Innovation Queen Lori Senecal to Steer CP&B’s Global Expansion Plans

Being at the helm of a global advertising agency company is not a cup of tea for all. It calls for exceptional talent. Someone with the gusto to grasp global advertisement trends, someone as innovative as Lori Senecal. She knows too well that any publicity, even negative, can be turned around positively.

In fact, very few executives can stand up and absorb the pressure that such a position exerts. However, for Lori Senecal, occupying the throne at top global advertising agencies seems to be her cup of tea. She seems to be at home as a bird in its nest. Before her appointment to Crispin Porter & Bogusky’s newly created global CEO position, Lori Senecal served in the demanding task as the president and chief executive officer of MDC Partners.

This appointment is significant coming a few months after CP&B won the global Infiniti account in October, This is a huge win for the inventive Lori Senecal and a certainly big catch for the expanding CP&B. In her words, it is a time for business to venture into unknown territories, innovate and create new frontiers. This came in her interview with Laura Dunn.

Lori Senecal was modest in her reaction to the appointment to the global CEO position. According to the NTY Times, she was quick to draw public attention to the fact of her working alongside group chair Chuck Porter, whom she sincerely hold in high regard. She was also quick to draw public attention to the enviable talent present at Crispin Porter & Bogusky. She is not in the habit of alluding to herself – at least this is what she has shown – which sets her apart from the common practice in advertisement agencies is the other way.

With Crispin Porter & Bogusky now turning a coveting eye on the Chinese market, Lori Senecal is tasked with the enormous responsibility of breaking down the bulwarks of new markets. Having spent a considerable time as an innovation wizard at McCann, New York office, there was no one more suited to the role that Lori Senecal, not to mention her successful time as executive chair at KBS.

Lori Senecal’s hands are magical. Everything she touches seems to turn to gold. Growth figures under her leadership are very encouraging in all positions she has occupied to date. In fact, very few in the industry can match her growth figures. The innovation queen is tipped to steer CP & B to greater heights. For more info, check out Lori’s Twitter page.

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Josh Verne: How to Get Out of Your Own Way and Succeed in Life and Business

Today, the most successful people share the lessons in their lives to assist you live the kind of life you would like to have whether in matters of personal growth, wealth, health or relationships. Each show is jam pressed with significant tips and bits of knowledge that will drive you forward to meet your life dreams. To prevail in business and life normally requires good attention and comprehension of yourself, in addition to your role in every circumstance. A fruitful life requires balancing. For instance, you can have all the cash on the planet, but your home life and health are out of balance, will end up suffering. In like manner, if you have an adoring family and proper health, you need to go wholly for what you are passionate about.

Josh Verne said you have to discover what gets you out of bed every morning with enthusiasm and where it counts in your gut. For instance, look at that thing that awakens you early and makes you work late. Something that makes you need to skip parties or something you would do despite of being not getting paid. To genuinely prevail in life, you should be a pioneer and forego driving your will onto others and going for respect. At the end of the day, if you serve people, they will tail you, and your group can finish any objectives you keep thinking about. It goes without notice that the more you listen to other people, the higher the control that you gain, and the more individuals will be ready when you have something to share, which gives what you need to share more power and meaning. Continuously endeavor to accomplish a win-win plan or deal of action. This implies a win for you, a win for your representatives, a win for your customers, and at last, and a win for society.


Why Is UK Vintners The Best Wine Dealers In The United Kingdom


The UK is one of the leading wine importers in the world; the country is also among the minority producers of wine globally. The wine made in the UK is classified as English wine or Welsh wine. The English wine is made in England and Welsh wine made in Wales. These two types of wines are made from grapes from different parts of the world including the UK.

UK Vintners is an independent company that concentrates on the supply of the finest wines in the country. The company works with different wine producers and brokers and resellers to ensure there are adequate wine and champagnes in the market. UK Vintners concentrates on finest wines and champagnes.

Other Services

UK Vintners has a team of experts’ staffs whose role is to guide clients on the best wines and champagnes in the market. The team samples the wines in the market and classify them into different categories for customers to easily choose the best. Customers are also allowed to seek consultancy from the team to get the finest wine they are looking for.

How to Buy Wine from UK Vintners

The company has a website where buyers can visit and buy their favorite wine or champagne. The website has a tab titled ‘Buy wine.’ When you click on the tab, you will be provided with five categories of wines and champagnes available for sale. These types include; Champagnes, Bordeaux, Spanish, Italian, and Burgundy. You expected to choose a category between the five, and you will be directed to a page with a list of all wines available for sale.


UK Vintners is one of the leading dealers of exclusive wines and champagnes in the United Kingdom. The concentrates on high-end wines and it by doing this it has attracted a big number of clients in the country.

Doug Levitt Shares His View of America by Greyhound

Doug Levitt is a singer-songwriter, known for his work,” The Greyhound Diaries.” This a project that took nearly a decade to complete. Doug traveled by Greyhound bus for over 100,000 miles, across the United States. He encountered many different types of people along the way. He gathered stories of people’s lives, pictures, songs and other things from those he traveled with. He says that due to the fact that in this country, people don’t ride the bus if they don’t have to, so most of the people were struggling financially.


Levitt has 20,000 images from his travels. He has produced two records, put together a one-man show, published articles, done photo exhibits and built a web series. He has performed his work at The Kennedy Center, Walter Reed Army Medical Center, Woody Guthrie Center, the Southern Poverty Law Center, and the University of Southern California. The work has been featured on CNN, Fox News, MSNBC, the Wall Street Journal, Billboard and by Reuters.


Prior to undertaking his journey, Levitt worked as a foreign correspondent for ABC, NBC, CNN, MSNBC and other networks. He was based out of London and been to Iran, Rwanda, and Bosnia to cover stories.


Doug Levitt is the son of former Washington, D.C. City Council member Carol Schwartz and her husband David Schwartz. He went to public schools in Washington, D.C., and graduated from Woodrow Wilson High School. He went to Cornell University. He was awarded a Fulbright Scholarship and completed a Master’s Degree in International Relations.



Surgery is a stressful experience to go through for both adults and children. Even if you have gone through a surgery before, the thought of having to do it again can be very overwhelming. It is important to have a competent and experienced surgeon completing your procedure, but not many people give thought to the anesthesiologist that will be administering the anesthesia and pain medication prior, during and post surgery. Capitol Anesthesiology has a number of qualified and experienced professionals on their staff that are well versed in different methods of pain relief and anesthesia for both adults and children. Each patient’s case is given much thought and the proper plan is used for a safe surgery.


There are three major types of anesthesia that can be used depending on what the procedure is and what it entails. For a more serious or intricate type of surgery, general anesthesia is the most popular option as it ensures a patient will be immobile and unable to interrupt what is going on in the operating room. Regional anesthesia works best when less monitoring is needed but still the patient needs to be able to remain motionless. Thirdly, when a procedure is going to be shorter in duration or is not very severe, local anesthesia is preferred and used as often as possible to improve the outcome of the patient and shorten the recovery period.


The patient’s well being physically and mentally is the most important goal of not only a surgeon but also an anesthesiologist. Proper sedation is beneficial on both ends of the spectrum and crucial for overall success.

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Ascension Ventures And Reputation Management

When a company makes a statement about a certain cause, it can provoke a minor reaction and a bit of support or opposition, depending on the cause. But generally, people will forget about it because a statement might not mean much. On the other hand, if that company invests a large sum of money into a cause, that will say something more profound. It will say that it is a cause that they believe in. Ascension Ventures recently invested over 20 million dollars in a reputation website according to this press release.

Ascension Recognizes Potential

This sort of investment is not unusual for a company such as Ascension. Ascension is known for hoisting a piece of technology on its’ back and springing it into greater success. They often raise money for upcoming innovations and make this sort of donation. They recognized that the technology in reputation management was powerful and if boosted, could yield great results in future generations. It will be exciting to see the sort of developments that are yielded by this investment.

What Is The Reputation Technology?

Ascension invested in the website known as simple Reputation Defender. They offer several features to their clients, the primary one being the surveillance of social media to ensure that nothing negative comes out on a popular website about that client. If something negative does come out, Reputation of course does not compromise their freedom of speech. But they will ensure that what they said was within the boundary of freedom of speech. After determining that it is, they will assess how to proceed to counter the statement that was made.

The technology that is required to monitor social media and search for a particular brand name is quite intimidating. But if it is successful, it will be revolutionary in branding and reputation management.

With the donation from Ascension Ventures, one can deduce a couple of truths. First, they believe that reputation management technology has a lot of potential. Second, clients can expect better service and move advanced technology as Reputation benefits from the investment that was made by Ascension.


Christopher Burch, A Man of Innovation

Christopher Burch recently wrote an article on the growing relationship between fashion and technology. It all starts with the boom box and the sudden reality that technology is something portable, an accessory for anyone. And as technology advanced, moving from the boombox to the walkman to the iPod, it has become more and more fashionable to carry around. And those are just the advances that are readily visible to the casual observer. Anna Haupt and Terese Alston have created an airbag for cyclists to wear around their necks. SegraSegra has created t-shirts and jackets made from bicycle tires, and Soledad Martin is working towards shoes that will charge a cellphone while walking. It is clearly a growing opportunity for the two industries to work together.

And Christopher Burch has a lot of experience in these sorts of ventures. In 1976, Mr. Burch and his brother started their very first business, Eagle’s Eye apparel, which grew to $165 million before being sold to Swire Group. He invested in Internet Capital Group and began his career in funding innovation and success.

During his exciting 40 year career, Christopher Burch has invested in over 50 different brands and companies including everything from real estate to retail to organic foods. Most recently, Mr. Burch has invested in ED by Ellen Degeneres, Cocooon9 (a luxery prefab home company), and TRADEMARK (a women’s clothing and accessory brand). He has also gotten involved in the food industry with Little Duck Organics and Brad’s Raw Foods.

Along with his extensive list of innovative companies, Christopher Burch has also been involved in several research and philanthropic enterprises. He has donated to the Mt. Siani Hospital in New York, the Henry Street Settlement, and NYU Langone. But his philanthropic interests aren’t limited to just New York. He has also assisted the Child Welfare League of China and the China Association of Social Work.

Helane Morrison Takes the Legal World by Storm

There aren’t many business-focused professionals that we, the public, feel we can trust. While everyone hopes that they can better the world, there are a few that wish to better only themselves. It seems like the only people good at influencing the economy are those who want to control the economy. In recent decades, there has been one businesswoman who exemplifies what we want in a business leader. Helane Morrison is quickly becoming one of the most renowned business experts the world has ever known.

Born in Brooklyn, New York, Helane Morrison had an average childhood. She didn’t know what her future held for her, but she did know that she was intrigued by the world of business. After high school, she attended Northwestern University where she earned a bachelor’s degree in journalism. Unsatisfied with her status, she attended the University of California, Berkeley, School of Law. There, she was able to use her journalism degree as she was editor-in-chief of the California Law Review. She also earned a Juris Doctor from the University. In 1987, she passed the State Bar of California.

Even though she was not accepted to the California Bar until 1987, she began her career in law in 1984. She started out like many other lawyers do, as a law clerk. She worked for Richard A. Posner, who worked for the U.S. Court of Appeals, Seventh Circuit. A year later, Helane started working for Harry Blackmun of the Supreme Court. The next year, she got a job working for a private law firm, Howard, Rice, Nemerovski, Canady, Falk, & Rabkin. By 1991, Morrison was a partner, which she remained as for five more years.

Helane was such a force in the legal world that she began to get noticed by those higher up in the system. In 1996, Morrison was asked to join the SEC. Her first responsibility was as Head of Regional Enforcement Activities. Eventually, she was promoted to running the entire San Francisco office. Even though she only worked in California, she oversaw the enforcement and examinations of many other states. Morrison led the SEC to take on some of the biggest names in the industry. She earned herself a reputation for tackling several high-profile cases. She is a powerful woman who shows no fear when it comes to challenging the big boys.


How EOS Lip Balm Became The New Lip Balm Of Choice

Few beauty start-ups have managed to completely take over an entire industry in just a few years. However, when EOS founders Sanjiv Mehra, Jonathan Teller and Craig Dubitsky boldly set out take on the unimaginative world of lip balm, they hit the jackpot.

The company, now worth $250 million, had a simple idea when they were trying to decide on a new product to launch. They challenged themselves to offer an alternative to Chapstick, the 100-year-old company that had dominated the lip balm industry, with a new product that would be drastically different in every way.

What EOS created was a lip balm that looked radically unique in its packaging. Instead of packaging their product in yet another cylindrical tube, they opted for spheres in different shades of bright pastels.

Another decision that would set EOS lip balms apart from its competitors was creating a unique formula. These lip balms use only natural ingredients, appealing to health-conscious beauty consumers.

Mehra, Teller and Dubitsky intended for their product to appeal to women. For a century, lip balms were a unisex product with every brand’s packaging looking almost exactly the same. By offering pastel-colored balls, women now see EOS lip balms as a fashion accessory as much as a lip moisturizer.

Needless to say, it didn’t take long for this drug store product to become a huge success. When Christina Aguilera and other celebrities were photographed pulling these products out of their purses, beauty industry enthusiasts all around the world took notice. Soon, EOS lip balms were being featured in Facebook beauty pages and high fashion magazines.

Today, the company’s founders feel optimistic about the future of their product. As the lip balm industry is set to be worth $2 billion by 2020, they feel confident that their product will continue to rise. With innovative thinking and a flare for marketing, these entrepreneurs plan to continue to take the lip balm industry by storm for years to come. EOS lip balms are available online thru the exclusive Evolution of Smooth website. Retailers like Target and Ulta,, sell them too.


Clay Siegall, Scientist and Entrepreneur

Clay Siegall, PhD is a cancer scientist and pharmaceutical executive. He is the current President, CEO and Chairman of Seattle Genetics. He holds a PhD in Genetics awarded by George Washington University and a BS in zoology from the University of Maryland. Dr. Siegall has had over seventy published papers and holds seventeen patents. As the cofounder of Seattle Genetics, Dr. Siegall has been a driving force in Seagen’s move toward scientific innovation and passion for patient care. It is believed that Dr. Siegall helped to secure over $300 million in funding for his company’s drug research. Dr. Siegall’s company has a current focus on developing antibody-drug coagulates (ADC) including ADCETRIS (bretuximad vedotin) which was approved by the Food and Drug Administration in 2011 for the treatment of cancer. Seattle Genetics completed an initial public offering in March 2001 and is traded under the symbol SGEN. Seattle Genetics has around 600 total employees. In addition to his work with SEAGEN, Dr. Siegall serves on the board of directors for Ultragenyx, Mirna Therapeutics and Alder Biopharmaceuticals. Under Dr. Seigall’s leadership, Seagen has entered into strategic partnerships with Roche, Abbvie, Glaxoklinesmith and Pfizer to further research into ADCs. Dr. Siegall and his company have been reported on by Bloomberg, CNN and Fox News. Before founding Seattle Genetics, Dr. Siegall worked for Bristol-Myers Squibb as well as the National Cancer Institute. Dr. Siegall is the recipient of a number of awards including 2013 university of Maryland Alumnus of the Year, and 2012 Pacific Northeast Earnst and Young Entrepreneur of the Year.