Jason Hope Embraces Role as Technological Innovator

We are living in increasingly technological times. The leap that technology has taken even over just the last decade is something to behold. At the forefront of this burgeoning tech revolution is the field of smart technology. Smart technology promises to make life simpler while allowing us to pursue the things that we live. Jason Hope, a donor to the SENS Foundation and the founder of JAWA, has been pushing the concept of smart technology to new limits. Under the umbrella term of the ‘Internet of Things’, Hope has become a staunch advocate for embracing this new technology

The Internet of Things is a massive term that seeks to encapsulate an industry that is promising to change the world. The Internet of Things, as described by Jason Hope, refers to all of the different ways that technology will work toward automating our lives. From public transit to in-home entertainment and security, the Internet of Things is primed to make a fundamental impact on the day-to-day lives of people everywhere. According to Jason Hope, the Internet of Things is eventually going to turn into one of the most important industries in the entire world. For that reason, Hope strongly advocates for companies to start development now rather than be left behind in the future.


Jason Hope is more than just an advocate for the Internet of Things. In fact, Hope identifies as a futurist and the work that he has done throughout his career embodies that fact. Hope believes that technology can solve problems in a way that people aren’t truly giving it credit for. For that reason, Hope has been an active donor to the SENS Research Foundation. The SENS Research Foundation is an anti-aging clinic based out of California. The goal of the SENS Research Foundation is to find solutions to the most common problems related to aging. Hope donated more than $500,000 to the non-profit facility in order to help in their research into arteriosclerosis, otherwise known as the hardening of our arteries as we age. Hope doesn’t believe that aging with grace is impossible. In fact, Hope believes that we can change the way we age forever.

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Rebel Wilson as Natalie in Isn’t It Romantic Movie on Netflix

 Isn’t It Romantic movie on Netflix features the Rebel Wilson and Liam Hemsworth as the lead roles. Just from the title, you might think that this is another romantic comedy type of movie. However, Isn’t It Romantic comes out as an anti-rom-com.

It begins with Natalie’s mother (Jennifer Saunders) telling a young Natalie (Rebel Wilson) that girls like her never get someone to marry them for love unless the guy needs a visa.

Her mother’s words made her lack self-confidence, and she carries the romance skepticism into adulthood, where she now lives and works as an architect in New York City. The male colleagues she works with treat her as a coffee assistant even though she is an expert architect designing a new hotel.

The movie gets a twist when Natalie gets robbed in a subway and hits her head waking up in a well-lit private room with flowers and a handsome doctor attending to her. Read more:  Pitch Perfect for Rebel Wilson | VanityFair and Isn’t it Romantic Trailer | Glamour

Her face is all dolled up with makeup, and she realizes that she is now stuck in a romantic comedy of her own. Waking up in a fancy room with full makeup on is a nightmare since she had earlier mocked this kind of life so vigorously that she didn’t imagine it would ever happen to her.

Why You Should Watch Isn’t It Romantic Even If You Are A Non-Romantic Comedy

Twisting the scenes and placing Natalie into a parallel setting makes the movie even more interesting since it is set to make fun of all the other regular romantic comedy movies. Rebel Wilson is cast well as Natalie who is an awkward lady with low self-esteem issues and a humorous side that is cringe-worthy. She has a gay neighbor who is a style expert, and a workmate rival who is always on high heels.

Then there is the hot stranger (Liam Hemsworth) who hits Natalie with his car by accident and a great best friend who is perfect for her, but she doesn’t notice him that way. The movie is entertaining in a satirical way. Isn’t It Romantic can be watched by anyone even those who do not like romantic comedies.

Background Information

Rebel Wilson is a singer, writer, producer, and an actress, mostly known for acting in comedy movies. She was born in Sydney Australia on 2nd March 1980. She grew up in the loving care of her expert beagle – breeder parents with her three siblings, Liberty, Ryot and Annachi.

In 2015 November, Rebel Wilson collaborated with Torrid, a plus size brand to launch a clothing line. She graduated with a Bachelor of Laws degree and a Bachelor of Arts in Theatre and Performance Studies from the University of New South Wales. She also attended the Australian Theater for Young People where she first found her footing on stage.

Rebel Wilson is the type of actors who leave his followers asking for more whenever he set out to play a role in a film. He is a notable character who will make any film that he features a total success.

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JetSmarter is Elevating Its Customers Experience

JetSmarter made a splash when it first offered people the ability to charter a jet at an affordable price. JetSmarter C.E.O and founder Sergey Petrossov was able to accomplish this feat by arranging for the owners of private planes that were usually sitting unused in hangers, waiting to get chartered, to partner with him as his app JetSmarter made is easy for business people and individuals to book a seat on a private jet by offering memberships to customers that wanted a higher class of travel than commercial airlines. JetSmarter offset the high price by offering available seats on pre-scheduled flights to members or allowing the member to charter a private flight for an additional fee.

And now it seems that Sergey Petrossov is working on leveling up by acquiring its own branded fleet. JetSmarter is accomplishing this by working with aircraft owners. The aircraft that JetSmarter are using are luxurious, and so is the service. The aircraft have new luxury interiors, wifi, gourmet catering, and cocktails. JetSmarter has worked hard to make its branded flights an experience in comfort and luxury.

JetSmarter has been able to create its own branded fleet by working with aircraft owners who are interested in enrolling in The Owners Program. Aircraft owners can enroll their aircraft in the JetSmarter Owners Program, and JetSmarter will take over all fees for the maintenance and flights of the aircraft. This program helps owners cover some of the expenses of owning a private aircraft. Aircraft owners enrolled in the program also get the JetSmarter Owners Membership that gives them discounts and perks when flying JetSmarter.

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A Look At Sharon Prince’s Organization The Grace Farms Foundation

Grace Farms is an 80-acre community space and cultural institution that is operated by the Grace Farms Foundation. It is a place of serene natural beauty which inspires thought. They have preserved the natural habitat and it can be visited throughout the year, each season offering its own treasures to people who choose to visit.
There are buildings in Grace Farms that naturally flow into the landscape. The buildings are used to foster communication between different people. They often have guest speakers, notable artists, and thought leaders who pay a visit. Grace Farms has a number of on-site programs throughout the year. It is open to everyone and free to the public.
Summers are glorious at Grace Farms. It’s in Connecticut and so the fall is a showcase of beautiful New England colors. It’s a lush display of red, orange, and golden leaves which is perfect for taking pictures or just being immersed in nature.
In winter, with the leaves down and the branches bare, visitors to Grace Farms can see sights that are hidden during the course of the rest of the year. It offers a breathtaking topography with powdery snow on the trees and meadows. It’s also quieter and more introspective in the winter at this place.

There are species of birds that migrate through Connecticut and pay Grace Farms a visit on the way. There are also birds that stay and thrive there even through the winter. Birds such as hawks and owls can be seen throughout the year.
The Grace Farms Foundation is led by nationally-recognized businesswoman Sharon Prince. She is the president of this foundation as well as the chairperson of the board. She helped to establish this nonprofit in 2009 with the goal of creating a space where people could engage with nature and have conversations about justice, faith, and other issues.

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What Betsy DeVos Has in Mind for the Future of Public Education in the USA

For those who have seen Betsy Devos in the news, the US Education Secretary has been working hard towards education reform. While many have called her a polarizing figure in politics, she has certainly made a name for never backing down from an interview. She has consistently talked to reporters and educators, hoping to make it more clear what she wants to do with educational choice.


There are many who don’t like her policies, mainly because they claim that she will use public funding for private education. However, that’s not the case according to Devos who went on “60 Minutes” last year to talk about it with reporter Leslie Stahl. During the interview, they discussed several policies that Devos had proposed and which ones had been successful so far. There has been little movement on these policies since she has taken office, and so Devos is looking forward to getting more states on board with educational choice.


She has said that her goal is to place students first, and she hopes that educators can see that. She also talked about why people thought that public funding would be used for private education, and she said that people who think that simply don’t understand the policy. This is because Devos has been working on education reform for many years. She has seen how it can be successful in states like Florida and Louisiana.


In fact, many students in Florida have the best education options. They don’t have to go to the school where they are zoned if they want to go to a magnet program or private school. There are even more options today than there were before for these students. They can now choose to go to a homeschool program, charter school, virtual school, or other school defined under the educational choice policy.


Students in Florida are also lucky because they have a tuition-based scholarship program. While students have to be accepted into the program, it allows low income parents to get a better education for their kids. Many students are now able to go to schools that have a better curriculum that don’t use common core math.


Devos continues to work with educators, but she is finding it difficult to get these policies instituted into other states. Most famous, she had a difficult time getting bills passed in her home state of Michigan. However, there are other issues facing Devos now, such as school safety reform. Ever since 2018, she has been working with schools to improve campus security. She helped schools change their policies and beef up security before the 2018-2019 school year.


Devos will continue to work with state education leaders, hoping to bring more educational choice options to other states by 2020.


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Edwin Miranda Likes To Think Deeply On His Analysis Of The Marketing Industry:

Edwin Miranda is one of the rising stars of the marketing industries these days. He has made a name for himself as the founder and Chief Executive Officer at KOI IXS. This innovative agency is becoming a strong force within the marketing industry thanks to the outstanding experience and leadership that Edwin Miranda brings to the table. One of the concepts that Edwin is committed to is the idea that performance marketing can be one of the most positive and effective strategies out there in terms of driving brands on a global basis. He always strives to create moments for customer engagement on top of the persistent goal of attaining new customers.

In his current position, Edwin Miranda sees himself surrounded on a daily basis by a team of truly innovative and passionate individuals ranging from strategists and thinkers to designers and creators. This excellent team that he is surrounded with has given Edwin Miranda the ability to provide his clients with a big edge in terms of innovating in the current, ultra-competitive marketing industry. Edwin Miranda has cultivated his success as much from his recognition of the fact that change is constant as from any other source. It is something that he embraces.

Edwin Miranda is notable for his commentary on the advertising industry. His own significant successes in the industry are a great reason as to why so many listen when he has something to say. Edwin has recently pointed out the fact that there has been an issue between creativity and performance over the years that have been doing harm to the marketing industry. Solving these kinds of complex issues within the world of advertising and marketing is something that Edwin Miranda thinks about all the time in regard to the kind of work that he does. In the end, this kind of thinking has helped Edwin to attain significant success in a highly competitive field.

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Strengthen and Train the Brain at Neurocore

Mental Health and behavioral health issues has always been treated with the same kinds of procedures, therapies and drugs from years ago. Although these medicine and therapy can prove to be effective for some, they do not prove to be good for the overall health of the brain and the long-term effects of drugs and drug-dependence can be doing more harm than good.

Thanks to developments in technology and medicine, Neurocore has devised new ways to deal with mental health or behavioral health challenges. Neurocore knows the difficulties of finding the treatment that is best for you, facing social stigma when it comes to mental health, the financial footing you need to have in order to avail treatment, and the utmost difficulty of taking that first step.

Neurocore focuses on the performance, the strength and the adaptive nature of the brain. The brain is an extremely amazing organ. It is tenacious, adaptable and very resilient in nature. The human brain is our source of ideas, behaviors, emotions and thought and they are all operating under billions and billions of neurons charging around quickly to send chemical signals through out the brain. These neurons are the ones responsible for our processing of information, and they allow us for all the thinking, feeling and functioning of the body. Which is why it is so important to train the brain like any other muscle in our body. The health of the brain actually affects most of our functions and people who suffer from anxiety or other mental health issues are more prone to develop a variety of chronic health conditions.

At Neurocore – they focus on strengthening ones mind and targeting very specific areas of the brain where it needs more work than others. With the EEG technology, brain mapping and neurofeedback, Neurocore can apply these technologies in order to specifically target parts of the brain that are responsible for ADHD, ASD, Anxiety, Depression, etc – instead of treating the brain as a whole where you are working inefficiently. The services the Neurocore offers with their neurotherapeutic applications are now open for the public. Neurocore mixes these new developments with proper counseling and drug use so that they can yield the best results for their clients.

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Mark Holyoake’s Time With ISI Comes To An End

A renowned corporation, Icelandic Group, recently announced the stepping down of two key executives from its leadership panel. Mark Holyoake, one of the most recognized British businessmen, was one of the executives stepping down from their position at the helm of the corporation. Second in the list is Benedikt Sveinsson who once served as the Chief Executive Officer of Iceland Seafood International.

Upon the announcement of the changes in the leadership panel, the Iceland Seafood International held a shareholders’ meeting on February. This meeting was meant for discussing the future of the company as well as vote for top contenders to take up as successors for the vacant seats. Among the contenders was Magnus Bjarnason who once served as the CEO for four years at the older version of ISI Group in 2012. Jakob Valgeir Flosason, a partner and shareholder of ISI Group, also featured in the list of candidates. Liv Bergthorsdottir and Ingunn Agnes Kro, both have business relations with the corporation and were also nominated for board membership slots.

Mark Holyoake, who is now a former board member of the ISI Group, is a well-educated and young businessman with interests in the real estate industry. His company, Oakvest, a London based company, was launched with the aim of developing, purchasing and managing both commercial and residential property across the United Kingdom. He established a partnership with the ISI Group after agreeing to become a major shareholder. Until recently, he was the largest shareholder at the corporation before selling his shares to the other interested companies.

ISI also announced its new CEO, Bjarni Armannsson. Bjarni served as the Chairman of Icelandic Iberica and ISI partnership and was also known as the force behind that union. These structural changes in the corporation hope to see the continuity of a strong legacy held by the ISI Group for decades. In one of his press releases after the announcement, Holyoake stated that he hopes that the successors left behind would propel the company forward to greater success. With his vision and leadership strategy, the company is likely to achieve more even in his absence.

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How Rebel Wilson has grown to become one of the most influential actresses.

For most Rebel Wilson has always had a blend of genius in her. She has been able to take on roles that are so demanding and deliver. Having the right attitude, the vocal capability and a sense of humor make her a triple threat.

Her performance in Pitch Perfect would articulate all this and also remind us why she was able to come from Australia a relatively smaller film industry and take over Hollywood. Her performance was so incredible that it remains one of the most iconic among all other performances in the film series. Success has not come easy for Rebel Wilson as she had to work hard especially in a male-dominated comic field.

She reckons that family genes may have something to do with her comedic chops. She attributes her success to her high school drama teacher Mrs. Bowmaker who encouraged her to enter the Tournament of Minds. Read more: Isn’t it Romantic Trailer | Glamour and Pitch Perfect for Rebel Wilson | VanityFair

She first considered taking on serious roles but whenever she would get on stage people would start laughing. At the time this made her angry and confused until she discovered that maybe she was more suited for funny roles. It was a hit for her, and soon enough she would join Hollywood.

She acknowledges that being different helped her a lot. In an interview with Cosmopolitan, she admitted that it made all the difference for her when she walked into her agent’s office.

They did not have anyone like her and recognized that her character would soon break out. It did not take long as soon after she was cast as Brynn in Bridesmaids. Over the years Rebel Wilson has made the United States even though she has not requested citizenship.

Roles nowadays seem to follow her and if statistics are anything to go by 2019 will be another good year for her. She has already started in Isn’t it Romantic alongside Adam DeVine, Priyanka Chopra, and Liam Hemsworth.

Next, she stars in Cats a film that will be directed by Tom Hooper. The musical fantasy has already inspired Rebel Wilson to release her new dance named Catzercise. It is a blend of dance and workout like movements. In a video released to her more than six million fans on Instagram on her 39th birthday, Rebel Wilson is seen wearing a black outfit complete with pink paws and cat ears.

The dance is well choreographed as the dance to one of the Jellicle songs. Her fans were quite impressed as she challenged them to try it out. Rebel state that the video was the culmination of 30 minutes of rehearsal. The new routine by Rebel Wilson seems like a good way for her fans to get a workout going while having fun at it.

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Vijay Eswaran Achieving Big Things through the QI Group of Companies

The Malaysian writer, entrepreneur, and philanthropist, Vijay Eswaran is the founder of the QI Group of Companies, where he serves as the Executive Chairman. A multinational force, the Group’s business interest is diverse, including direct selling, education, hospitality, and real estate.

The QI Group of Companies has regional offices in Malaysia, Singapore, Thailand, Hong Kong, and the Philippines and subsidiary firms in nearly 30 countries. The six main lines of business of the Group are diversified into luxury, Lifestyle & leisure, property development &management, training and education, logistics, as well as online retail & direct sales. The QI Group’s constant evolution has seen it open up spa resorts and boutique hotels in Sri Lanka, South Africa, Thailand, and Turkey.

In 2011, the QI Group ventured into the education sector, by partnering with the State Government of Perak, Ipoh, Malaysia – giving birth to the Quest International University.

While in a London University, Vijay Eswaran worked a couple of part-time jobs to fund his economics degree. He would later leave London, relocate to the United States for a couple of years where he worked in Corporate America, before his return to Asia during the early 1990s. He started a direct selling network in 1998 which experienced tremendous growth in a few years to become one of the leading companies in Africa, South-East Asia, and the Middle East. In only 20 years, Eswaran’s network has trained and empowered more than one million upcoming entrepreneurs across the most robust and esteemed emerging markets all over the world.

Vijay Eswaran has a deep passion for mentoring entrepreneurs, and that’s how RHYTHM and Vijayaratnam Foundations were born. These foundations work with disadvantaged communities in the Middle East, Africa, and Asia. The renowned speaker on issues such as spirituality, mindfulness, and leadership is also the founder and chairman of the Malaysian, Quest International University Perak.