George Soros Makes Bearish Investment Choices

George Soros has recently made bearish investments. This is his first significant activity that he has been involved with after a long break from the market. Soros runs an investment firm called Soros Fund Management. This firm is responsible for around $30 billion. George Soros has recently sold the stocks that he has owned and bought commodities such as gold. He has also invested in shares in gold minors. One thing that has led him to make such a change is that he has seen such a dark outlook of the economy. He is also looking at large market moves.

George Soros has been looking at all of the different economies, especially the economy of China. He doesn’t believe that a lasting reform is guaranteed. There might be something that comes up in the political conflict that could put a stop to any hope for a reform. Among the other concerns of George Soros is the migration crisis and the breaking up of the European Union. There has been a lot of commotion throughout the world that has been taking a toll on the economies. George Soros himself has been involved in trying to handle things with the European Union.

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George Soros – Business Leader, Philanthropist

The Greatest Investors: George Soros

George Soros himself has been an immigrant at some point in his life. However, times were different than now. He has also been a philanthropist for more than 30 years. He offers help to people in various situations, especially refugees. As a refugee, George Soros himself has fled to Europe and eventually settled in the United States. He has also started his firm where he earned a large fortune. Right now, he writes plenty of articles and essays on political issues which appear in magazines and newspapers. He also provides backing to political figures that he trusts to be leaders in their countries. Visit the site Open Society Foundations to know more about George Soros.

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Oil Prices Deal Venezuela A Tough Blow

Venezuela is currently feeling the awful effects of lower oil prices. The Organization of Petroleum Exporting Countries (OPEC) released data showing Venezuela has recently been hit with a decline in oil production. According to an article written by Virginia Lopez, “Venezuela suffered it’s largest monthly oil-production decline in a decade.”
Venezuela’s oil production has not only helped lift the nation out of poverty, but has also helped to raise the wealth of it’s citizens. Unfortunately the plummet of oil prices causing a drop in production could bring on future troubles for the citizens of Venezuela.

Venezuela imports 95% of it’s consumables, and according to expert Norka Luque with oil being it’s main export, a drop in oil prices means a hefty drop in revenue.

May’s OPEC report showed Venezuela’s production dropped by 120,000 barrels a day. That total is explained by Luque to take the nation’s production down to 2.37 million barrels a day (MBD). In February, Venezuela reported 2.52 MBD. Five years ago showed an average of a little over 3 MBD.

The drop in production not only causes problems for Venezuela’s revenue, but also it’s citizen struggling to cope with an economic disaster.


The Effectiveness of Wen Cleansing Conditioner

Cleansing conditioners come and go, but WEN by Chaz has managed to stay at the top of the hair care products that are out. This is the cleansing conditioner that has been utilized by the celebrities, and there are a lot of working class people that are trying this as well.

The thing that makes Wen work is that there are different brands that can be applied to different types of hair. The Lavender brand has become well known for fine hair, and hair stylist Emily McClure has been able to test the product out. She has unveiled the results of her experiment, and this is a good guideline for many people that are trying to decide on what type of product they want to use.

Wen has specific instructions for those that are interested in managing their fine or thick hair. It is going to be pertinent to follow the instructions, according to Emily McClure, because that is how you get the results that you want. It is also important to make a decision on types of ingredients that you want to use because different ingredients result in different things.

Some of the cleansing conditioners by Wen contain honey and lime verbena. There are others that contain ingredients like mango coconut. There are so many different types of conditioners to consider. There are a lot of cleansing products on the sephora beauty market, but Wen has become one of the more popular ones because it has varieties. That may be because this product is highly associated with healthy hair. The leave-in conditioner has become the type of product that is linked with smooth and glossy hair. That is what women want.

Wen by Chaz Dean is the styling product that is used by salons. It is the product that many stylists trust.

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The Innovation of Dick DeVos

Dick DeVos is a prominent member of the Dick DeVos which is a well known and well respected family within the Michigan community. The DeVos family is the creator of Amway Corporation, an international company that has made billions from selling consumable goods to individuals and other corporations. In addition to their large success, the DeVos family is also a family that strongly believes in donations and philanthropy. The DeVos family, especially Dick DeVos believes that wealth is something that should be shared to help all in the community and help a community thrive. As a result, the DeVos family make regular contributions to many different types of organizations including religious, educational, free market, as well as artistic. Among the many donations that Dick DeVos makes, he is most earnest about giving money to help educational reform continue within the United States.

An example of his passion for education is through his creations of the West Michigan Aviation Academy which was founded has a charter high school. The idea behind creating a charter high school was to provide a free yet high quality education to individuals who deserve and education based upon their passion as well as on their merit. The West Michigan Aviation Academy has been a complete success and was officially established in 2010 with 60 students who came from various backgrounds. The charter school has been designed specifically to not only teach about the mechanics and techniques of aviation, but also about about core subjects that are important in any education.

Recently in news, Dick DeVos has teamed up with Northwestern Michigan College to offer 8 credits to individuals who come from this aviation academy. Dick DeVos decided to try and make this deal to save the students time as well as money. Dick DeVos realized that though the charter school offers a quality education, college is expensive and is often hard to pay for when a family has a lower income. This agreement is for any individual who has come specifically from the aviation academy and that can also prove how hard they can work to achieve their goals.