George Soros comparison of Chinese economy and that of the US in 2007-08

George Soros is an experienced financial and investment expert that has recently said the current economic situation of China resembles that of the United States right before the global recession of 2007-08. He has said that debts currently fuel the Chinese economy on, and when the credit market seized, it led to the global recession. The global economies are facing an imminent crisis and investors need to be very cautious with the decisions they make.

The Chinese economy is struggling, and since it is one of the largest economies in the world, its problems will quickly affect other economies, especially those that trade with them heavily. One of the notable problems if their devaluated currency that is already transferring its problems to the rest of the world and shares a lot of similarities to the 2008 global recession.

George Soros says that the credit growth figures from the month of March are a warning sign. He said this in an Asian Society event that was held recently in New York. China is the world’s second-largest economy, and its March credit figures surpassed the median forecast that was given by Bloomberg survey. The survey had predicted a figure of 1.4 trillion Yuan, a figure that was exceeded by almost 1 trillion Yuan. According to Soros, this shows that the government is prioritizing growth and is not concerned by the growing debt figures.

When the world’s largest economy went into recession in 2007-2008, the economy on was being fueled by a growing credit growth. Banks were supplying money that was desperately needed to keep the bad debts and loss-making enterprises alive. George Soros said this while referring to the Chinese banking system. The Chinese banks have more loans than deposits, which is not something good. Besides, their banks not only have trouble on the assets side but also an increasing trouble when it comes to liabilities. What banks are now doing is lending each other, and that is an additional cause of uncertainty and instability. This is a problem that has been deferred and can be done for a year or two. However, for the case of China, it is growing at an alarming rate.
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Another scenario that resembles the situation just before the global recession is the booming business in the real estate sector. This is partly because of the surge in new credit in the month of March on that helped the economy gather pace and made the property sector experience a rebound. The prices of new homes in some of the biggest cities have risen by 62% over the past one year. This was the situation in the U.S. in 2005 and 2006 where the real estate business was in a bubble.

Meet Dick DeVos’s New CEO

Dick DeVos has recently hired a new CEO for the Stow Company Inc. The Stow Company is based in Holland and is part of the WindQuest Group. It specializes in custom home storage products. The previous CEO, Frank Newman, is retiring at the age of sixty-seven, though he will continue to serve on the board of advisors. The new CEO is Phil Dolci, who is 48 years old and has twenty-three years of experience in manufacturing consumer products. Before being hired by Dick DeVos, he was CEO of the Crosman Corporation, a Cincinnati-based company that specialized in producing products for shooting sports.

Dick DeVos is a well-known personality and philanthropist. He once ran for governor of Michigan and was listed as number sixty-seven on the Forbes list of the richest people in the world. He has a bachelor’s degree in business administration from Northwood University. He has also studied at Harvard and Wharton. His wife was the chairperson of the Michigan Republican Party. His wife Betsy (formerly Betsy Prince) has been married to him for thirty-five years and together they had seven children and five grandchildren. He is also a jet and helicopter pilot and a two-time National Champion sailor.

He is the son of the founder of Amway, Richard DeVos. In fact, he took over as the president of the company in 1993. This was a position he held until 2002. Before he was president of the company, he was vice president. Under his management, the company tripled their international sales over their domestic sales. This was the first time that it had happened. In addition, he was responsible for company operations in fifty countries. In his final year as president, before he became president of Orlando Magic, the company reported sales of four and a half billion dollars.

Yeonmi Park Releases New Book, Engages in War of Words with Pyongyang

North Korea is one of the greatest wildcards that the current world is facing. Their government has proven time and again to be run by a regime that cares for little more than its own self, even putting their own country’s residents at a disadvantage. The truth is that North Korea is something seemingly pulled from a dystopian novel. The people are impoverished, hungry, and absolutely dragged down by a government regime that has distaste for them. These people are essentially prisoners so when one of them manages to escape and is willing to speak out against Pyongyang and the regime, that is certainly newsworthy. That is why Yeonmi Park has reached the center of the spotlight, according to a report by
Yeonmi, at first glance, looks like she could blow away in a strong breeze. Park is a small woman with doll like features, wide eyes, and a voice so soft as to require you to strain in order to hear it. Despite this rather fragile appearance she possesses the sort of steel in her resolve that few human beings will ever have. At just the age of 13 she was forced to flee North Korea after her father had been thrown into a labor camp. She was summarily sold into the world of human trafficking by a man who had promised to help her, and her mother, escape. For the following years she would be little more than an indentured servant on the best of days and a reviled slave on the worst of them. You can read her story, in depth, and how she overcame these horrors in her Amazon best-selling autobiography, “In Order to Live: A North Korean Girl’s Journey to Freedom”.

Perhaps as inspiring as her journey is the depth of effort that the North Korean government is going through in order to disprove it. Pyongyang has released a litany of documents and videos that try to paint Park as unreliable and a ‘celebrity defector’. These are the real thoughts of a government that is so completely against their people that they would need to smear a survivor just to keep the other oppressed citizens at bay.

Beneful Leads the Way for Healthy Dog Food

Pet food companies are jumping on the latest health food craze, taking the same farm to table initiative that many organic retailers around the country have jumped on for human consumption. While specialty dog food companies have been selling their high end, organic and all natural pet foods for years, the more generic dog foods are now taking their lead. Offering fresh fish and meat as well as delicious vegetables, they are keeping the health and nutrition of our beloved pets in mind as they craft delectable dinners. Skeptics of this real food initiative have been silenced as traditional companies have seen skyrocketed sails since releasing their revamped, healthy products.
At the forefront of this real pet food initiative is the highly popular Purina Store brand, Beneful. Taking the industry to a new standard, Beneful has a variety of options on Amazon ( for dogs of every age. Whether you need to provide a puppy with the nutrients they need to spring into adulthood with their best paw forward, or ensure your senior dog is getting the proper nutrition they deserve, there is a little something for every dog out there.

Keeping nutrition in mind, Beneful is highly conscious of the ingredients that they are incorporating into their dog food. Delicious meals are churned out with real salmon, beef, and chicken. Making sure your dog gets an ample amount of fruits and veggies in their diet, Beneful also make sure to blend in a variety of fresh vegetables and fruits that will leave your pup bouncing back to their bowl for every meal.

Paris Fashion Week Ushers in New Trends

Paris Fashion Week just officially wrapped up Fashion Month with quite the bang. As recently reported by InStyle, the Paris runways were filled with retro styles, complete with ’80s throwback enormous shoulder pads and even a mix of velvet fabrics. Another one of the striking trends on the Paris runways was wide variety of floral patterns used for billowy, long skirts and slinky dresses. Many of these looks had a ’90s feel to them and were paired with open toe sandals worn with eye-catching socks. Plenty of platform heels on were in sight and should be anticipated to hit the shelves of major retailers for the upcoming seasons. Another trend to watch for is off the shoulder jackets and coats.

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