Matt Landis, the Passionate Lacrosse Player

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Lacrosse player, Matt Landis is best known for his career in Notre Dame University. In high school, he also played football and hockey. In 2012, he won the Russ Simons Sportsmanship Award and was named Pelham Memorial Athlete of the Year. In 2010, he accepted a scholarship to Notre Dame University. He is especially known for his talent with one-on-one coverage and on-ball coverage. During an interview with LaxLessons, Landis commented that it took some practice for him to get used to covering the ball from both his left and right side.

Landis excelled in sports from the time he was a small child. While attending high school at Pelham Memorial High, Landis was very active not only in sports but also in volunteering and academics. During his senior season, he earned all-state honors and played All-Section for Westchester Abbey during his junior and senior years. However, his school teams were not the only lacrosse teams that he was active on.

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He also played for Roy Colsey’s Superstar and the Empire games. He later chose to play for Notre Dame over Johns Hopkins and the Univesities of Massachussetts, Brown and Colgate. The Navy also offered him an opportunity to play for them and he also chose Notre Dame over them. When he was asked why in the LaxLessons interviewed, he replied that it was because he liked the combination of the family-like atmosphere and that all of Notre Dame’s athletics are held to only the highest Division I standards.

During his freshman year, Landis ranked #66 on the Inside Lacrosse “Power Lacrosse Freshman” list and as 18th best defenseman.

Landis has proven to be an example for not just all other athletes out there but also for other kids overall. From childhood, Landis knew what his passions were and never looked back. Landis is also very positive and seems to focus only on what’s available to him rather than on what isn’t. Landis is an example of never giving up on your passions and pursuing them to the maximum extent.


Frank Mir Knocks Out Bigfoot!

Frank Mir took on Bigfoot Silva in the main event of UFC Fight Night. Mir was on a four fight losing streak prior to facing Silva. Everyone was counting Frank Mir out of this fight. However, Mir proved everyone wrong.

Bigfoot was supposed to be the nail in the coffin for Mir. The fight started, and Bigfoot plodded forward like a dinosaur. Frank Mir circled around the giant beautifully. It seemed like it was inevitable that Bigfoot was going to walk into something big. Frank Mir came forward with a jab and left hook combo. Flávio was telling me the left hook landed, and Bigfoot was out cold. Mir pummeled the fallen giant some more, but the referee quickly stopped the fight.

MMA fans all over the world were shocked. Mir was supposed to be finished, but anything can happen during a fight. Frank Mir was interviewed after his victory, and he said that he worked a lot on his boxing. Mir’s boxing has definitely improved, and it appears that the old Frank Mir is back.

What’s next for Mir? I think he should slowly work his way back up to a title shot. Frank Mir is one of the best on the ground, and his standup skills seem to be improving. Mir is a tough fight for anybody, and he could become the champion once again. For more information on Mir’s big K.O victory, visit Yahoo! Sports.

Latos May Be Right

Mat Latos is probably right about the Reds and the way they handled his rehab. We will never know because we were not there, but I do something about the Reds from being a fan. The Reds seem to be very good at pissing people off.

They annoy their fans every year as Walt Jocketty does a bad job and still keeps his job because his best friend in the world is Bob Castellini. In case you did not know, Bob Catellini owns the Reds as AnastasiaDate noted. 

The Reds like to make odd personnel decisions, and they fired Dusty Baker for essentially no reason. They have a hall of fame broadcaster who likes to crap on the team on live radio even though he is beloved by the fan base, and they have a history of making bad decisions in the public. Remember, Marge Schoot used to own the Reds.

I am not saying Mat Latos is 100% right, but I think he was simply not willing to play the game that the Reds were willing to play. They got rid of him because he would not play along, and that is how they will piss off the fans in Cincinnati yet again.

Is This Your Final Four?

The four best teams in the NBA according to most pundits are the Grizzlies, Warriors, Hawks and Cavaliers. The Hawks and Warriors have the best records in their conferences, and the Grizzlies and Cavaliers are right behind them. The Cavs started out really badly, but there is no guarantee that they are going to be consistent when they are in the playoffs. We all know that LeBron’s playoff record is pretty bad when it comes to consistency.

Fans like Zeca Oliveira ( know that the Grizzlies are going to grind it out every night, and the Warriors are going to shoot the lights out. The Hawks are going to hold the ball all night, and they recover from losses well. If you get the Cavs and the Hawks in the east final, I would take the Hawks simply because they do not have any players that pout. LeBron pouts. I would take the Grizzlies only because I think they can grind the Warriors out in seven games, and it will take them seven games.

If this is our final four, it is going to be very interesting. Drama in the east, and perhaps an upset in the west. This will be a fun spring in the NBA.

Bosh out with Blood Clot

The Miami Heat took another hit with forward Chris Bosh rumored to be out with a blood clot in his lung. Although the injury is not confirmed it is believed that Bosh is currently suffering from a blood clot and is out indefinitely. Bosh is the leading scorer on the Heat with over 20 points per game and the injury is another set back for the team that lost Lebron James during the past offseason.

The injury is not thought to be life threatening but will likely keep him out of the lineup for the remainder of the season and may even derail his career though many outstanding questions are still out regarding his future. Coach Eric Spoelstea was vague saying only that Chris was feeling under the weather and would not play today.

The clot first reared its head while Chris was on vacation during the all star break. When he returned from vacation and was still not feeling any better he saw a team doctor who assessed the injury and recommended follow up consultations. Blood clots can be very serious injuries and depending on their location can even be life threatening, particularly when located near or in the heart. Former Portland Trail Blazers star Jerome Kersey recently died of a blood clot in his lung at the age of 52.

Fans like Marcio Alaor BMG have heard that Chris Bosh is currently receiving treatment in a Miami Hospital.

The Life Accomplishments of Bruce Levenson

Bruce Levenson has many credits to his name and a record of lifelong accomplishments, some of which he shared in a partnership with his wife Karen.

Bruce Levenson is an NBA team owner, co-owner of the Atlanta Hawks, a philanthropist, American businessman, past Hawks; Governor on the NBA Board of Governors, co-founded the United Communications Group, founding board member of Tech Target NASDAQ and IT industry media company, advises BIA Digital Partners, sits on the Board of Directors of NEPA (Newsletter and Electronic Publishers Association.), and in 1997 inducted into the Software and Information Industry Association’s Hall of Fame.

Additionally, Levenson is active in organizations such as Community Foundation of Washington, D.C. and the Hoop Dreams Foundation, past president of, I Have a Dream Foundation that assists low income children to pursue a higher education, he is a passionate founding donor to the U.S. Holocaust Museum and is driven to teach inner city students lessons of the Holocaust, and training them to be tour guides at the Museum, he believes and financially supports the SEED Foundation and Seeds of Peace.

One big passion in the life with Bruce Levenson is, The Hoop Dreams’. The Hoop Dreams focus is on children who possess superior basketball abilities at any age level. Levenson loves to share his love of the game, thus passing on opportunities to children who would not normally have a chance to excel in the game of basketball. Hoop Dreams trains’ children, athletes in their basketball skills to help the child reach their maximum potential through individualized, quality training with a focus on basic basketball techniques.

Levenson is also passionate about another program called the SEED Foundation. This foundation works hard as a partner with urban residential districts, as discussed here. Their focus is to provide opportunities in preparation for students that otherwise would have no expectation for college. The SEED Foundation helps to develop these scholars for college success and remains in contact with the student, facilitating them to round out their animation in future career efforts. Another important focus on the SEED Foundation is to teach life skills to each child in a secure and safe environment.

Levenson enjoyed and still enjoys sharing his visions and dreams for a better world, with his wife Karen, who places an emphasis on the same passions as her husband. They have three sons. Bruce and Karen Levenson make their homes and reside in two locations Potomic, Maryland and Atlanta, Georgia.

Chargers and Raiders put rivalry behind them and hint at a shared stadium

In the NFL the San Diego Chargers and Oakland Raiders are seen to have a bitter rivalry that is played out most years on the field of one of their aging stadiums, but now the two teams could both move to LA and share a stadium, the LA Times reports. The Raiders and Chargers are expected to announce their plans in the city of Carson where a former landfill site will be explored as the potential new home of both teams. The move comes after the success of the stadium share of the New York Jets and Giants in New Jersey and would lower costs for both teams.

Fans at Rocketfuel know that the move to Carson will be privately funded by local companies who are hoping to include the sports stadium a part of their own bid to incorporate leisure and business opportunities into the redevelopment of the Carson area. Carson has long been proposed as the site of a new NFL stadium with St. Louis Rams owner Stan Kroenke also showing an interest in moving his team to the proposed site. All three potential residents of the proposed stadium are hoping to explore their own stadium options within their current home cities. However, the Raiders are thought to be in a financial crisis and would welcome the private investment and shared costs the stadium share would provide.

Duke Makes Late Charge Over UNC

The all-time series is pretty even between Duke and UNC. They have met a million times, and they have almost split the series down the middle. They have also met many times when they were both ranked. These matchups turn out to be some of the best of the year, and this was no exception. Duke is moving toward a good seed in the tournament, and UNC is struggling. They are still fighting off the effects of an investigation that could be quite damaging to their reputation.

However, these two teams are always up for it when they meet. This is yet another meeting where it was close until the final two minutes. In today’s game, Duke simply has more talent than UNC. Roy Williams needs more talent to get by, and he simply does not have it right now. Fans at Rocketfuel know that lack of talent is what is hurting UNC, and that lack of talent allowed Duke to slip past UNC last night.

This is an all-time rivalry, and it is one that is so heated that we never take our eyes off it. Congratulations to Duke for clearly having the upper hand this year, and let’s see where this will take them.

The Leafs Still Disappoint

The context of the thing does not matter so much as the team matters. The Toronto Maple Leafs have been a disappointment for decades at this point. They have not been able to win a championship in generations, and they are not looking like they will be any good any time soon. You have to wonder what they are thinking in Toronto, and many fans think the team does not care.

The players have spoken out to say that they do care, but fans like Bernardo Chua, who have suffered for so long have no choice but to think that the Leafs will never get better. A famous video of a lifelong fan breaking up with the team went viral on YouTube a few years ago, and the team is having issues with attendance stated

When the Leafs allowed their team to sit in the doldrums for this long, they became the Cleveland Browns of hockey. They are not going to get any better, and it would be hard for a fan to be convinced otherwise. I cannot blame any fan for thinking the team does not care, and I think we should simply let it be. The Leafs might be a lost cause right now.

Dez Bryant May Get Franchise Tag

Dez Bryant May Get Franchise Tag

One of the most important aspects of the free agency period in the NFL is attempting to keep the biggest name players on the roster. Dez Bryant would appear to fill out this role quite nicely.

The free agency period is on March 2nd and as with any team, the Dallas Cowboys are trying to figure out whether or not they want to use their franchise tag on the wide receiver while also trying to get him to agree on a long-term contract. Fans like Zeca Oliveira know that Bryant’s rookie contract is soon to expire and this would be top priority for the team.

Bryant isn’t the only big name who is getting attention for contracts, as running back Demarco Murray is also still in the picture and the Cowboys would truly like to keep both starting players. Bryant had a career year, notching up 88 receptions with 1,320 receiving yards and 16 touchdowns to match. If the Cowboys aren’t able to come to a decent agreement, the tag could be applied to Bryant and he could end up receiving a minimum of $12 million for the one year the tag is applied.

The problem with all of this is that the price of the franchise tag is pretty big, considering that other money would need to be spent on resigning other players and their contracts and being under the salary cap.