Shaygan Kheradpir; A Man With A Magical Touch

Shaygan Kheradpir is a respected and well-known technology and business executive with a wealth of knowledge in matters related to electrical engineering. He is a masters, doctorate, and Ph.D. holder from Cornell Unversity with the same and is the current Chief Executive Officer of Coriant. Before his appointment to his current position, he has managed to hold top positions at Juniper Networks, Barclays, GTE, and Verizon. All through his career, he has been deeply involved in product development and especially in matters where cost-cutting is involved.

He was born in London but spent the biggest percentage of his childhood in Iran. He later moved to the United States for university and excelled earning a Ph.D. from Cornell University. His current job at Coriant is to oversee the supplying of networking solutions to the biggest network operators in more than 100 countries that include nine of the top ten global companies belonging to the Tier One Communication Services Providers. He is a respected business and technology executive with not less than twenty-eight years of executive experience in a variety of sectors including financial services, telecom and technology.

He made his Forbes career debut at GTE Corporation and became appointed as the company’s overall Chief Information Officer as well as an executive leadership team member that was responsible for driving modernization, innovation as well as efficiency in all pioneer product initiatives that included FiOS, the largest infrastructure programs in the US with a capital investment of more than $20 billion.

Soon after that, he joined, Barclays as the Chief Operations and Technology Officer and made history as being the first technologist to serve in the Bank’s Executive Committee. At the bank, he was the leader in the company’s Transform Program that made a historical transformation by accommodating and accepting 21st-century technologies in more than 50 countries with not less than 150,000 employees. From this role, Juniper Networks recognized his abilities and he was involved in developing an Integrated Operating Plan that the company used and that focused on executing the growing and strategic markets of Cloud Builder and High IQ Networking.

Before accepting his current role, Shaygan has been an Operating Partner at Marlin Equity Partners and his focus was on making sound technology and telecom investments. His experience and passion have enabled him to develop multiple patents in different sectors including payments, telecom and media. He has also served on the advisory board of US National Institute of Technology and Standards. He has also served in the Cornell University Engineering Council.

In his career, he has played a very integral role in building teams that are mission-driven and that bring the necessary change to employees, customers, the community as well as investors. He has been involved in most of the technological advances we experience today in different segments of the economy and is a well-known perfectionist when it comes to delivering what is needed of him. His experience and passion is what drives him to produce magnificent results and he is expected to continue in the same spirit not only in his current work place but in many sectors of the economy as well.

Handy Provides Security And Convenience

In this busy age it is often difficult to find the time and energy for maintaining a house, apartment, vacation home or rental unit. Cleaning, dripping faucets, painting and even simple tasks such as putting together a newly purchased bookcase may seem daunting and time consuming. Hiring strangers to come into your home when you may not be able to be there is also a matter of concern. There is also the problem of finding reliable, trustworthy service providers. Who has the time and resources to run background checks on a cleaning crew or handyman?
Security concerns are taken care of by Handy. The service providers sent to your home are professional and, most importantly, are rigorously examined with extensive background checks. They are competent in their field and are equipped with the tools needed for almost all contingencies.
The saying “there’s an app for that!” is becoming more and more accurate. Handy is a company that will take care of the logistics of home maintenance for you, and yes, there is an app for that. Your IPhone can be used to book their services, pay for it and schedule at your convenience. Their website offers the same services.
Their app or website allows you to find help in your zip code and obtain a price quote for your individual needs. How many rooms, when you want it done, a price quote based on services needed and the size of your home are all right there. Once you have agreed to the particulars your credit card can be used to safely arrange payment and be on file for future orders. Your credit card information is safe with Handy on crunchbase and all work is satisfaction guaranteed.
Although Handy is best known for cleaning services that is not all they provide. Simple repairs, painting, light electrical, help with moving, all the tasks a handyman provides and even laundry can be arranged with the same guarantee. If you have a rental property this is the best and least time-consuming way to keep it in good shape, and if you are using this service for your home it is the answer for all of us with little time.
Handy is a rapidly growing company with locations in 27 different cities. An increasingly busy lifestyle and demand for reliable, convenient help for maintaining homes is going to continue to provide the incentive for more locations. Handy is truly an idea whose time has come.

Status Labs: How To Choose A Reputation Management Service

Are you worried about your online reputation? Ready to hire a reputation management firm to help you restore or manage or online reputation? Reputation management is a highly sought after service nowadays. Status Labs provides reputation management services for businesses and individual clients. Status Labs has a vast range of impressive business services.

There are many reputation management firms out there but not all of these companies are created equal. Choose a company that has a track record of rendering top notch services and you can be sure that you will receive good results. When it comes to picking the best reputation management firm, look no further than Status Labs, the most reliable reputation management firm around.

Status Labs knows that different individuals and businesses have unique reputation management needs. Their staff take the time to research and review their clients’ reputation and background, and come up with the approach they think is best for establishing, repairing and maintaining their reputation online.

Experience matters a lot when deciding on which company to hire for your reputation management needs. Status Labs has a team of highly experienced and knowledgeable professionals. Their professionals are highly dedicated to providing the best quality service to their clients. When you get in touch with them, they set up a consultation so they can go over your issue and determine how to handle the situation. They have been providing services for many years, and they cater to different types of businesses and individuals from all walks of life, so you can rely on them to help you.

Whether you’re a lawyer trying to maintain a positive image of your law firm, a physician trying to protect your medical office from negative reviews, or a business owner trying to create a good impression with clients and customers, it is important that you take appropriate steps to protect your online reputation. Turning to the expert consultants at Status Labs is a great way to ensure that your online reputation management is handled properly.

With customized solutions for various industries, along with different service plans to select from based on your needs, Status Labs has an option for every client. They also have a great customer service, which receives excellent reviews from their clients. In addition, their clients are highly impressed by the firm’s reasonable prices. You can check out their website to learn more about the various services that they provide and other pertinent details.

Sergio Cortes Is The Spitting Image Of Michael Jackson

The king of pop is dead. Long live the king of pop. But for people that love Michael Jackson and want to see his music performed just the way Michael did it, check out Michael Jackson impersonator Sergio Cortes. Cortes is widely hailed as the world’s best Michael Jackson impersonator. And with good reason. Anyone that has seen Cortes perform live or viewed one of his videos on the internet will admit that Sergio Cortes looks, moves, and sings just like Michael Jackson. It uncanny to see two people that are not related look so much alike. For many it’s helped ease the pain of the untimely death of the king of pop.

There are many Michael Jackson impersonators. Most slather themselves with make-up, dress like Michael did, and try to mimic a few of his moves. Sergio Cortes takes it to an entirely different level. First of all, even without make-up he is a dead ringer for Michael Jackson. But it’s when you see him dance that you understand what all the excitement is about. Cortes has all Michael’s moves down pat. When he takes the stage and starts to perform, people lose their minds. Almost immediately they begin to feel like they’re watching the real Michael Jackson in action.

Sergio Cortes is a native of Barcelona, Spain. Ever since he was a child people always commented on how much he looked like Michael Jackson. He seemed to look more like Michael every day. Plus Cortes idolized Michael and practiced his dance moves all the time. They seemed to come natural to him. He executed them flawlessly. People came from miles around just to see him dance. By the time he was a teenager he was appearing on television and doing live shows all over Spain. He became a local celebrity. People even took pictures of him and sold them to the unsuspecting as pictures of the real Michael Jackson.

Soon stories about Sergio Cortes the Michael Jackson lookalike began appearing in newspapers and magazines throughout Spain. One reporter uploaded a video of Cortes mimicking Michael’s dance moves. Overnight Cortes became an international sensation. He looked, moved, and had gestures so much like Michael the king of pop himself once hired him.

Matt Landis – an Outstanding Notre Dame Lacrosse Player

matt landis lacrosse
A major reason Notre Dame’s Lacrosse team has been so highly successful is because of Matt Landis. Their star defenseman has won many awards for his outstanding play, both on and off the field. He finished his Junior year with four major honors including: the Atlantic Coast Conference 2015 ACC Defensive Player of the Year, Epoch and Lacrosse Magazine Player of the Week, was named to the All-American team, and won the William C. Schmeisser Award Outstanding Defensive Player of the Year.

matt landis lacrosse
The fighting Irish posted a 14-10 win over the Albany Great Danes with a great match-up between Landis and Albany’s star player, Lyle Thompson. Landis performance was a big key in the impressive win. His heavy use of the V-hold, along with his small pushes and body positioning were very successful in the match which caused Thompson to spend too much time dodging the ball.

matt landis lacrosse interview
Landis is a native of Pelham, New York and has done very well in balancing both his academic life and his sporting life. His primary studies are in the field of Finance at the Mendoza College of Business, but he also holds down a part-time job while enjoying golf, skiing, hiking, reading, skeet shooting, and volunteering. In spite of all his interests, he is still a normal All-American guy.

James Dondero Sets a Growth Pace for the Highland Capital Management

Highland Capital Management was started as a joint partnership of James Dondero and his counterpart Mark Okada in 1993. It is a company that has gone through successive, exponential growth often attaining good performance through its strategic investment plans. It is an alternative investment company that dwells on hedge funds, and distressed investment funds.

It currently holds over $21 billion worth of investment in terms of assets for its clients. Dondero and Okada founded a small venture in 1990 that mainly invested in fixed income markets, for example, in senior secured loans. After forming the joint venture, the two individuals entered into a partnership with a company referred to as Protective Life Insurance Corporation.

Soon after, a merger took place between Protective Life Insurance Corporation and the initial joint venture of Okada and Dondero to form a new company that was dubbed Protective Asset Management Company (PAMCO). When PAMCO was formed through a merger agreement, about 60 percent of the share belonged to Protective Life Insurance.

Dondero and Okada took the rest 40 percent. By 1997, the company was showing its potential of growing to a very strong entity with massive future success. Dondero and Okada discovered that there was an impending potential future for the merger, and they needed to do something to reposition themselves in the investment.

The two individuals decided to purchase the share owned by Protective Life Insurance and the year after, they changed the then PAMCO to a new name that they called Highland Capital Management. This saw the birth of a company that would transform to be one of the most respected and reputed alternative investment companies in the world.

The company’s growth then hit its highs and in a span of 3 years, it expanded and grew big. And, by 2000, Highland Capital was ready to establish a diversified investment plan or a commingled bank loan fund. The investors worked hard for this achievement and established the 40 Act platforms that mainly put the company as an alternative investment firm.

In comingled loan funds, they mainly consist of assets managed through several accounts, which tend to be blended. In the investment, investors benefit from what is known as economies of scale by allowing for lower trading costs in their investment coupled with a diversified investment portfolio that is guided by expert money management.

In 2004, Highland Capital Management got an opportunity to establish a mutual business with another entity known as Columbia Asset Management. In this investment arrangement, Highland Capital was able to get two more floating funds to put into its basket of investment. This time, the company was operating from its Dallas offices, but the operations were spread nationwide serving American clients.

After seeing the potential growth of the company, the founders decided that they needed to cross the borders and establish their operations in other countries. And, in 2008, it was in Singapore while, in 2011, it managed to set up offices in Seoul, South Korea. It’s now a global leader in alternative investment.

A Few Facts About Andy Wirth’s Passion For A Cleaner Source Of Energy

When the Reno City Council voted in unison to drum support for the Clean Power Plan, Andy Wirth was among the first people to applaud the move saying it showed a positive sign that the country and the rest of the world would finally move from coal power that is dirty and start using renewable energy that is free from any impurities. Having voted in support, the council became an important stakeholder in the region and joined many other companies in the private sector.

Andy was optimistic that with the voices having come together and started pressing their utilities, the country would gradually get access to a better energy alternative. He also pressed on the need for the move to be taken without further ado since time was moving fast, and a healthy power alternative was needed. He was happy that with the progress made, all entities in the region would be provided with equal opportunity. He also called on citizens to be demanding more from their elected leaders and not just compliance.

He said that with the right approach and projects, elected officials can provide actual leadership that is devoid of fake promises. He was confident that with such a leadership plan, the economy can be strengthened and the environment taken good care of.

Andy Wirth is the current Chief Executive Officer of Squaw Valley Ski Holdings, and has a wealth of experience of not less than 25 years in matters related with managing tourism. He is also an active supporter of community and environmental organizations and commits a lot of his time and money in them.

Andy is a firm believer in seizing opportunities when they come. After being involved in a nearly fatal skiing accident, he recovered and made a resolution to help others who are in need. He founded the Wounded Warrior Support initiative that is aimed at honoring all Navy Seals members after they return home from war. His positive approach to life and handling sensitive matters has also played a very big role in Squaw Valley getting a world-class status after being the leader in overseeing that it was renovated and new equipment bought.

Source: Reno Journal-Gazette

The Amazing Forward Thinking Of Andy Wirth

Our world is a fast paced place where we rarely think of the negative impact that we are having on our planet. We go about our days and we do not stop to think of the changes we are making to our environment. There are individuals out there who really see the impact that we are having on our planet. These are the individuals who will be able to help make some lasting change in our environment. Andy Wirth is an individual who feels as though he can help to make some great change in the environment as well.

In the Reno Gazette-Journal Op-Ed from Andy Wirth there is a lot of information that we can learn about this situation. The Reno City council has opted to support the Clean Power act. This is something that is really moving this community forward. Andy Wirth applauds the Reno City council for making such a forward moving decision to really help the environment. This is a great step towards setting the bar high for other local communities around the nation. Businesses and local governments will learn to work hand in hand to find a great way to use clean power in the future in order to help save the planet.

Andy Wirth is an inspiring individual. He has been able to bring a great deal of success to himself and the industry that he is a part of. For 25 years he has been a high powered professional in the world of hotel and resort management. This is something that has helped to build his name in the community as well. During his time at Steamboat and Squaw Valley, he has helped to push the entire industry forward.

Andy Wirth is also great when it comes to pushing through hardships. This is shown by his intense skydiving accident where his arm was complete severed. After 50 days in the hospital and 23 surgeries Andy’s arm finally started working again. He used this experience to help him grow stronger. He has shared many of his successes with the local community as well through philanthropy.

Handybook: the Uber of Home Repairs

It has been said that cleanliness is next to godliness, but the stress of living in a capitalist society can make it difficult to remain tidy. Our capitalist society allows us to make more money by working harder, but this leaves little time for cleaning. A clean home is good for your psyche and one’s physical health. Fortunately, the digital revolution offers a viable way to keep a clean home without breaking the bank.

Uber for the Home

What if I were to say that there’s a home cleaning service that makes keeping a tidy home as easy as Uber makes it to catch a ride. Most people would be skeptical of such a brash statement, but the financial experts at Forbes seem to think one company can do it. Handy is a service that will handle daily chores, and they also provide plumbing and handyman services. With virtually every other sector going digital, it was just a matter of time before someone hatched this brilliant idea. Oisin Hanrahan and Umang Dua are the founders of the company which now operates in 13 cities.

Like all start-ups, Handybook faces a number of challenges. Fortunately, they seem to have learned a few things from transportation experts Uber. Handybook is also a virtual market place that handles the supply on and demand ends of things. This means the company is responsible for matching customers who want their homes cleaned with the anxious individuals who will do the work. Handybook only employs about fifty people, so they rely upon thousands of freelancers. According to Handybbok spokespeople, the company now handles more than 10,000 every month, and the room for growth is exponential.

Making Impressive Moves

A new startup is only as promising as the investors willing to back it. Fortunately for Handybook, they’ve managed to raise more than $12 million in just two rounds of fund raising. General Catalyst Partners and Highland Capital Partners have led the charge to fund the company, and Handybook could present a promising IPO in the future. The company is still remaining tight-lipped about the baseline numbers, but they claim that sales have grown 60% per month over the past few months. Handybook has even purchased rival company Exec, though the purchase price is still unknown. However, the move does represent an aggressive business attitude which is also necessary for a start-up to succeed.

It’ll be interesting to see if Handybook can match Uber’s success, but all available signs point to yes. People will always need someone to help them keep their homes tidy or make basic repairs around the home. If Handybook continues to grow at its current pace, the company could easily corner the market for freelance handy work.

Susan McGalla’s Resume

Executive consultant and businesswoman, Susan McGalla, has an impressive resume. Her resume is impressive not necessarily because of the positions she has held and the companies that she has worked for, but because of the story behind her resume. It is what she did while she was in her positions that she has held up until she has started her own business. Each of the positions that she has held were successful. She has worked in companies that were dominated by males and she has shown herself to be very comfortable in their company due to her upbringing. She has learned to see herself and others as merely people and have therefore not allowed the overabundance of males to intimidate her or make her insecure.

She has started her career working for the Joseph Horne Company. After that, she worked for American Eagle Outfitters. She has made a huge impact for the company. She began at the women’s clothing section. She was a divisional merchandise buyer. She quickly advanced to management positions in which she could exercise her influence in the company. Eventually, she advanced to chief merchandising officer as well as the president. During her time as president, she helped launch a couple of lines which included 77kids and Aerie.

After leaving American Eagle, she then pursued a career in the industry of finance and investments. She has worked as a private consultant in order to help people make good on their investments. Afterwards, she has founded P3 Executive Consulting Company. She also does work for the Pittsburgh Steelers helping with the growth and the strategic planning of the franchise. Each company that she has worked for has experienced growth and prosperity. McGalla is also seen as pleasant to be around for people who have met he rand worked for her.

Susan McGalla also has websites like cbslocal and articles that are dedicated to providing information about her. What those articles and pages say about her is truly impressive and inspiring not just for women, but for people in general. The world has a history of discrimination and prejudice. Often times, the victims of such incidents develop some kind of chip on their shoulder and a sort of paranoia that can stifle their growth in life as well as their careers. There is an alternative that people often miss and as a result, they also miss out on some great successes and relationships.

The alternative is to see others as individuals. While people do that, they also learn to check themselves and hold themselves to a higher standard. Susan McGalla has done that. She deals with people on an individual basis. She also understands that the true similarities that count when it comes to a group of people are similarities in character. She looks at the character and the actions of people as opposed to what they look like or their gender. Anyone can talk to Susan McGalla and not have to worry about being accused or looked at as having motives just for being part of a certain group.