OneLogin Lives Up To Its Name

Manufacturers face two significant challenges when growing their enterprise. First, they must manage the diverse portfolio of applications and users. Also, they must address security and compliance risks that come with a broader variety of users. OneLogin suggests four things security and IT teams need to keep in mind when developing a plan for identity and access management.

Access to company networks, apps, and data are available to users through an array of extended enterprises. Manufacturers have more complex systems with various partners and vendors working from numerous locations making it difficult to consolidate information. With so much external use, it is critical to establish a system for distributing access and permissions.

The key to expanding enterprises is balancing security and usability. An unprepared manufacturer could suffer data breaches, disruption of critical systems, and lose user productivity by not prioritizing safety. Most data breaches are the result of weak, stolen, or unsafe user credentials. The sensitive data that manufacturers possess can be a target for cyber attacks. Manufacturers are more likely to deal with phishing attacks than any other industry, and a data breach can cost up to $450,000, a costly charge that can be distracting.

Traditional identity management is another costly charge. Users often forget their passwords and slow down productivity as well as IT due to password reset requests. OneLogin suggests using a single Identity and Access Management platform which is much more cost-effective.

OneLogin is a leading identity management single sign-on vendor that offers speed and security to complex enterprises. Their identity management solutions can be installed in just a few hours and provide all you need in one place, a full administrative and self-service portal. OneLogin offers instant access to apps such as Office365, GSuite, AWS and Workplace which all users can engage with just one click. Also, real-time offboarding provides for the protection of corporate data. Safety and productivity are ensured on any device when using OneLogin, and they have made it cheaper to do so.

Susan McGalla Gives Women the Advantage by Paving the Way

One of the best things that people can hope for is someone that will pave the way for them. Among the people that need the way paved for them is the group of women. For one thing, women have been held down for the longest time. Therefore, it is up to someone to show them how they can be leaders. There is one person that has managed to make it to the top as a woman. She has started off in a time when men have dominated the workforce. She has also worked in companies that catered only to the male customer and has made changes so that they included women. Her name is Susan McGalla.

Susan McGalla has made such an impact in the lives of women by being the best leader that she can be. One of the ways that she has been such a good leader is that she has kept everything practical. Instead of focusing on her gender and trying to use it for some kind of gain, she has focused on her work and getting everything done that she has needed to do. It is this focus that has made it so that the companies that she has worked for has gained a lot of revenue and grown as a result.

She also speaks about her example as a leader in the business world. Among the things that she advises women is to not be so caught up in the gender issues. The best thing to do is prove oneself to be capable. Another thing that Susan McGalla suggests to avoid is the entitlement mindset. No one is entitled to anything in the workforce. Everyone has to earn what they want to gain when they are working. People progress in their lives according to how smart and hard they work.

Earning Money with the Market America Method

If you have always wanted to make money from home, you know how difficult it is to find a reliable company to utilize. In the past, you might have spent your hard-earned money on products that you then had difficulty selling to clients. You might have also used other methods that either weren’t reliable or stable or ones that didn’t bring in the amount of money that you needed. This is the exact reason why Market America was created, because it allows ordinary people like yourself the ability to make money from home without becoming fully invested or purchasing products that you just won’t be able to sell.

Market America likes to think of itself as the un-franchise, since it allows people the ability to sell other people’s products without getting involved with shipping and returns, while also avoiding the fees and regulations that come with owning an actual franchise. You will find that with Market America, you simply choose a line of products you want to sell and then create a website. It really is that easy to make money from the comfort of your own home. You will want to advertise and market the company so that people visit and want to buy the products you’re selling.

The reason so many people have put their full effort into the Market America method is because it truly works and brings in the amount of money that you need and want. Before you make the decision to go with another type of at-home business opportunity, give Market America a try for yourself and browse their site to get a feel for what they are offering to the public. In a matter of just a few hours, you can be approved as a worker and open your very own website of your choosing. There are many different product lines that you can choose from through the Market America site, so it takes a bit for you to go through each of them and choose the one that you would like to make available to those who will be visiting your brand new site. Youtlube channel

Bitcoin Is Good As ACryptocurrency, But Paul Mampilly Says Don’t Buy Its Stock

Paul Mampilly writes information about stocks and usually he finds the ones that TV experts are not yet talking about. More often than not, he’s been right about which ones will do well and which ones will do poorly. He wrote recently about digital currency and said it has a great future, and he also said Bitcoin was a stock that he missed out on sharing with his subscribers. Bitcoin saw a big surge in 2017 and Mampilly said he believes in it, but he says you should not currently buy its stock. This is because too many investors have seized on it that it’s value is now set to crash down after being overpriced. It’s a bubble effect that’s similar to what happened with dot-com in 2000.

Paul Mampilly was in investment banking and portfolio management at a hedge fund prior to being a writer for Banyan Hill. He came from a family in India and attended Montclair State University in the 1980s. He worked two jobs to pay his way through school, and after getting his bachelor’s in economics and finance he went to work at Deutsche Bank. He moved up from research assistant to account advisory services and got to upper management positions at ING and Banker’s Trust as well.

For a time, Paul Mampilly left investment banking and became an independent advisor at Capuchin Consulting, a company he helped found. Then he returned to the corporate financial world and became a wealth manager at Kinetics International Fund. He was responsible for managing the assets of fortune 500 companies, international banks, institutional investors and other executives and the funds he put those assets in yielded exceptionally high returns. Upon raising over $25 billion in AUM, Barron’s cited the firm as being the world’s best hedge fund at the time. While still at Kinetics International Fund, Paul Mampilly won the Templeton Foundation personal investment competition.

Paul Mampilly wasn’t interested in just managing the wealth of the big investors; he wanted to give the forgotten people a chance to be successful in the stock market. He retired from the hedge fund not only to spend more time with family, but to change how people looked at investing. He came to Banyan Hill because they offer factual information and provide insights through author newsletters at a much cheaper price than most investor publications. Over 60,000 subscribers read Mampilly’s newsletters, and you can also follow him on YouTube.

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Dr. David Samadi – Compassion Always

Dr. David Samadi, the Chairman of Urology who is also the Chief of Robotic Surgery at Lenox Hill Hospital, commented on Mitt Romney’s, the Former Republican presidential nominee, prostate cancer. Dr. Thomas Ahlering performed the surgery last summer on Mitt Romney to remove the prostate gland that was growing slowly. The operation took place at UC Irvine Hospital in California. Some believe that Mitt Romney is planning to run for the U.S. Senate seat in Utah.

Mitt Romney, one of the 161,360 men who had prostate cancer in 2017, recovered completely from the surgery. Mitt Romney joins many politicians who were fortunate enough to recover from prostate cancer, to name a few, Colin Powell, the former Secretary of State, John Kerry, the 2002 Presidential candidate.

Dr. David Samadi, a graduate of ‘S.U.N.Y. Stony Brook School of Medicine and completed an oncology fellowship at ‘Memorial Sloan Kettering Cancer Center’ majoring in proctology, discussed the choices that Mitt Romney had to treat his prostate cancer. Dr. Samadi, a board-certified urologic oncologist, recommends surgery over radiation as the preferred treatment especially if cancer did not spread beyond the prostate gland. Dr. David Samadi cited few studies that showed that removal of the prostate gland is more effective in this situation than radiation.

His reasons for recommending surgery of radiation are:

  1. treating with radiation causes twice as much death in men who have prostate cancer than men who opted for surgery.
  1. treating men with radiation can lead to secondary cancer in the bladder or rectum. if cancer comes back after radiation treatment, treatment in the form of surgery will not be an option.
  1. When the patient is treated with radiation and later on discovers cancer spread to other organs outside the prostate, his survival rate will be much lower, about 30% and the patient may not live more than five years.
  1. Removing the prostate through surgery have been proven to improve survival rate to 100%.

Dr. David Samadi, one of the most experienced robotic prostate surgeons in the world, recommends that men diagnosed with prostate cancer to find a qualified, experienced urologist/oncologist to educate them to make an informed decision to defeat cancer.

Dr. David Samadi specializes in the use of robotic surgery in the treatments of prostate cancer. In his practice, he strives to treat the patient as a whole and take them through the hardship of the disease to safe future and cancer free.

Michel Terpins

Michel Terpins: The Speed and Passion to Win

Rally car driving is one of the most dangerous and exciting sports in Brazil, and Michel Terpins is one of its most illustrious drivers. A native of Sao Paulo, Michel comes from a sports-oriented family – his brother races cars and their father was a well-known basketball player. His skills and talents have made him internationally famous, and together with his brother Rodrigo, they have demonstrated their racing prowess in a prototype race car outfitted with a V8 engine. Michel actually began his career by racing motorcycles until he switched to racing cars in 2004.

Michel and Rodrigo Terpins have also created the Bull Sertoes Rally Team. The brothers also compete in the Bull Sertoes Rally, a cross-country racing event that covers over 2,000 miles of tough terrain and takes seven days to complete. Well-known for having the most challenging terrain in the world, the event draws rally drivers and fans from all over the world. Terpins has participated in many rallies in Brazil during his career, and his style of combining aggressive determination with a hefty dose of fun has earned him thousands of fans worldwide.

Late last year, Terpins and his navigator Maykel Justo finished the 25th annual Bull Sertoes Rally. Despite having the lead in the first two stages of the race, mechanical problems during the final stage forced them out of first place and they ended up coming in fourth in the prototypes division and finished in 10th place overall. Michel Terpins has four championship titles and well over a decade of rally racing experience under his belt.

Outside of racing, Michel Terpins is a strong advocate for the environment, especially when it comes to deforestation and carbon dioxide emissions. Terpins is committed to compensating for any vehicle emissions by planting new trees in exchange, and works to develop sustainable timber as well as the reforestation of degraded land in Brazil.

Talk Fusion’s Success

Bob Reina is the Founder and Chief Executive Officer of Talk Fusion. He started Talk Fusion after he had a dilemma trying to send a video email. He was viewing a house and wanted his family’s opinion. He attempted to send them a video, but AOL did not allow him to send the video. The told Reina that video messaging would never be possible. Bob Reina decided to market the idea of video communication. In 2007 Talk Fusion opened. Talk Fusion is now one of the best quality video communication companies on the market.

Talk Fusion recently created an upgrade to live meetings. The program has the ability to host intricate meetings. The new application features an upgraded surface, and it uses the WebRTC system to communicate. The new app allows people to send videos to hold conferences rather than sitting in a boardroom. 15 people are allowed to host while 500 people are allowed to participate. Tablets, phones, and computers are able to use the feature.

The video program does not require you to use all of your space up on your device. The program does not have to be downloaded separately the program is all-inclusive. The amount of time it takes to install a program is cut out. There is no need to worry about people missing the meeting waiting for downloads. They can open the program in a window in their web browser.

Bob uses the platform that he has to give back to the community. He is very dedicated to ensuring the well-being of those around him. His goal is to lead by example. He hopes that if someone sees him bettering the community or donating to a charity that they will do the same. Reina’s most significant donation is the $1 million donation to the Humane Society of Tampa Bay. He works to change society through action rather than wasting time talking. Acts speak louder than words.

Talk Fusion has had much success since its start in 2007. They have beat competition continuously by modernizing their products as needed. Talk Fusion changed the game in 2007, and they continue to improve the game. No one believed it was possible to create a video messaging feature. They defied the odds and created a brand that has flourish and contributed to social development all around the world. Talk Fusion video communication is a game changer. Learn more:

A fair day’s work for a fair day’s pay.

Jim was born on January 21st 1876 in Liverpool, England. He then found himself in the United States in the year 1914 Jim had the idea that he wanted to be a public speaker once he hit the states, but, it didn’t take Jim long to see that supporting a family on a public speaker’s salary was next to impossible ;so he got bought out by the Germans in exchange for disrupting the pro-Allie Us munitions industry even though eventually he got deported in 1920 for being convicted of criminal anarchy and communism.

Coming from a background of little education Jim worked a wide range of jobs and with hard work and dedication he claimed the title of foreman at the Liverpool docks.

In 1903 Jim met and married a woman by the name of Elizabeth Brown; they then had four children together they were all boys.

In 1905 Jim became a full time trade union organizer then he went on to create the political programme. In 1912 he also formed the Irish Labour party Jim still kept going with accomplishments because he also founded the Irish Transport and general worker’s union which is also found as an acronym. Read more: Jim Larkin | Biography and Jim Larkin | Wikipedia

Eventually Jim’s wife separated from him taking the two youngest boys with her, it’s even said that after Elizabeth passed away Jim knew his time was near and on January 30th in 1947 Jim died in his home country of Ireland.

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Fabletics, Fit, Fabulous and Fashionable

Should you be looking for a way to be comfortable and fashionable while getting fit, look no further than Fabletics. Inspired by Kate Hudson, the actor, and now the fashion icon, the brand has taken the internet and retail world by storm. The line has become so popular, it’s now rivaling Amazon, the often dreaded competitor in the apparel and accessories world. While Fabletics has a full line of clothing and accessories, the emphasis is placed on the athleisure line.


If you’re unfamiliar with athleisure, you’re not alone. This relatively new fashion trend combines the comfort of leisure clothing, with fashion, but also embraces the physical side, making it appropriate for exercising. The versatility is what makes it so attractive to the masses. Being able to go from one part of your day to the other, seamlessly is something that women and also men have been seeking for quite some time. Fabletics provides an affordable and convenient way to encompass all these things into one convenient monthly package, delivered right to your doorstep.


Fabletics has, even more, reasons for being such a success. Using the “reverse showroom” technique, the companies primary marketing outlet is online. Retail stores are available for those who wish to preview select items. Those who are on the fence are also able to see the items at the retail store, which gives them the confidence they need to sign up for a membership. The retail store conversion from browser to a buyer is rather high, far exceeding most other traditional retail venues.


Getting started is quick and easy. Before browsing, there’s a lifestyle quiz available that will help guide buyers to the athleisure that would be best for them. This is based on lifestyle, activity level, purpose, taste and several other factors. After taking the lifestyle quiz, you can decide if Fabletics is a good match for you. Should you wish to sign up or make a single purchase, you can do so at that time. Getting started is easy and fun, and well worth the time spent. Head on over to the Fabletics website to get started today at You’ll be looking fabulous, fit, and fashionable in no time at all!

Sheldon Lavin’s Story Of Becoming A Meat Processing Industry Icon

Meat processing can be quite a demanding task that wholesale food companies have to invest in to stay ahead of competitors. One man whose company has done this and continues to grow is Sheldon Lavin, the owner and CEO of OSI Industries. Lavin has helped the company maintain its strong relationship with McDonald’s restaurants and partnered with many other fast food franchises. He’s researched and led initiatives for safety practices in processing plants and invested in environmentally-friendly technology which has gotten OSI Industries recognition from various non-profit food organizations. Lavin likely never imagined he would be in the position he is when he first started over 40 years ago.

Sheldon Lavin was originally building his reputation as a financial advisor. He had worked for a big investment bank at the outset of his career, and then founded own consulting company. OSI, then known as Otto & Sons approached him when they needed to finance the opening of a new plant. The company was only located at Chicago at the time and was now having to increase its resources to meet the demands of McDonald’s who they had partnered with not long before. Lavin not only procured the funds for Otto & Sons first expansion, he got involved on a part-time basis and was overseeing a lot more of the company’s finances. It was then that the owners offered him the position of CEO and wanted him to lead the company completely. Lavin wanted to stick to financial consulting initially, but then he was approached with an ownership stake, and upon hearing that he could grow the company the way he wanted, he accepted.

Lavin renamed Otto & Sons to OSI Industries in the mid-1970s and first expanded into Germany. By the 1990s OSI was accompanying McDonald’s into their China venture, and it was recently announced a new plant was being built in the Philippines. All in all, Lavin has financed the expansion into 17 different countries and opening of 50 different plants, and also bought out Baho Food and Flagship Europe. What Lavin says he loves most about his career is the people he’s gotten to know and building a family atmosphere at OSI. He says the company has open door policies when it comes to their offices and it’s not just simply about giving orders from the top down. Lavin was awarded the Global Visionary for his entrepreneurship and philanthropy which includes serving on the board of the Ronald McDonald House Charities.

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