George Soros Is Predicting Another 2008 Type Meltdown In 2016

The stock market has been taking a beating in 2016. The first three weeks of January have not been good to investors, and if George Soros is right, 2016 will be a very difficult year for investors. George Soros the multi-billionaire and hedge fund manager recently told that China has some major adjustment issue to face, and Soros believes those issues are in crisis mode.

Soros said the Chinese issues are so disturbing that a replay of the 2008 crisis might develop in the global economic market. Mr. Soros went on to say that stock markets around the world are feeling the impact of these Chinese issues, and the Chinese government is making matters worse by the way they are trying to correct them.

What Mr. George Soros means is the central bank of China is playing with their currency, the yuan. The bank is lowering the value of the yuan against the dollar, and that is having an impact on the currency exchange as well as worldwide stock markets. China is trying to boost their export business by making their products cheaper. That may help increase the Chinese gross domestic product growth rate a little, but it is creating uncertainty as well as concerns for economists and the financial industry.

George Soros believes the Chinese financial debacle is just one debacle that will fuel a financial meltdown in 2016. He thinks the Ukraine-Russian situation is another factor in the meltdown. Soros shared those thoughts in a interview recently. According to Soros, the Ukraine is a new Ukraine that wants to be part of the European Union. Soros has a foundation in the Ukraine so he knows first-hand what the situation is in that part of the world. Soros has more than 20 foundations around the world. He is a humanitarian as well as an economic genius.

The European Union’s bickering about the migration crisis and Britain’s referendum to leave the European Union are two other factors that are contributing to the uneasiness in the world. Investors don’t know if there will be an EU six months from now, and they don’t know if Europe is going to be able to absorb all the migrants from the Middle East crisis. All of those issues are solvable, but Soros thinks they won’t be solved at the same time, especially the China situation.

Mr. Soros is advising investors to put their money in other securities until some of these issues play out, and investors around the world are listening to him. The gold and silver markets have come alive again and so has the bond market. Some investors say they will stay away from stocks until they hit rock bottom. That’s how experts like Soros work the stock market.

Expand Horizons with Skout

People who live fuller lives are generally happier. Yes, career and fitness routines are important, but at the foundation of every healthy individual are social interactions. We need friends and acquaintances. Luckily, plenty of websites and cell apps remind us to connect with the outside world. We have apps for dating, for making friends and for professional networking. Skout is one such application that is used to connect people from around the globe.

From its onset in 2007, Skout has been working to connect men and women for dating and friendship, with a focus on highlighting user location. It is among the first of its kind and is still thriving despite the competition. A Skout profile is easy to create, from your cell phone or computer, and can be downloaded to both iOS and Android devices.

What makes Skout so popular? Are there benefits to using this, and other, social networking platforms and dating sites? The answers here are clear to see and easy to give. Skout is popular because there are many benefits associated to forming social interactions. People who are in contact with others feel more fulfilled. They are also more likely to make positive decisions. According to an end-of-the-year survey, those individuals with larger social circles were more likely to frequent the gym, go on diets, find jobs and agree to meet potential romantic partners. In today’s world, who you know may be just as, or more, important than what you know!

Another positive attribute to Skout is its user-focused initiatives. This social platform wants to offer the best services to its members. One way it connects with its members is through the Skout blog. Here, curious people will find dating advice, tips for meeting new friends and updates on the app’s newest features.

The new year has only just begun. Why not honor this time by increasing your social circle? Each person we meet adds new flavor to our lives, and with a tool like Skout you can bring more to the table by connecting with people from different cultures, new social groups and far off places. Learn more about music, fashion, romance and even career opportunities, by interacting with people who have new and different perspectives.

Start today, from the comfort of your couch, and wander for far off destinations with Skout. Perhaps, in the future, it will link you to people who will push you to head in those directions.

Recommend in 2016: Jon Urbana’s Next Level Lacrosse Camp

As sports nuts who follow aspiring talent all over the country, we’ve had our eye on lacrosse for a while. Being one of America’s fastest-growing sports, there’s no better way to improve your skills than attending a training camp. The intense drills and competitive atmosphere at the right camp can bring your game to another level.

With his background in collegiate sports as he played for Villanova last decade, Jon Urbana has a camp that’s the best in the Mountain West and probably one of the best in America. Next Level Lacrosse Camp is the place to send your kids if they have the time and you have the means.

Jon Urbana uses his well-rounded lacrosse background to mold every camper into not just a top-notch athlete and lacrosse player, but an advocate for all kinds of other causes too. For example, a local fundraising campaign being headed up by Urbana at GoFundMe is all being done in the name of Earth Force, an organization whose mission statement revolves around educating and inspiring young activists to promote great environmental causes. Media outlets around the country have taken note, with publications ranging from Bloomberg to covering the events.

And with deep-rooted connections to the Villanova lacrosse community and the business world (see Jon’s full resume at LinkedIn and read about his startups at CrunchBase), Jon Urbana has attracted a great deal of talent to support him in the staffing department. The camp has former and current professional lacrosse players and only gets better each year.

Urbana also does a lot of work in the animal world, protecting homeless kittens and other animals in need. In fact, a Crowdrise campaign he’s hosting is all in the name of the Animal Rescue and Adoption Society to help them increase their capacity to find more homes for more cats. You can watch the video here to learn more about Jon Urbana and ways you can help him.

When he isn’t running his camp each summer, Jon Urbana is Head of Business Development for Ellipse USA, another up and coming startup to watch that’s grown its revenue stream each year.

And believe it or not, Jon finds time to do even more than this. For one, the Aviation Business Gazette highlighted Jon Urbana’s mastery of aviation and the man takes some incredible pictures too. Jon Urbana’s Official Blog has some of the best photography we’ve seen all year and his Instagram page has stuff that you won’t see on the blog.

In addition to this, you can find Jon remixing songs at Soundcloud, with some more posted to his MTV account. When he isn’t taking pictures, he’s capturing video footage that he shares to sites like Facebook, Tumblr, Twitter, Vimeo, and YouTube.

Here’s one of our favorite videos he’s shared in 2016, which shows some of the best pictures he took last year.

Jon Urbana Photography from Jon Urbana on Vimeo.

The Slump Lake Tahoe Has Dealt With Is Finally Over

A public battle between Andy Wirth, resorts and other business owners against backers of area incorporation in Lake Tahoe was recently covered in an article by the Reno-Gazette Journal. The article also highlights the general problems the tourism industry has had the last four years in Lake Tahoe. The political war between the resort and business owners and the unfavorable weather conditions the last four years has had Lake Tahoe in a terrible slump. Andy Wirth is the CEO of Squaw Valley Ski Holdings and Resort and he has spearheaded this fight against the backers of the incorporation of the area.

There has been a very public war of words between the two sides, and there has also been a financial war too. According to the article, the backers of the incorporation are saying Squaw Valley Ski Resort has spent a substantial amount of money to block the incorporation because Squaw Valley Ski Resort has hidden motives for wanting to prevent the incorporation. Andy Wirth has waved off this allegation of hidden motives, and he stated the backers have spent several hundred thousand dollars to try and get the incorporation pushed through. It appears the main motive for trying to prevent the incorporation is because it would spell disaster for a range of businesses in the area, and it would affect the largest resorts all the way to the smallest establishments.

Despite the money spent on the legal battle to incorporate the area, a California commission has effectively put a stop to the push. This has been a relief to Andy Wirth and other business owners in the area. Lake Tahoe has also been very fortunate aside from the legal victory. Early season winter storms have blanketed the area and been accompanied by cold temperatures. Snow and cold weather is ideal for Lake Tahoe, and the weather has allowed the resorts to open much earlier than usual. Early opening will bring in more tourists for a longer season, which means an economic boom for the entire area and all of its businesses.

According to Andy Wirth’s Wikiepedia entry, he has been very busy the last 25 years in the hospitality industry. He took over Nancy Cushing’s position of CEO for Squaw Valley Ski Holdings. He has also won several business and humanitarian awards including Citizen of the Year by Disabled Sports. He is indeed an upstanding and valuable member of his community and business community as well.

Pittsburgh Steelers Offers New Fashion Line for Fans

This year the Pittsburgh Steelers are designing a Facebook website that sells a line of merchandise that meets fans needs. They are trying to provide fans with a way to feel part of the team when they watch the game at home or live. They are addressing fans that are men, women, and children and what they want to buy. They are selling Pandora jewelry with charms related to the Steelers and name brand labels like Nike Golf, Victoria Secret, and Tommy Bahama. They have many pink fashion items aimed at younger women fans and gold and yellow clothing. The reason is Susan McGalla, director or strategic planning for the Steelers really knows about retail products and selling. She wants fans to feel like they can dress up or down when attending going to a game. She gets to know fans through social media and focus groups. She listens to fans and tries to make buying merchandise and attending games fun. She is an expert in lifestyle, branding, and merchandising. Some of the ideas for developing merchandise came from fans writing to them. They asked how they could get clothing similar to what some of the team wore. The Steelers are running a campaign now for Fridays where they want all fans to wear black and gold. It called It Not Just Friday Its Steelers Friday. They sell jerseys, sweat shirts, jackets, hats, pants, sleepwear, jewelry pins, toys, games, mugs and glasses for fans to purchase online. Another tactic is they want to make it easy for consumers to order on their mobile phones and tablets. The theme of the merchandising campaign for the Steelers is wear what we wear and it is very successful with fans. Susan McGalla has been researching and rebuilding the website for the team. She says the technology must be faster because so many fans and vendors are using mobile devices. The products sold are licensed by NFL. Susan McGalla received a BA from Mount Union College. She began her career working for the Joseph Company. In 1994, she began working for American Eagle Outfitters, Inc. It was primarily a male dominated company with no women on the board. Between 2000 and 2010 she held different management positions and changed the culture in a positive way for men and women. She eventually became president and chief merchandising officer of the the company. She managed revenues, four brands, an ecommerce site and P & L.

Analyzing the New Healthy Dog Food Choices

The dog food that I gave my dog when I was a child was nothing to brag about. I never read the label. I was never the least bit concerned about what the dogs were eating, and I don’t think that my parents were either. They picked up the cheapest brand that was around – I assume – because they were just trying to feed the dog. I was the one that had asked for a dog so they didn’t put much thought into what it would eat. Now that I am grown I make it a habit to actually read labels and look for the best dog food choices for my pets. I don’t know about other dog food owners, but I begin to take notice of the healthy choices for my dogs. I discovered that there were companies like California Natural that were using lamb as an ingredient. Lamb is actually more expensive, and for California Natural this is the sole meat ingredient in their meals. I was impressed with this so I decided to let my dog try it. She was pleased, and I was delighted with her response to lamb. In my trial and error I also let her try out the Beneful Chopped Blends from Purina Store. This is food with vegetable blends. I was skeptical about this. A dog eating vegetables sounded highly unlikely, but I had friends that had purchased this brand before. They said that they had positive results. I was still a little worried that my poodle would not eat this, but she has been very responsive to Purina Beneful blends. It takes brands like Beneful to improve on the dog food that is available today. This company has become a front runner for the healthy food ingredients like peas and carrots. These are wholesome nutrients that every dog needs. Companies like Beneful are becoming well-known for the stellar food choices that are now becoming commonplace in pet stores. Premium foods are exciting to dog owners because these brands are producing flavorful foods that are just bursting with mouth-watering flavors. Dogs really enjoy premium foods.