Durant Out Again


Superstar Kevin Durant of the Oklahoma City Thunder has proven the fact that he is the key factor to the success of the Thunder. He is a former most valuable player and he commands respect on the court wherever he goes, as he is able to completely take over the game at his will when he decides to do so. He missed seventeen games earlier this season with a foot injury and it totally took the Thunder out of commission. According to Zeca Oliveira,  they have hovered around 500, although they still have maintained a playoff spot in the standings, but look to be a team that just cannot keep their head above water when their best player is out of the roster. It is always a scary thing when Kevin Durant is out for an injury, but that is exactly the situation that the franchise has found themselves in heading into the game on Monday night against the Minnesota Timberwolves. Luckily for the Oklahoma City Thunder and their fans that depend on a healthy Kevin Durant, he will only be sitting out due to a sore toe that he sustained when they played the Cleveland Cavaliers the other night. It is not an injury that is going to keep him out, but is something that would have prevented him from going at full force in the matchup against Minnesota, but it is probably the best decision seeing as the Timberwolves are terrible.

Barnes Sues Over Fine

It is kind of mind blowing that the world we live in today is literally caught on camera and responded to on twitter within a matter of minutes. Celebrities use twitter to get their thoughts out about everything and anything and it is a great insight into the minds and the dilemmas that these people go through behind closed doors. Matt Barnes of the Los Angeles Clippers has become well known for getting into altercations with people and ranting about it on twitter and this week would prove to be no different. As fans like Marc Sparks know, he received a twenty-five thousand dollar fine for Sunday’s game against the Phoenix Suns, in which he was caught hurling vulgarities towards a Suns Fan. Barnes came on twitter to trash talk the league for fining him and stated that he was talking to the Suns owner, who was cussing at him previously. Barnes stated that he is sick and tired of getting fined by the NBA for minor things and has decided to sue for his money back. He stated that the Phoenix Suns coach was instigating it and that he should not have to pay a fine what he is not the one that started it. The bottom line is that he used vulgarities and that is explicitly banned in the NBA and he is going to have to pay for the fine whether he started the altercation or not.

Irving Scores 55

LeBron did not play, and Kyrie Irving scored 55 points as the Cavs won yet another game. The team is picking up steam, but they seem to be picking up steam without LeBron doing very much. The Cavs are still trying to figure out what they are going to do with themselves, but it appears that Kyrie Irving can be trusted to score points when they are really needed.

The problem is going to come when the team has to share the ball. Fans like Sergio Andrade Gutierrez know they are not going to know how to score points when LeBron is on the floor changing plays or ignoring them. Perhaps Kyrie has bought into the system, and now he is seeing the rewards of that system. Either way, this is something that people need to take a look at. The Cavs have a chance of being good, but they are going to have to keep doing whatever they are doing right now so that they will have a chance to win games. They may not win a championship as they are constructed, but they might be able to be competitive over the course of the year before LeBron opts out and turns the NBA upside down again.

Phoenix on the Bubble

The Phoenix Suns of the National Basketball Association have had a decent season thus far and are sitting with twenty-six wins and twenty losses. As fans like Bernardo Chua know, they have a slightly above average roster for the Western Conference, but they have to go up against major teams in the West constantly and that can be a very difficult task. More on Chua is available on his Facebook page. Anyway, it has left them in a pretty strange position. They are currently sitting comfortably in the eight spot in the playoff race and that has been where they have been sitting for the longest time. The rest of the West is very strange. The Warriors are way ahead of everyone at five games above second place and they are likely going to win the West. The next six teams have been hovering at the same position and are all in another bracket that is far above the phoenix suns, who find themselves in the eighth spot, with no other competition in the league. They have a gap behind them of a few games, but there is a dark horse looming low in the standings. The Oklahoma City Thunder is currently in the tenth spot, but they finally find themselves healthy after having both Kevin Durant and Russell Westbrook out with injuries. The Thunder are absolutely going to bounce back, and even if they don’t go on an insane run there is another out. Portland just lost their best player and is only nine games ahead of the Thunder. If the Blazers start losing Oklahoma could take it that way as well.

Boise State Basketball

The Boise State Broncos exploded onto the season about a decade ago when their college football program skyrocketed under the remarkable head coaching by Chris Petersen. When he became the head coach of the Broncos and rolled into town things changed drastically for the entire school and they were instantly on the radar of every sports caster and writer in the county. They became one of the biggest powerhouse football teams in the country and were constantly just out of a National Championship game. There was a ton of frustration in Boise, Idaho as it seemed like they could not get into the title game even if they went undefeated. Their program experienced a letdown when Peterson left Boise State and Kellen Moore moved on to the National Football League, although they are now somewhat back in the spotlight after being ranked decently this season. Fans like Marc Sparks know that the Broncos basketball team has been struggling to gain any media attention and have just barely made it into the tournament twice over the last decade. Check out Sparks on Wikipedia for more information. They squeaked in last year in one of the bottom spots and lost in one of the two opening games of March Madness. This year they have a promising team that is sitting at a comfortable fourteen wins and six losses. They have already had some big wins this season and if they continue on the pace they are at they will probably get another bid into this year’s tournament.

Royal Rumble 2015 Recap

The WWE’s Royal Rumble pay per view has recently passed. The event was a disappointment in the eyes of many. The Royal Rumble match was a disaster. The 30-man over the top battle royal has become one of the WWE’s greatest shows. Unfortunately, in the last few years, the Royal Rumble PPV has been marred with controversy.

This years Royal Rumble was a letdown because of the quick elimination of the company’s biggest star, Daniel Bryan. Once Bryan was eliminated, the Philadelphia crowd booed the rest of the match. Roman Reigns would go on to win the Royal Rumble, but he would not bask in the audience’s affection. Instead, Reigns was booed while he celebrated.

“The Rock” even made an appearance at the end of the Royal Rumble match, but even he was booed out of the arena. Roman Reigns was expecting the night of his life, but it quickly turned out to be his worst. After the Royal Rumble, many fans complained about the WWE’ decision to crown Roman Reigns the winner.

The Philadelphia crowd never recovered from the elimination of Daniel Bryan. Many people, including Marc Sparks, were wondering what exactly Vince McMahon was thinking. Check out Sparks on Dallasobserver.com. The entire WWE universe has been left confused and disoriented. With Wrestlemania 31 looming, will Vince McMahon make any changes?

For more information on the Royal Rumble debacle, visit RollingStone.

Browner on Sherman

Cornerback Brandon Browner of the New England Patriots was an integral part of the Seattle Seahawks successful secondary over the last few seasons, although he did not play in the Super Bowl last year and was one of the founding members of the now legendary legion of boom in Seattle. Browner is now playing with the Patriots and he clearly has a chip on his shoulder and wants to come out and take down his old team. First and foremost he did not get a chance to play in the Super Bowl last year due to an injury and then Barack Obama failed to name him as one of the members of the legion of boom and it has led him to want to make this Super Bowl count. He wants to make a bigger name for himself and he wants to play in a Super Bowl this year and win it, although he is still happy that he got a ring last year Seattle. Fans like Dave and Brit Moring know that he made some big statements to the media this week, stating that he is encouraging his teammates to go after Richard Sherman and to break his arm. More on the Morins is available on Abullseyeview.com. Seattle has responded back to his comments and it is pretty clear that it is in a joking manner and not very serious. Although he is highly competitive and wants to win the game, it is unlikely that he wants to seriously injure one of his friends.

Benson Henderson Ready For Next Fight

Benson Henderson is the former UFC lightweight champion, but his career has been on a downswing as of late. In his most recent fight against Donald Cerrone, Benson lost a controversial decision. The fight was held in Boston, on the UFC Fight Night 59 card. Henderson and Cerrone fought a technical battle for three rounds. Benson landed almost double the amount of strikes compared to Donald Cerrone.

The judges at ringside scored the fight unanimously for Donald Cerrone. The decision confused ringside commentators Joe Rogan and Mike Goldberg. After the fight, Benson Henderson appeared a bit irritated, but he was not a sore loser. The UFC Fight Night 59 card was plagued with bad decisions. Fighters have been complaining about the lack of qualified judges for many years. Fans like Dave and Brit Morin tend to agree. Read more about them on Googleplus. 

Also, during the post fight interview, Benson Henderson begged the UFC to give him another fight. The UFC has answered his wishes, and now Benson Hendersom will be fighting Jorge Masvidal on April 4th. Despite the unfavorable decision, Benson Henderson looked better than ever. He displayed many new striking techniques, and he was even on the verge of knocking out Donald Cerrone in the third round.

Benson Henderson has been on both sides of controversial decisions, but he continues to improve with every fight. Henderson is s great fighter, and I expect him to be better than ever when he faces Jorge Masvidal. To learn more about Benson Henderson’s next fight, visit Yahoo! Sports.

Western Conference Brackets


The Western Conference of the National Basketball Association has wound up with a very strange scenario. It is almost like there are brackets broken down in the standings that are actually making discussions and speculations about the final standings much easier. The top bracket is the Golden State Warriors who are sitting comfortably, five games ahead of second place and are clearly head and shoulders about any other team in the West and look to remain that way for the rest of the season. The next bracket is all three teams from Texas, Portland, Memphis and the Clippers. Matheison stated earlier, these teams are really interchangeable and are all going to make the playoffs. There are few scenarios that could occur that would change this, and that leaves a third bracket behind them. The Suns currently sit in the eighth spot, but they are just a game and a half above the Pelicans who are right ahead of the Thunder. These three teams make up the bracket that will have a dog fight to make the final and eighth spot in the playoffs. The Suns are six games above 500 and have been in the eighth spot for a long time, but Oklahoma City is finally healthy and they look like they are going to overtake Phoenix. New Orleans is in the mix as well, but they really have low odds when you consider the Thunders talent and the multiple ways they can get into the playoffs.

Virginia on a Roll

Heading into the 2014-2015 season in college basketball the rankings came out that listed the strengths each team had on paper while starting out the NCAA season. Virginia was ninth on the list and was speculated to be a very good team this year. Little did fans like Dave and Brit Morin know just how good they would be playing this far into the season, as they still find themselves undefeated while holding a record of nineteen wins and zero losses. Check out the Morins on LinkedIn.  Although their last game against the struggling Virginia Tech Hokies was not very impressive, and Virginia won by just three points, they look like they are the real deal and are prepared to go deep into the tournament in march. They have one of the best shooters and stars in the country in Malcolm Brogdon. Although things are constantly shifting in college basketball and no one can make any determinations at this point in the season, they look like they are a team that has a serious shot at winning a national championship this season if they can keep their players healthy and stay on the same winning path that they have been on for the entirety of the season thus far. Kentucky was pitted as the best team in basketball coming into the beginning of the season and they have not wavered from that one bit and remain in the top spot in the country and look to stay there.