Eric Lefkofsky is Changing Patient Care

Over 14 million people in the United States will contract some form of cancer during their lifetimes. With the rising population, that number will inevitably rise drastically. However, with new technological advances being made by people like Eric Lefkofsky, who co-founded Tempus, future patients may have a more hopeful outlook.

Tempus has created technology that will streamline the care of cancer patients by maintaining and analyzing their individual medical and clinical data. The software also includes voice recognition technology that will convert spoken word into structured data that can then be analyzed to afford the best care for individual patient. When this information is combined with genome information, doctors will be able to pair patients with the best treatment options. Using this system will also allow the information to be updated in real time. For more info about us: click here.

After he graduated from the University of Michigan in Ann Arbor in 1993 with a law degree, Lefkofsky got swept up by the early dot com boom and became one of the key players in that arena. He founded a number of successful Internet businesses, the most well-known being Groupon. He invested $1 million in Groupon after hearing about the idea from a former boss, Andrew Mason.

Along with his wife, Elizabeth, Lefkofsky founded the charitable trust, the Lefkofsky Foundation, which focuses on giving funds to organizations that help children. To date, the foundation as given aid to more than 50 different charities.

After his wife was diagnosed with breast cancer, Lefkofsky noticed that cancer treatment and research seemed to be behind the times. He aimed to do something about it, and hopefully to change the way cancer patients are treated using data collection and digital technology. After overcoming a few hurdles along the way, it looks as if Tempus may be doing just that.

USHEALTH Group – Huge Portfolio of Insurance Products at Affordable Prices

USHEALTH Group is a Fort Worth, Texas, based Insurance firm that is nationally known to be one of the most trusted and reliable insurance service providers. The company has for long been an active contributor to the insurance market of the United States and so far has served more than 15 million customers. USHEALTH Group offers very innovative and high-quality insurance products that are specifically designed to meet the requirements of the consumers today. The company has grown and evolved with time, which has helped the firm to come up with insurance products that are modern, valuable, and reasonable. The customers have the ability to personalize the products they buy from the company, which ensures that the customers are in control of their health insurance expenses.



The company has been in the insurance business for over fifty years collectively, which speaks for itself. One of the benefits of dealing with the USHEALTH Group is the vast variety of options it provides regarding insurance products. The company offers many different insurance products so that the customers can choose as per their need. The main aim of the enterprise is to ensure that the end users can get health insurance for themselves, regardless of their budget. The company’s insurance distribution network is vast and spread through the country, and the company’s agents are highly trained, professional, and ethical in their approach. It means that the customers can be sure that they would be getting the best insurance advice from the insurance agent of the USHEALTH Group.



The company also offers the aspiring professionals to become the insurance agent of the company and join their extensive network of health insurance agents. The leadership of the organization is focused on ensuring that the company can penetrate the booming insurance market and reach out to as many people as possible. The customer service desk of the company is highly accessible, and whether it is an individual buyer or a business owner looking for a comprehensive insurance solution for the business’s staff, the representative of the company can offer customized insurance solutions and packages.


The Educational Projects of Eva Moskowitz

Eva Moskowitz founded the charter school project, Success Academy Education Institute, to revolutionize a national educational system she saw as Success broken. The founder took to the internet to show her system to the public. On YouTube she showed viewers the web-based lesson plans and other types of online educational material used. She is extremely optimistic about the future of this project and its ability to revolutionize U.S. education. Eva Moskowitz had envisioned the work for some time, but really commenced work on the project in April 2016 after raising $35 million at a fundraiser.

Moskowitz is no newbie to the charter school founding game. She began her educational career by earning a B.A. from the University of Pennsylvania and then a Ph.D. in American History from John Hopkins University. As a member on the New York City council’s education committee. It was during these years that she became convinced that the education system was broken and was in need of big changes. In 2006 she began to make these changes herself by first founding the Harlem Success Academy, which is today considered one of the top charter schools in the country. In 2008, she opened three more. She hopes to open many more in the following years.


Moskowitz was a strong supporter of Donald Trump appointing Betsy DeVos to the position of Education Secretary. Devos has a history of being one of the biggest proponents of charters and school choice. Moskowitz’ entire educational platform has been primarily founded on these two things. She definitely has confidence in DeVos’ ability to further revolutionize the education industry for the better. Unfortunately, she is in the minority among education professionals, especially public school professionals, who see Devos’ appointment as decidedly detrimental to the national educational environment.

How Investors Are Avoiding High-Interest Loans by Using Equities First Services

Since the Great Recession, the costs of many commodities have gone high with most of the traditional lenders tightening their borrowing regulations. Before the economic crisis, there was the huge amount of funds that entered the US monetary markets. Foreign governments gave money by trading with Treasury bonds and avoiding the direct effects of the crisis. On the other hand, US households utilized money borrowed from foreigners in housing assets which led to financial institutions with loan solution putting their resources (foreign money) in mortgage-backed securities. From July 2004 to July 2006, the funds’ rates were also significantly raised, which caused an increase in ARM (1-year & 5-year adjustable-rate mortgage) rates, making the repaying of loans difficult for homeowners. Equities First Holdings added to the housing bubble deflation as asset costs move inversely to interest proportions. It also became riskier to predict on the housing investments.

As the financial hardships followed that have affected the lending sector to date, financial assets and US housing dramatically went down in value following the housing bubble bust. With the shaken financial institutions, the aftereffects are still felt today, whereby banks have made their lending criteria tighter, and that has resulted in either limiting or chasing of many loan applicants. Business investors are also finding it hard to secure easier and affordable cash. Hence, the majority of borrowers have currently turned to alternative lending firms.

Equities First Holdings is a unique company that has been commended for its special products, whereby the firm gives borrowers fast & affordable stock-loans. The loans come with various merits, and presently the company is recording a high traction stock-loans borrowers. The economic crisis facilitated the declining of subprime lending standards, and by 2005, the majority of lenders dropped the needed FICO score to 620, which made it easier to access prime loans.

That made subprime lending a dangerous business. Currently, many investors are finding it easier to seek funds from alternative lenders, making Equities First the most searched companies in the alternative lending sector.

Respecting Equities First Holdings:,34.htm

Patty Rocklage; a Psychotherapist with the Key to a Successful Marriage

Marriage is an institution that is expected to bring happiness to the parties involved. Moreover, in the recent past, only a few are lucky to enjoy the happiness of their marriage. Today, many marriages are faced with many challenges, and only a few manage to keep with the strain.

In America, the story of marriage can never be complete without a single paragraph if not a chapter about Patty Rocklage. Her contributions in influencing happy marriages can never go unnoticed.

Patty Rocklage is a successful psychotherapist based in Sudbury, Massachusetts. Her interest in the marriage institution dates back in the early days, and this saw her join the prestigious University of Southern California to study psychology. Patty started her career as a psychotherapist specializing in marriages and family cases. Often, Patty says that seeing falling relationships take a course is a calling that she enjoys following.

Today, Patty Rocklage holds a 20-years’ experience in practice, an experience that equips her with skills to understand the various problems affecting the marriages. Through her dedication, Patty has emerged as a successful psychotherapist and has seen many couples build strong homes. According to Patty Rocklage, most of the today’s problems in marriage are influenced by poor communications and misunderstandings. Therefore, most of Patty’s therapies involve procedures meant to promote open interactions.

Due to the dynamic state of the world, problems affecting the marriage institution are also prone to change. Based on this, as a psychotherapist, Patty ensures that she stays posted with the world’s happenings through reading a lot rather than relying on the book information alone.

Through her knowledge, Patty has been in a position to transform many breaking marriages into healthy relationships. Besides, her therapies ensure that each member of the family enjoy the fruits of the engagements and also be in a position to handle future challenges successfully.

While not in the office, Patty Rocklage loves enjoying time with her family. However, when not in the office and away from home, Patty engages in various charitable acts.

Not long ago, together with her husband, Patty made a greater donation to MIT meant to facilitate the renovation of the building. Patty’s husband had earned his PhD from the Institute hence donation was the best way his family would give back to the institution.

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BNDES To Implement Water Conservation Strategies

In an interview performed by Felipe Montero Jens, where the President of Trata Brazil, Edison Carlos was interviewed several key concerns were raised in relation to the private and public sector working together to improve the structure, resource allotment and administration of sanitation services in Brazil.


Through the conservation efforts of the private sector, and the experience of the public sector, water can be conserved for the citizens of Brazil. Felipe Montero Jens believes that the cost that will be passed down to the citizens is of great importance and needs to be reviewed by both the governing agencies. He also believes that there needs to be a review in regards to the waste of water before such services can improve.


BNDES is going to implement action plans for such matters which involves both the public and private sectors input. Edison Carlos believes that the private sector has more resources than the public sector and can aid tremendously in the conservation of water.


Felipe Montoro Jens is an accomplished executive and specialist in infrastructure projects who has held several esteemed positions at the utility company Terna S.p.A in Project Management and Development as well as the finance division. Prior to his tenure at Terna, he worked in the structured finance department at Enron. As well as Price Water House Coopers in the financial auditing and financial consulting divisions.


Felipe Montoro Jens earned a Masters Degree in International Management from the Thunderbird School of Management at Arizona State University and a Bachelor Degree in Business Administration from Fundação Getúlio Vargas in Brazil.

Business, Water, More

Brazil’s national bank is often abbreviated as the BMDES, and it hopes to likewise side with the major country’s government to end all sanitation issues in the next 30 years. Sanitation issues have hit their all-time high and only continue to fireball out of control as both Carlos Edison and Felipe Montoro Jens have wisely speculated for many years. What was unique about their latest interview was that there was no time limit and that any factors relevant to the hot topic were allowed to be brought forth to the table.


Jens certainly laid out his arguments and asked every question he had on his mind, in attempts to get to the bottom of the matter. Edison likewise answered fully and well, asking some questions of his own. Both leaders showed concern in moving forward and presenting the results of the interview, as well as potential petitions and multiple problems, to the government’s attention – in efforts to promote a more rapid change than what’s currently happening. The sooner they get to this matter, the faster the problem will become a solution for all living in the country.


It’s not fun to have high levels of toxic wastewater in the country – which have no place to go – or water lost to sewage container problems. What many don’t realize is that these problems do affect the economy as well and may take a turn for the worse if not seen for their devastating potential. That’s why the government must act now, even if by interference from the people.


Jens is a thorough notetaker. He is an asker. He never retains a question.


That’s why he’s a top interviewee. That’s why Brazil loves him. Plus, he finds the facts. This educated man is a pillar of talent for Brazil’s future.

Felipe Montoro Jens Indicates Improved Services with Concessions

The Brazilian government announced that it will make concessions through a partnership with BNDS, the national social and economic development bank. The basic sanitation sector demonstrates great optimism in relation to this announcement. Felipe Montoro Jens is confident that public utility services will improve in management, structure and in resources.


At present, 90% of Brazil’s utility water supply is delivered by federal and state institutions. The private sector’s participation is to work in partnership with the governmental bodies in cooperation in order to make water supply utilities provide better quality services.


Government officials indicate that the private sector has access to more resources as well as top end technology that is used in managing the water services of the country. It is imperative to support more investment in sewage treatment networks and also to focus on promoting important improvement to public institutions.


Many analysts indicate that governmental and private institutions are considered to be satisfactory in delivering providing water utility services to the public. Other analysts look in detail at how resources are used and how much is used in relation to the services that are delivered in order to meet the demand level of Brazilian citizens. Felipe Moro Jens also points out that it is imperative to be certain that concessions will meet the public demands of public utility services.


Felipe Montoro Jens has grown in his career at Terna S.p.A. (Enel Group S.p.A.), Enron and PricewaterhouseCoopers. Felipe Montoro Jens holds a BA in Business Administration from Fundação Getulio Vargas (FGV). He also earned his Masters in International Management from Thunderbird, which is the American Garvin School of International Management.


Felipe Montoro Jens is currently an article writer. In addition, Felipe Montoro Jens gives speeches concerning the private sector and many governmental sectors.

Ricardo Tosto

When it comes to the legal field, you always need to be sure that you find an advocate that is able to provide you the type of representation that you need. He is an attorney that has been practicing law in Brazil for years and currently practices in the civil field. Whenever you need an attorney that offers great service, you will need to do your research and learn the ins and outs of the work that they provide to the best of your ability. By taking advantage of this information, you’ll learn all that you need to know about Ricardo Tosto, so that you can make the right hire.

What areas of law does Ricardo Tosto specialize in?

Ricardo Tosto specializes in the areas of commercial law related to banking, politics and credit. He also practices business related criminal law. There have been a number of people who have relied on his legal expertise for everything from human resources to debt restructuring. She is one of the most credible attorneys in Brazil and his credentials speak for themselves.

What are his credentials?

Ricardo Tosto Is an attorney that practices at Leite, Tosto e Barros Advogados, where he is also a partner and cofounder. He is an accredited international Bar Association member who is also a member of the Brazilian Bar Association. In addition to day-to-day legal work, Ricarado Tostos regularly hits the speaking circuit for lectures and is an accomplished political writer. Understanding these credentials allows you the opportunity to feel confident whenever you are reaching out to an attorney to help you with your legal work. By reaching out to him, you will know that you are in capable hands.

Think about these tips, so that you can get the legal representation any time that you require help with commercial law or any other area of business civil law. Any time that you take advantage of this information, you’ll have a head start when it comes to hiring him for his high quality legal services. Take heed to these tips and touch base with Ricardo Tosto so that you have the help that will serve you.

Richard Smith’s Unquestionable Expertise In The Telecommunication Frontier Of Securus Technologies Inc.

Securus Technologies is a communications firm that provides correctional facilities with channels of information exchange for various purposes. Today, Securus has garnered hundreds of positive remarks regarding their products and services. Some of the particular services include allowing inmates to maintain consistent and dependable communications with families and friends on the outside and enabling prison staff to conduct in-depth investigations. Securus unmistakable success among competitors is the direct result of the incomparable workforce and the expert leader, chief executive officer Richard A. Smith “Rick Smith”.Since his recruitment to the firm, Rick has spearheaded revolutionary growth in the firm on the technological front. Under his directives, Securus has managed to continually release products that help law enforcement teams and correctional agencies to hold legal standards by closing down any illegal involvements.

Richard Smith’s tenure at the firm has seen a rapid rise in the number of positive reviews from clients who greatly benefit from their packages. Richard stated that Securus has an undeterred focus help maintain law and order within the United States and in other operational areas such as Europe. He explained that aiding prison staff to confiscate illegal items such as phones, drugs, and money, and eavesdropping on suspicious phone calls heightens the safety of the civil community.Richard Smith joined Securus in July 2008 due to his unbeatable experience in telecommunication, finance, and leadership over the years. His engagements with the top of the lead firms since his college graduation honed him with the basic and expert skill sets required to compete aggressively and effectually on an international level.Richard Smith is an alumnus of the Rochester Institute of Technology where he began his tertiary education and earned an associate degree.

He joined the State University of New York for an undergraduate in engineering before undertaking a master’s course in the same field. Richard attained his MBA from the Simon School of the University of Rochester.Richard’s earliest tenures entail working for Global Crossing North America Incorporation between 1972 and 1998, where he served as a controller and later on as the chief information officer. In that same period, Smith served the president of Frontier Information Technologies, and director and vice president of Midwest Operations and Network Plant Operations. In 1998, Richard joined Eschelon Telecom Incorporation as the chief financial officer, a position he held for two years. He earned a promotion to be the firm’s president in 2000 and the chief executive officer in 2003. Richard’s position saw the increase of the firm’s revenue from $30 million to $350 million. He led the firm to an impressionable IPO in the summer of 2005 and continued to deliver excellent productivity for the next two years. Richard has led Securus to hold patents worth more than $600 million and acquire technologies and companies of related services.