FreedomPop Releases Free Mobile Service In UK

FreedomPop is beginning the global expansion of its famous free cell service, and users in Britain will have a chance to sign up for the free service soon. The service begins with a free plan that offers needed phone service for those who cannot afford it, and there are cheap plans that build on the free plan. This article explores the European release of a free cell service that is popular in America.

#1: The Revolutionary Free Plan

The free plan offered by FreedomPop on twitter offers 200 minutes of talk time, 200 text messages and 200MB of data. This is a small plan, but there is no charge for those who simply need a mobile phone that works. This service will help seniors who cannot afford cell plans on a fixed income, or this service will help control mobile phone usage by youngsters who have just received their first mobile phones.

#2: Premium Paid Plans

The Premium 1GB plan comes with 1000 text messages, 1GB of data and free voicemail, and the Premium 2GB plan comes with 2GB of data, unlimited texting and unlimited calling. Services offered through FreedomPop allow you to save money on your mobile bill every month, and the premium plans will help you introduce your teen to the mobile market without spending too much money.

#3: Select Your Number

You can select your own number if you are a beta tester for FreedomPop, and you can get the HD voice service for free when you try your phone. Beta testing for this plan will prove that allowing customers these options is beneficial to the mobile phone market in Britain. Citizens who try FreedomPop now will have a chance to see how FreedomPop manages its subscriptions.

Users who go over the data allowance are not stopped from using data, and there is no penalty for going over the allowance. Every user is charged just 1p for every extra MB of data used, and users may control their data usage without fearing massive charges on their bills every month.

The FreedomPop free service is going to Europe to help people get great cell service without spending too much. People on a fixed income can use the FreedomPop service for free, and people on a budget may use the service to save money. There are plenty of options for mobile users with FreedomPop, but the prices are incredibly low.

Frans Schoeman: An Experienced Law Practicing Lawyer

Law is very wide and quite complicated, and so, handling legal matters requires someone with extensive experience. Frans Schoeman, a South African lawyer, boasts of an experience of over 25 years in practicing law, and he is currently the director at Phatsima Diamond. He has been representing plaintiffs in matters related to administrative law, labor law, debt recovery, municipal law, insolvency among other areas. And with him being equipped with adequate knowledge, experience as well as excellent legal skills, every client is guaranteed sound legal solutions and advice.

About His Career and Certifications

In 1990, Frans Schoeman on graduated with a degree in law from the University of Free State. When one is looking for a lawyer to represent them, one of the things they will look for is whether the legal expert belongs to law association in that particular country. In July 1990, Frans joined the legal society of South Africa, which makes him the kind to hire without having to worry being ripped off. He was later admitted to practice his career in the high court of the Republic of SA.

Schoeman has worked for a number of firms, incorporations, groups, and companies. His career life started in January 1990 when he joined Joubert Schoeman Attorneys as the head of this Law Practice. He has been working for the firm for over 25 years now, and he is still the director of the firm. In April 1999 to April 2000, he worked for Hfmeyr Herbstein & Gihwala Inc as an attorney practicing law in different fields of expertise. In March 2001, he started working as a legal director at TG Minster Group to present.

In October 2005, he joined Phatsima Diamond Corporation where he has been helping them in handling legal issues regarding drafting and negotiating contracts. He also deals with legal issues related to mergers and acquisitions in addition to offering the firm with general legal advice as needed.

Reasons Schoeman is the right lawyer to hire

Schoeman affords quality professional engagement to his client’s matters. This means that, with him, it is never tentative plaintiffs will get the legal help they need or even get it in substandard measures. So whether the client is looking for corporate, commercial or business legal assistance, Frans has great stamina as well as the expertise to offer them legal services beyond their expectations.

Other areas that Frans has interest in

While the law is his area of his concentration, Schoeman has a strong passion in other areas of South African arts and culture, advocating for education to youngsters, as well as maintaining the environment.

Schoeman believes that every human should be accorded their rights and law should be followed whenever there is a violation of human rights.


Highland Capital Management is a big firm located in Dallas Texas and is a private company with private equity started in the year 1993. It particularly deals with alternative investment management, whereby it is in charge of several branches of finance like structured investments, distressed funds and investments that are primarily structured. Alternative investments are also usually offered in the following ways: long and short term equity on, natural resources, and emerging markets. Highland Capital Management has got a very broad and vast client base that makes it a very successful firm as far as client base is concerned.

The current president of Highland Capital investment goes by the name James Dondero, who also happens to be the co-founder. His first venture into this field on the dawn of his career was to be an analyst. He later transcended to the position of portfolio manager whereby he also became an investor and decided to invest in cars like the Collateralized Loan Obligation (CLO). While in the GIC company, where he had been formerly employed, he had come up with assets worth close to $2 billion that he was in charge of and ended up managing them perfectly. His portfolio management consisted of loans, derivatives, bonds and market debts among many others. Apart from all this employment positions that he took up, he was also an employee of American Express. James Dondero graduated from Virginia University where he had majored in Finance and Accounting. He remains a notable figure in that university for having graduated with the highest honors (Beta Gamma Sigma, Beta Alpha Psi). He is a financial analyst apart from being a management accountant. He currently holds the positions of MGM Board of Directors and American Banknote. Apart from holding all this major positions he also happens to be the chairman for BOD of a company known as CCS. He is a very experienced individual (30 years) in the fields of credit market and equity market.

James Dondero is a very philanthropic individual and has done a lot of significant contributions that amount to goodwill and perfect welfare of people. His philanthropy is channeled out to individuals, companies and institutions especially those in legit need and those who happen to have varied want that they cannot achieve by themselves. He boasts of several awards that he has managed to achieve along the successful course of his career. The awards entail Lipper Award and Morning Star Award, which are very top notch awards. James Dondero together with Arthur Laffer was appointed to be on the board of directors of Nextpoint Residential (NXRT). NXRT is a company that is in charge of managing property owned by families whose salary is middle income. Average families to be precise. Highland Capital Market has expanded in growth, and one of its recent endeavors is its move to buy Nextpoint Credit Strategies Fund for $8.79 for each share. This was a big decision whereby Highland Capital Market decided to go ahead and further purchase a very large portion of next point’s shares which amounted to something close to 113,799 shares.

Today’s Beauty Product Breakthroughs

Women who care about looking good for the long term are living in a golden era, beauty products wise. Today a quick trip to a department store will yield a wealth of quite amazing choices in beauty products that range from serums to toners to primers. For women who like to experiment with all kinds of cosmetics, there are a multitude of choices available in new styles of liners, shadows, illuminators and pencils.


The choices are at times overwhelming, so how does a woman decide? One easy way is, of course, to go with a major, well-established brand. The top brands today, like Revlon, Physician’s Formula, and L’Oreal all offer huge lines of both skin care items and cosmetics. Customers know these brands can be relied on to deliver with good quality for the price.


Some women, though, find the products they want to use, like a personal favorite shade of eyeliner or eyeshadow, by going in for some exploration. These are the women who don’t mind going through a bit of trial and error in finding that perfect shade of lipstick or gloss and who are willing to try out a lot of new products.

This type of exploration by glamour seeking women can be helped along by using free samples, as well as utilizing store return policies that allow customers to return a product if it’s deemed of low quality. With trial and error, these more adventurous cosmetics users are inevitably able to hit upon new products that work well for them, as long as they’re willing to put up with having to buy a dud eyeshadow or lipstick shade now and again.


Today there are also a lot of high quality makeup brands that have gotten their start by being offered online, via a company website. Again, trying these newer brands does call on a spirit of adventure, cosmetics-wise, but the payoff can indeed be significant if a great product (at a great price) presents itself.

One of the newer, bolder brands that’s currently offered online is the Lime Crime cosmetics brand. This brand, which is the creation of the Russian Internet entrepreneur Doe Deere, is available through a website and on other online channels, and it presents a kind of breakthrough in the types of colors and ideas currently on the makeup scene.

The Lime Crime line has a full line of lipsticks, glosses and shadows that are geared to making a very bold statement for the woman who wears them. With lipsticks in colors that range from electric blue to hot pink, green, orange and grey, these are products created for women who have a lot of confidence and a lot of rock and roll edge.

So yes, there are lots of choices out there for women today, but that’s a great problem, actually, for women who want to look consistently great.

Handy, Home Cleaning Services For Your Business

You are the founder of a popular Internet startup company. You are gaining lots of attention in the world of online companies. You have hundreds of clients that depend and your company is making your employees thousands of dollars a day.

Now, you’ve probably read the studies that show how people who work in cleaner environments are more productive than people who work in filthy ones, yet you are way too busy to become the office janitor, so what are you going to do? If you were to clean the office all by yourself, it would take two hours of your day, every day for the rest of your life. Isn’t your valuable time worth more than that?

You could let the office get absolutely filthy, yet, it would cause lots of distractions for your employees and that is definitely something you want to avoid if you want to hire less employees and get more productivity out of each one. So, is there a third option? Is there a way to clean your office on a fairly regular basis that is super flexible? Isn’t there a way that you can have someone clean your office at the touch of a button?

Well, you could hire any cleaning service like Handy, yet most traditional cleaning services will charge you through the nose. Having cleaning service that is overcharging you is definitely not helping your business grow, it is simply putting your business two steps back. And one step forward.

You could have your entire workforce clean your office twice a week for an hour, yet if you’re forced to pay 10 people $20 an hour to clean something that they should’ve cleaned already then you’re really good at wasting people’s time and your money.

Is there a third option? Is there a way that you can make your workplace look spotless for a portion of the time and without pulling your employees off projects that are imperative for the growth of your business? Well, there is one option. You download the Handy, Home Cleaning Services and with just a click of an app, you can hire someone for the day to clean your entire office. There are literally thousands of Handy Cleaners online and ready to work at any time, and because the company’s overhead is low, it keeps the cost of their services low and allows you to have the quality cleaning that you deserve for half the price you would pay for another cleaning service.

At the end of the day, the most important thing for you to do is make sure that your family a.k.a. employees are well taken care and have amazing experiences at work, without a bunch of trash in the way.

When you decide to hire someone to clean your office, you’re not ordering your office being cleaned, your ordering peace of mind for you and your employees. You’re ordering higher employee output in a shorter amount of time as well as a very professional look for your office. Make your employees feel proud about coming into work every day.

Susan McGalla Makes Her Mark

I am thrilled about the way that Susan McGalla has progressed over the years. She is such a powerful force in the industry today because she has become an expert in her field. I think that she is one of the best in the industry because she has such a strong presence.

As someone that has been in consultant and CEO positions she is definitely moving up in the career chain. I like what she represents, and her time at American Eagle is monumental in the progress that women are making in the corporate industry. There are so many people that have been inspired by her progress. I am one of the people that have been able to see her move from one area to another and witness her genius. She knows how to move consumers and she has the power to get them to respond to her. Over time there have been different female leaders that have risen to the challenge. What Susan McGalla has done that is different is give people access to the things that helped her. She highlights higher education as the foundation for her success. McGalla has also made a lot of appeals to women to have a level of determination in your pursuit of goals.

I have patterned myself after her and I have been able to embrace the challenges that have come along the way. She is no stranger to working her way up to the top. She was with American Eagle for 14 years. She built the company, and when she decided to depart the stock dropped upon anticipation of her departure. That is how confident people had become in her skills as a leader. Investors were willing to depart with her when she decided that she would no longer continue her CEO role there.

She has been able to make her mark and I appreciate all that she has done over the years. I think that her different roles in the industry has made her pretty diverse. She is a powerful retail branding expert, but her CEO role shows that she could lead. That is where she breaks out from the rest of the pact. I think that she has done something incredible by taking on leadership roles and moving beyond the typical corporate executive role. I think that McGalla has shown that women can be great leaders if they are given the opportunity. There is no denying that she is one of the best in the retail industry. I could only hope to accomplish a fraction of what she has achieved through such a prestigious career. She is my corporate businesswoman hero, and I appreciate her commitment to brand building.

Dating for Introverts

Before trying online dating, it is very important for one to overcome any kind of hang ups he may have about relationships. There is a lot of frustration that people express when it comes to dating and relationships. A lot of it has to do with their woes of having to initiate a conversation. Often times, the guys wish the woman would do the work in initiating, but it doesn’t happen in that way. Fortunately, there are alternatives to initiating and breaking the ice in person. One could use online dating as a method for breaking the ice.

The way dating is set up is only for people who are more or less extroverted to meet someone. The people who are shy or more or less introverted do not seem to have that big of a chance when it comes to meeting someone. Online dating on the other hand might make it easier for someone who is a little more on the introverted side, or rather timid. It is important to note that even with online dating, someone is going to have to initiate contact. Therefore, even after filling out your profile with some of the most important and interesting information, the user may still have the task of initiating a conversation with someone he is interested in.

The easier sites to use for dating allow users to socialize. Instead of going through the task of clicking on a profile and sending a message, one can participate in activities like games, and even express one’s ideas on a topic that holds their interest. One such site that allows that is Skout via With the social networking features, Skout stands head and shoulders above other dating sites. As one engages in interesting discussions, others will also take interest in what the user has to say and he might meet someone that way.

This is one of the best ways to meet someone for a date with the use of social media, especially for men. Guys who do not have the most interesting looks could still win women over with their interesting ideas. They can get at least one date from one of the members of the dating sites that they have a profile on. It might be a good idea to sign up for a multitude of dating sites. Some of them could be free, while others charge for membership. The best thing to do is to look at the reputation of each dating site before signing up. Thanks to the Internet, going out to a club and a bar and getting loud is not the only way to meet someone for a date.

All You Need to Know About Investment Banking

A financial institution that assists corporation, governments and individuals in raising financial capital is known as an investment bank. These financial institutions do this by either under writing or acting as the client’s agent when securities are being issued. Sometimes, an investment bank on assists companies which are involved in mergers and acquisitions,and help provide ancillary facilities such as market making,equity securities, trading of derivatives and also FICC services.

Contrary to what commercial banks and retail banks do investment banks are not allowed to take deposits. From the year 1933 up to 1999 the United States decided to maintain separation between investment banking and the other commercial banks. The Other industrialized countries, theG7 included, however, have not seen the need of such a separation.

There are two main lines in business in investment banking. These are known as the sell side and the buy side. The sell side involves trading securities for cash or trading for other securities or even the promotion of securities. The buying side involves provision of advice to institutions or organizations that are concerned with buying investment services. Private equity, life insurance companies, and hedge funds are some of the most common types of buy side entities.

Sometimes, investment bankscan actually be divided into private and public functions. This is done with an information barrier, which usually separates the two to prevent the information from crossing. The private areas of the bank deal with private insider information, which is not supposed to be disclosed to the public, while the public areas, which might include stock analysis are supposed to deal with public information.
For individuals who provide investment banking services in the United States, they must be licensed broker-dealersand should be subject to U.S. Securities and Exchange Commission.

Highland Capital Management is a good example of an investment bank. The company mostly specializes in credit investments. Currently, it has a total of about $20 billion assets under its management. The fund also invests small portion of this AUM in equities. This investment company was founded by Jim Dondero, and he is currently serving as the President of the firm.

With more than three decades of experience in the credit markets, James Dondero has done a lot for his firm. His early work with the co-founder Mark Okada in the credit sector is responsible for the pioneered new investment institutions, like the Collateralized Loan Obligation. Previously,before starting Highland, Mr. Dondero was an employee of Protective Life’s GIC this company, he was responsible for raising and managing approximately, $2 billion in assets. James also worked for the American Express, where he used to manage approximately $1 billion in fixed income. He is a graduate of the University of Virginia.