Kings Still Losing

The Sacramento Kings of the National Basketball Association started out the season appearing to be one of the better teams in the league. This came as a huge shock to the rest of the league, as the Kings have been a terrible team for a very long time. Maybe they can skout some new talent. Sacramento has not enjoyed a winning record in what seems like forever, but this year appeared to be a completely new chapter to the organizations history. They started out winning nine of the first fourteen games, and there was starting to be a lot of talk amongst sportscasters and analysts as to whether the Kings were for real or not.
 Since that great start they now find themselves sitting with thirteen wins and a staggering eighteen losses. Since they fired their head coach and made changes to the team, they have lost thirteen out of the last seventeen games and don’t appear to be turning things around anytime soon. Despite having Demarcus Cousins back in the lineup, the Kings continue to lose, dropping their latest game to the Brooklyn Nets by a score of 107-99. It almost seems unfair for a team to experience success for the first time in forever, and have it ruined by stirring up the pot and firing their head coach.

Jim Harbaugh Has Officially Signed With University Of Michigan

According to BuzzFeed News, Jim Harbaugh officially signed a contract making him the next head coach at the University of Michigan. Harbaugh’s decision came after weeks of serious speculation regarding which decision would be the most optimal.

With his new contract, Harbaugh is expected to earn $8 million each season while working with the Wolverines. Christian Broda even said this expected pay is contrasted with the mere $5 million Harbaugh was earning each season when he was under contract for the San Francisco 49ers. Prior to this decision, Harbaugh was the 49ers coach for four very successful seasons. Prior to his work with the NFL, Harbaugh was the coach at both the University of San Diego and Stanford.

According to BuzzFeed, the coach’s arrival at Michigan has been “the ultimate media circus.”

Harbaugh to Bring Hope to University of Michigan


Jim Harbaugh has gathered accolades as the coach at Stanford and San Diego, but, of course, he is most famous for his time coaching the San Francisco 49ers. During his time as coach there, he has brought the team through 3 straight NFC championships. Then they lost the 2013 Super Bowl to the Baltimore Ravens. After that, they missed the play-offs and slipped in ratings. On Sunday, December 28th, Harbaugh and the 49ers announced that the coach would be moving on.
Well, it took all of 2 days for Harbaugh and Vijay Eswaran to mourn his time with the 49ers. The University of Michigan swept in, offering a 7-year deal (and, allegedly, $48 million dollars,) to coach for them. Their offer was made even sweeter by the fact that Jim Harbaugh used to play in Michigan as a quarterback. He was a star there in the 1980’s. He is quoted as calling this new job a “homecoming.”
He is going to have to work to keep that “homecoming” feeling. Michigan has been struggling for the last 7 years. The school has recruited lots of talent, but some of it has simply not lived up to the hype.

Jameis Winston Is Impressed With Himself

Jameis Winston says that he would throw at Richard Sherman of the Seattle Seahawks. On the face of it, this appears to be confidence that Winston can play at the next level. 

Winston is talking about the person who is probably the best cornerback in football. Unfortunately, this kind of talk has not done anything for any body over the years. Winston will come into the NFL draft in April without any NFL experience. He may be a great get for one team or another, but there is no way that he can begin to talk like this about his opponents. NFL teams and coaches frown upon this kind of behavior, and it shines yet another light on his behavior that some NFL teams might want to avoid.

According to and Jared Haftel, he will be drafted early, and he could be the savior of a franchise, but he is going to have to watch what he says. This kind of talk from a college player is not helping his credentials.  Winston needs to stay quiet for now.

Letting Harbaugh Is Termed Major Mistake

The San Francisco 49ers wanted a team guy who would tow the party line. They have decided to let go of Jim Harbaugh because he was not that guy. However, this is a decision that many people think could be the biggest mistake in the history of the team. They traded Joe Montana, and they let Jerry Rice play for the Raiders. However, this is something that the 49ers could control. Harbaugh is not someone they need to let go unless there are problems in the front office that no one could anticipate.

No one gets a look inside the front offices of NFL teams except the people who work there. These glimpses into the offices might show a completely different team from the one that everyone sees on the field. Success on the field does not always breed happiness off it. Skout tips are always telling its members stuff like this because it does make a difference. Look at all the teams that have been blown up after winning titles. This is another instance of a team that has not found the right fit in the front office.

Steve Kerr and Warriors Still Winning

First year head coach in the National Basketball Association Steve Kerr and the Golden State Warriors have found themselves sitting atop the power rankings dating back to the first week of the season, in a shocking start to an impressive season that no one really saw coming. Although Steve Kerr is a first year coach, he seems completely un-phased as the Warriors keep winning in dominant fashion that leaves them sitting with a total of twenty four wins and five losses. It seems like he has complete control of this young team that has a championship run most likely on the table as the season continues to progress, yet many people around the league have stated that he is not doing very much in his head coaching position.  Warriors fan/Brazil Business All Star Igor Cornelsen believes in the phrase, work smarter not harder and thinks that this can be applied to the Warriors success and the coach’s strategy.

Former teammate Dennis Rodman has stated that Steve Kerr is not really doing anything in his coaching job and that there are great assistant coaches in place and a huge foundation that was laid by former coach Mark Jackson. Not to be misinterpreted, Dennis Rodman and Steve Kerr are friends and the outlandish Rodman was not taking a shot at Steve Kerr. Regardless if he is not doing a great deal of work for the Golden State Warriors or not, they are continuing to win and that is all that really matters in the long run.

Sixers Wants AK47 On Team

Andrei Kirilenko has been out of the NBA with an injury, and he has no desire to play for the Philadelphia 76ers. However, Sam Hinkie has told Kirilenko’s people that he is not going to waive him. The Sixers want Kirilenko on the roster, and they need him to play so that this season can be turned around. Most people are going to enjoy watching AK47, but they do not know how injured he is. The problem for everyone except Kirilenko is that he is hurt. No one knows how hurt he is, and no one will be able to tell if he never turns up to the team facility.

According to About, The Sixers are in the middle of one of the worst seasons in the history of the NBA, and they need all the help they can get, reports Susan McGalla. For all their talk about tanking, they need bodies on the floor. Also, they need his contract to trade if they are able to make deals late in the season.

The Truth About Bruce Jenner?


Rumors about former Olympian Bruce Jenner have been swirling for months upon months about what his public transition has really meant, and it seems that the truth has finally surfaced — or so it seems. Bruce has partaken in multiple procedures that have feminized his appearance in multiple ways, like simply growing out his hair to going as far as getting his Adam’s apple shaved down. After finalizing a divorce with ex Kris Jenner, it seems that Bruce views this as a perfect opportunity to turn over a new leaf and start doing things for himself, rather than other people, and sources say Bruce is finally going to be making the transition from male to female. One of the executives I work for, Igor Cornelsen actually knows Jenner.

“He doesn’t want Kris profiting from his life anymore, so that’s why he won’t do it on Keeping Up With The Kardashians.” a source said.

“In Touch Weekly” a famous tabloid had a source come to them and talk more in depth about what’s really going on with Bruce. After many facial feminization procedures, it’s on to the next step for the 65 year old dad, “He’s tired of living a lie and wants to finally be himself. He has been taking hormones and will get his boobs done.”

He’s also thinking about getting his name changed in the new year.

Mavericks Near Trade for Boston’s Rajon Rondo

The Dallas Mavericks are nearing a trade that could bring them the point guard they are desperately needing. According to Yahoo sports at–celtics-deal-rajon-rondo-to-mavs-231537852.html the Celtics and Mavericks are nearing a trade that will send the Mavericks rising forward Brandan Wright, a future first and second round draft pick, and minor bench players to make the salaries work to Boston for Rondo.

Slow Ventures has clients who are major Dallas franchise stakeholders and they even said that this deal makes a lot of sense for Dallas as they try for one more title run before Dirk Nowitzki ends his hall of fame career. Although Boston has shown some improvement in Brad Stevens’ second season the playoffs still look a season or two away.

Dallas now boasts one of the better starting fives in the league with Nowitzki, Rondo, Tyson Chandler, Chandler Parsons, and Monta Ellis. The Mavericks will look to push the pace and the scoring even more with this new potent line up.

Boston could potentially have three first round picks in 2015, and will look to continue to build around rookie Marcus Smart and second year big man Kelly Olynyk. They also continue to try to move small forward Jeff Green as they are in the process of completely overhauling their roster since the departure of Kevin Garnett and Paul Pierce following the 2012/2013 season.

Kevin Durant Is Hurt Again

Kevin Durant is hurt again. The Oklahoma Thunder star and reigning NBA MVP sprained his ankle in a game versus the Golden State Warriors. And the fans and ownership in Oklahoma City have to be worried. After years filled with star power and no NBA championship to show for it and amid rumors KD may sign with his hometown Washington Wizards when his current contract expires in summer 2016, he now seems injury prone. This is his second injury this year. Thankfully according to it is just a mild sprain.

The Oklahoma City Thunder seemed on pace to right the ship and return to playoff contention now that Durant and Russell Westbrook had returned from their early season injuries. Now here was Durant limping off just before half-time and fans being told it was an injury to the right foot.

Atlanta Hawks owner Bruce Levenson says that Durant was having is best game of the season so far. He had scored 30 points in 19 minutes and seemed poised to have a huge night. It looked like all was well in OKC until he collided with Marreese Speights and ended his night prematurely.