maricopa county’s famous Sherriff, Joe Arpaio.

They exposed to the public of the jury that had been protecting the Sherriff for a long time, and they felt it is illegal.The jury ensured that they fight and stop the two journalists do not write and publish the article but both were determined to.

Michael Lacey and Jim Larkin were therefore arrested for their interference with the jury’s work. That was the beginning of a very serious unfolding.

The jury before wanted people to be lied by biased media that whatever they did was very ok and nothing wrong was happening, but they felt so intimidated when they saw the article is prepared by the activist’s journalists.Arpaio, the great Sherriff, used to misuse the power bestowed to him and mistreated migrants despite the rights and rules being clear.

He just believed to be untouchable, but he thought the best way to intimidate the owners and founders of New Times magazine were by arresting them through the biased jury. There were so many illnesses that were exposed including profiling immigrants at the highway checkpoints.

Larkin & Lacey Frontera Fund Founders both Jim Lacey and Michael Larkin rights of the Fifth Amendment Rights were violated, and they decided to seek legal interpretation along. They decided to sue the county government of Maricopa and took their cases to the United States Court of appeals. They won the case and were awarded a settlement of $3.75 million.

That is when they got the guts to continue exposing the dangerous illnesses that used to happen at these offices and therefore strengthening their ties for the continued fight and defense of the migrants and the less fortunate in Arizona. Lacey and Larkin used the settlement towards creating a fund called Larkin $ Lacey Frontera Fund that has been funding these movements.

Clay Siegall Explains the Plans of Seattle Genetics, Including ADCs

Clay Siegall is a brilliant cancer researcher and a visionary entrepreneur with great success in both the roles. As the founder and Chief Executive of the biotechnology firm, Seattle Genetics, he revolutionized the cancer research and showcased how a pharma firm should be set up. Under his leadership, the company has got increased attention from the industry leaders, and people are waiting for his solutions. While coming to the firm, it’s flagship drug, Adcetris, provides highly positive results when used to treat Hodgkin lymphoma – a type of cancer that affects the lymph system.

Apart from the flagship drug, there are more than a dozen of drugs in the pipeline from Seattle Genetics. Clay Siegall confirms that the company is growing as a multiproduct, global, oncology company with its research and effective treatment solutions. He is very optimistic and passionate about advancing the research, expanding the market, and more. Recently, Seattle Genetics opened an office and research lab in Switzerland as part of international marketing efforts. Siegall also tried to acquire a cancer drug by bidding $2 billion from Immunomedics – a New Jersey-based drugmaker.

Under the leadership of Siegall, the company is focused on producing ADCs or antibody-drug conjugates. Interestingly, these drugs are designed to target the antigens. ADCs attach to the disease cells and pumps toxins into them to kill without creating any trouble to healthy cells. Due to that reason, many scientists hail ADCs as “smart bombs” considering its effectiveness in killing cancer cells. Considering the healthy cell damage while using the radiation and chemotherapy, ADCs are expected to make a revolution in the market due to the efficient recovery of patients.

Dr. Siegall co-founded the firm in 1998 and led it as its Chief Executive Officer from then. Apart from guiding the research works of Seattle Genetics, he is also the leading strategist in the capital-raising process for the firm. Currently, it has 900 employees and a market value of more than $10 billion. Dr. Siegall is accelerating the research efforts of the company, and he has already laid out plans to hire 200 more employees to expand the marketing and research efforts of the firm.

Before establishing Seattle Genetics, Dr. Siegall was working for Bristol-Myers Squibb Research Institute and the reputed National Cancer Institute. While coming to the education, he completed his graduation in Zoology from the University of Maryland and earned his Ph.D. from George Washington University in Genetics.


Lori Senecal the managerial pillar in business industry

Lori Senecal is well known for her successful business strategies, hard work, and drive in pressing on to what she desires in life. She is a woman of influence, and in every company, she has ever worked she has a trait of living behind success and excellent reputation. Lori Senecal has served in various firms, and every associate in her line of duty have been left admiring her work.

Currently, she is serving as the director and a board member of the AD. The company focusses on innovative and competitive leadership skills and expertise to the talented young entrepreneurs. She is fond of recognition due to her excellent work. She was awarded Quantum Leap honor in 2013 from AWNY Game Changer. The award was a motivation to her support in empowering young generation with exceptional skills in real life.

Lori Senecal has been the topic to many households as the businesswoman to watch and look up to as an entrepreneur. Her success in the business venture has put her on a higher notch. She is not seen as a person who can reach a certain level and plateau. However, she believes that sky will be the limit in everything she does pertaining business. Her passion in the industry has made her transform falling enterprises into the most successful ones. She has exceptional leadership skills which set her apart from other business people. Many companies have named Lori as the most innovative and creative businessperson. Check out Ideamensch to see more.

According to GCReport, while working at KBS+ as the CEO and the chairperson, her company was honored as the best performing business enterprises within the New York. Lori helped the KBS+ expand and grow from 250 professional agents to over 900 agents in the world.

Lori joined CP&B in 2015, and the company has always been retaining its customers. She is known as the management genius and also an organizational pillar. CP+B has acquired various accounts including the American Airlines through Senecal efforts. Lori Senecal developed a global managerial structure as well as the communication avenue. Being linked with a rumor that she might be retiring from CP&B, she has helped the company to appoint and empower the new leaders with skills in management and organization. You can visit YouTube to see more videos of her.

George Soros Achievements

George Soros is a famous American based philanthropist a great businessman who has been on the frontline advocating for good governance, freedom of expression, justice, and equity among others. He is believed to have donated more than $18 billion in his ministry through a great organization called Open Society Foundations. He has been able to extend his helping hand to 100 countries all over the world, and his efforts have been felt by these people. He is also the co-founder of Central European University which is located in Hungary a town called Budapest. Giving back to his society has always been in his blood, but this is as a result of the way he has been brought up and what George Soros knows.

George Soros grew up in Hungary whereby Nazi Germany had invaded the country. It was during that moment where so many people across the country lost their lives. The instability was real, and people suffered. George Soros was born in the year 1930. While at only 14 years, the Budapest siege erupted and more than 500,000 women and children were killed. They survive the war because their father Tidar, who was a lawyer secured documents which lied that they were Christians. His father was on the front line helping people who could have been killed. He managed to maintain few people. That early history changed the life of Soros and has been on the frontline seen supporting people who are despised and discriminated for who they are. Open Society Foundation has supported so many individuals and organizations towards supporting equality and justice, freedom of expression, fight for accountable governments and many other activities. He has also been offering scholarships to black students at the University of Pretoria. Majority of students have been able to study social sciences in those schools.

In the year 1947 after the siege was over, George Soros moved to England to further his studies and went to the famous London School of Economics to study Philosophy a course he had passionately admired since he was in lower classes. George Soros performed exemplary well and even got a chance to study a masters degree in philosophy. He graduated in the year 1954 and 1957; he left for the US to start his career. That is when he thought of establishing Soros Fund Management which is also known as Quantum Fund Endowment. The company has become the leading Hedge Fund management company across the globe, and so many people have been able to benefit from it. He is on record according to a report released by Forbes in February 2017 as the 19th richest man across the entire globe. He is also the wealthiest hedge fund manager in the world and has successfully made a lot of money from the scheme. Before he joined the company, he used to work as a European Stock analyst with American financial institutions. He has also had a chance to witness the great world traders following their trades. He commands great following across the globe and has a great respect from so many people and Follow him Twitter.com.