Luke Lazarus opens up about the foundation of his success

Among the most notable startup consultants in the world is Luke Lazarus. He is based in Melbourne, and he has been working as a startup consultant for more than two decades. This celebrated startup consultant has throughout his career helped numerous businesses prosper and reach their goals.

He has achieved this by helping these companies come up with business plans and manage their growth. Moreover, Luke Lazurus has been providing the CEOs of these companies with insights on the execution of decisions. He was recently invited for an interview by where he opened up about the foundation of his success.

Telling a great story

In this interview, this iconic brand consultant revealed that the foundation of his success has been helping businesses tell a great story. He went on to state that most startups usually focus too much on the money part of business and forget the human side.

According to Luke Lazarus, the money part of any business has to work in line with its human side for it to be successful. The reason behind this is because the company will be selling people and people relate to other people, not so much to brands and companies. Read more: Luke Lazarus| Medium and Luke Lazarus –

This Melbourne-based consultant mentioned that it is just amazing to see just how far a great story can take a business. Luke Lazarus pointed out that he had been successful in his career by helping startups connect with their market on a human level.

Such stories are made of entrepreneurs who in the process of solving their personal problems come up with a solution and turn it into a business and many more as inspiring as this. This startup consultant insisted that the stories have to be real; otherwise, they can bring down a company of its built on lies.

Brilliantly bringing ideas to life

Luke Lazarus went on to mention that helping businesses brilliantly bring their ideas to life has also been another foundation for his success. He stated that for any business to be successful, it must be capable of brilliantly bringing ideas to life.

According to this startup consultant, this process starts at the conception of the idea. He pointed out that it was crucial for entrepreneurs and professionals to have a good team backing them up in this. A good team that can be able to come up with industry-leading ideas that will ensure the company prospers.

Luke Lazarus said that such teams should be made up of individuals of different ages, expertise and experience. The rule of thumb for this is the team should be made up of the target market for the business. They should be able to understand the dynamics of the market and what consumers of the brand can relate to.

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The Ever-Growing OSI Food Solutions

The growth at OSI Food Solution’s is evident all over the world in being the most extensive food suppliers. The firm is now responsible for 65 facilities that are distributed all over 17 countries. Also, the company has created job opportunities for 20,000 employees. In the United States, the company has been ranked as one of the largest food company to be privately owned. At first, when OSI Food Solutions was founded in 1909, it was just a small meat business located in Oak Park, Illinois. Though the company always remembers where it started by still having the main headquarters located in the town. The founder of the company was Otto Kolschowsky, and it was his first time in the United States as he had relocated from Germany.

By 1928, he had already named the company as Otto & Sons. Over the next decade, the company worked hard so that they would establish different reputations for being a business that offered the highest quality meat. Soon OSI Food Solutions started to expand in other areas, and in 1955 they made their first partnership. The partnership was with McDonald’s. In 1973, OSI Food Solutions had to open a new meat plant that would take care of the high volume orders they were receiving. The plant was based in Chicago, and at the plant, they were machines that were designed to shape the meat patties. In 1975, that’s when they changed the name officially to OSI Food Solutions.

The partnership that they made was not the end, because in 1990 they made other partnerships that were the reason for the growth they received. The collaborated with General Million Corporation and Alaska Milk Corporation to found the GenOSI. It would be responsible for the processing of quality food products and shipping in the Philippines. In 1995, they established a plant that would take care of the supply in China. The expansion in China expanded even further after they came up with OSI China in Beijing. The more the company’s products and services are growing, the more the market is increasing too. Now the company is coming up with products that would fit the ever-changing tastes of people. Click here.

Jeremy Goldstein, the Founder of Jeremy L. Goldstein & Associates

As a lawyer, Jeremy Goldstein has worked with various law entities. Jeremy is currently a member of the Jeremy L. Goldstein & Associates, a large law institution, which provides different services. The services include offering advice to reimbursement teams, executives of institutions, and business in administration compensation and commercial administration. JLG Associates focuses on problems faced in a typical business environment. Before launching JLG Associates, Goldstein worked with other prominent law institutions. Jeremy was part of the New York Law firm; he is also the head of the Mergers and Acquisition Sub-committee of the American Bar Association Business Section.Jeremy Goldstein is the top administration reimbursement lawyer in The Legal 500. Jeremy has various literature on economic governance and managerial compensation. Jeremy also talks about the topics mentioned earlier to numerous law firms. Jeremy Goldstein has climbed up the ladder of education acquiring several accolades in the process. Jeremy attended various universities beginning with Cornell University where he graduated with a Bachelor’s degree, the University of Chicago where he obtained a Master’s degree, and finally, the New York University graduating with a J.D. Jeremy makes ideas a reality by working on them with his expertise and skill. For him, new issues are easy to handle since he has either dealt with them previously or can relate similar mater and apply the same knowledge.Jeremy Goldstein decided to start JLG Associates a decade ago after seeing what administration board were going through. Many administration boards were facing problems concerning managerial reimbursement. As a result, most of these institutions were pulling away from large firms. Jeremy Goldstein saw this as a valid business opportunity since the same concept could be applied to law firms. Jeremy’s day is filled with meetings with clients; he usually works with them on matters associated with their jobs and wages. According to Jeremy, being a lawyer requires plenty of hard work, patience, and determination. The practice itself takes one’s time since one has to sit with client offer them advice, come up with an agreement together and finally put it down on a contract. Jeremy makes excellent use of his time by reducing issues that he has to deal with daily, thereby enhancing great results. Most of Jeremy Goldstein’s problems are those that maximize the use of his talents. Jeremy improves productivity as a lawyer by creating great relationships with his clients. He interacts with them on a personal level and ensures that he preserves the relationship.


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Riot Games Taps Former Uber Exec To Address Internal Diversity

Since Kotaku released an online report revealing the alleged widespread sexual discrimination within Riot Games, the League of Legends game developer offered a six-month progress report. Following the investigative report, the company offered an apology on its blog post assuring the public that they will do certain steps to address the issue. A part of this initiative is the hiring of a new Chief Diversity Officer in the person of Angela Roseboro. Roseboro is tasked to lead the company in its continuing inclusion and diversity efforts. Roseboro shared that her new role will include developing new programs to increase Riot Games’ inclusive culture. She shared she was given the chance to meet incredible people at Riot Games who are very passionate in a culture that allows everyone to succeed together.

The new chief diversity officer said that she admires the heart and soul of the company and despite the difficulties and several setbacks expressed her excitement to be a part of the game developer’s journey. She said that she could not wait to start her job and do her part to ensure that the company will have a culture that acknowledges and appreciates the individuality of each Rioter. Angela Roseboro holds a similar role at Dropbox prior to joining Riot Games.

She has more than two decades of experience including several leadership positions in finance and consulting. She led Dropbox in developing and implementing actions and initiatives to make inclusion a key part of the company’s goal as a team of choice for all kinds of talents. Riot Games also shared an update on its efforts about inclusion and diversity in their culture. In addition to tapping a new chief diversity officer, the game developer also invited third-party consultants to audit performances and to make certain recommendations. The League of Legends developer is currently improving its recruiting, training, and education methods.

Hungarian Wine Company Partners With Jingdong To Sell In China

Hungary is a country where vineyards create a sweet wine that is recognized as among those most piquant and delicious in the world. Grand Tokaj is a Hungarian winery that produces a range of these nectarous wines which have now caught on in China. People there can’t get enough of it.

That’s part of the reason why Grand Tokaj approached the Chinese e-commerce giant JD.Com (also known as Jingdong) to help them reach the millions of wine lovers in China. The two companies have formed a historic partnership which is the first to bring Hungarian wines to China.

Specifically, Hungarian representatives are eager to tap into Jingdong’s big data analysis capability. This will streamline marketing activities and customize wine products for those segments of the Chinese market most likely to be interested in Hungarian wines.

The results have already been amazing. In a first foray into the Chinese market, Grand Tokaj placed 1,000 bottles of its signature brand, Tokaji Aszú, up for sale. It took just 10 hours for Chinese consumers to snap-up all one thousand bottles! Better yet, the ground was laid for future sales on a long-term basis. The Hungarian wine brand attracted 400,000 followers on the first day of its launch.

Jingdong officials say that analysis of consumer data indicates that Chinese consumers significantly prefer imported brands of wine. The demand is especially strong among women and younger adults who are located in second-tier and third-tier cities.

Jingdong has been ranked as the leading online retailer of alcoholic beverages for three consecutive years. Sales on the JD site have shown robust growth. They have increased by a factor of 10 over a six-year period. In fact, more than 20 brands have realized sales in excess of 100 million RMB. One brand, Moutai, sailed pass the one billion RMB sales mark in 2018.

A holistic strategy, including CRM solutions, is helping drive the popularity and sales of wines on Jingdong. That includes online and offline retail channels. JD’s one-of-a-kind Customer-to-Manufacturer (C2M) initiatives are geared to meet the ever-changing demands of consumers through a customized product offering process.

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People in Illinois Never Have Been Happier for the last 30 Years because of Perry Mandera and His Work

Since 2000, people like Perry Mandera have been working hard in Illinois to assist families in need, charities and a whole lot more of philanthropic movements.

From feeding homeless people to fighting crime in the city, Perry Mandera’s contributions and efforts look pretty much like the ideal person who cares about his community, understands its needs and takes massive action. Perry is  CEO of The Custom Companies, Inc. He supports organizations like Lynn Sage Foundation, The University of Chicago Medical Center, and Catholic Charities USA. He also established Custom Cares Charities, sits on the Board Of Directors of The Walter and Connie Payton Foundation and multiple different fundraisers.

It is very evident that no one gives so much without learning something from the past. We believe Mr. Mandera’s passion comes from the teachings of life during his work at the Marine and logistics since 1975. Back then he would be just a young man with a dream.From those experiences he learned the importance of logistics, leadership, teamwork and caring about your community. Since then he started to grow exponentially achieving massive success starting with his business at 25 years old.

If you are from Illinois and you know this man you will have noticed that he always surprises us with such innovative ways of giving back every year. He does not just help people by firming a check; he involves him in all sort of creative ways.For instance, Perry Mandera could give some money to the Lynn Sage Foundation, but in other cases he would do more symbolic activities. Sometimes he would sit on a truck and distribute coats for thousands of people in need during Christmas.

In other cases like the Katrina hurricane event, he would make its company send about 40 truckloads of donated food for victims. He could implicate in Crime control organizations to help to regulate and rehabilitate young delinquents. Next thing he would do could be supporting an ecological movement (MyLife).

Apparently this entrepreneur wants to bring abundance and happiness wherever he goes. It is a detail than his people will never forget.

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Allied Wallet, Your Trusted Financial Partner of All Times

Allied Wallet is a leading provider of payment services and solutions across the world. Founded in 2002, the financial company has a substantial presence in the United States, the United Kingdom, and China. Additionally, the company operates in more than 196 countries in the world with a client base of more than a billion clients. Allied Wallet is headquartered in Los Angeles (Affiliatedork).

Since its inception, the company has made a name a name in the provision of reliable, flexible, cost-effective and custom-made services to its clients. The company continues to utilize its experience in the financial transactions industry to come up with various unique and innovative products for its customers. According to Andy Khawaja, the Chief Executive Officer and Founder of Allied Wallet, the company has won the hearts of many individuals and business persons by offering a one-stop-shop financial solution for its global users. The company saves its clients the agony of working with more than one financial services provider, which may consume a lot of client’s time and energy to coordinate.

Allied Wallet also works with all types of clients-from startups to established organizations. As a principle, the company values its clients and places their needs first. To encompass every merchant, the company has also designed a variety of payments options to suit every merchant at friendly rates. Allied Wallet has also partnered with other like-minded business entities to improve its services to clients. In China, Allied Walled partnered with Hong Kong-based CloudAsia to stimulate its growth across Asia. Through this partnership, Allied Walled has reached out to more than a billion buyers and sellers across Asia. The users can transact in more than 164 currencies which the company accepts.

Allied Wallet provides its clients with cutting edge services like eWallet. The service includes prepaid cards, mobile point of sale service, and international payment options. The company also facilitates the integration of businesses with e-commerce services through numerous APIs.

Allied Wallet is mindful of the security of its client’s financial transactions. The company has employed stringent measures to secure all its operations through compliance with PCI DSS Level 1 guidelines. Additionally, all the company’s operations are SHA-256 encrypted.

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A Look At Greg Blatt’s Successful Career

Greg Blatt is The Chief Executive Officer of IAC. Blatt oversees the strategic patterns of IAC and its operating businesses. Prior to becoming CEO, Blatt served as the Executive Vice President and General Counsel of IAC, as well as General Counsel and Secretary of Martha Stewart Living. Blatt also has experience working for several law firms in New York. Blatt received his J.D. from Columbia Law School (Gregblatt).

Greg Blatt is known for his versatility, as he has shown the ability to succeed in many different areas. Blatt feels that his time in law school prepared him to enjoy a great career. Greg Blatt says that succeeding in law school requires discipline due to the time and effort that people have to put in. Blatt says that his time in law school prepared him to transfer into a leadership position and also gave him a thorough understanding of how to conduct business.

Achieving Success

IAC is one of the largest dating companies in the World. Users have access to a large database for which they could find a suitable match. When Blatt helped run Match Group, their portfolio grew substantially during a five year period. Blatt says that it is important for people to focus on achieving success in a specific industry before turning their attention to other goals. It is important to gain as much experience in that specific field as possible.

Due to his experience in the online dating sector, Greg Blatt brings a wealth of information to every position that he gets hired too. Blatt notes that success is never guaranteed. It takes the right mix of experience and desire. Blatt advises his peers to find a role model who can be an example of what it takes to succeed. Blatt attributes his success to his team, and feels happy to have played a small part in helping bring millions of families together.

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A minute with Bennett Graebner

Bennett Graebner was born on July 30, 1971 in Buffalo, New York, USA. Bennett is executive producer of both The Bachelor and The Bachelorette for ABC. He now resides in Los Angeles, California with his wife and two other children. He got his first degree in English at Phi Beta Kappa from Vassar College. Bennett Graebner has worked a lot of jobs after graduating college. He worked as a production assistant and later climbed up the ladder to secure very high positons in the film industry including his current title as the executive producer.

 The secret behind Bennett successes in the film industry has always been his understanding of the story and narrative flow. Bennett Graebner has received great awards on his movies. Also much of the successes boils down to his. Bennett says it loud his days start at 6AM with a jogging and a little coffee on the table. This is the only time in the day that appears to be solemnly free for him.

Work starts at 7AM and he’s busy throughout. Most of his ideas for a film normally comes from friends but the best part comes from the people he works with. What ideas do they have? What do they want to say? And ultimately, how can I help them do that? Bennett asks himself these three question just before every scene of his film and that has contributed so much to his success in the movie industry (Ideamensch).

Bennett gives freedom to the people he works with, for them to come out with the best in them for a great movie. This releases fear and tension among my team so that we bring nothing but the best to our audience. My advice to the young men today is how they play around social media, there’s a lot than just fun in there. They should learn to invest there as well.

One thing Bennett likes giving. He’s a kind human who has donated a lot to the needy. The lifestyle of Bennett teaches three solid attributes, always be honest, Be kind to everyone, you never know what someone could be going through and Never stop looking for good ideas.

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How Does Betterworks Help With Human Resources?

Betterworks helps companies with Human Resources by providing them with a program that does everything. Betterworks can help people list their jobs, interview candidates, and onboard candidates. The program can consolidate all the things you have done to manage your employees, and it can even offer training to your employees when needed. Look at how this program works, how prices are kept low, and how business can streamline its operations.

Hiring for your company is made much easier because Betterworks can help you link to all the job sites that people use. You can take all applications, look through these applications, and seek out the employees that have the exact qualifications that you need.

You can do all your training through the Betterworks program because it can send courses to your staff, track their continuing education, and allow you to evaluate what they have done. Someone who is trying to train their staff to do the best work needs a program that can do everything. Betterworks will collate all the information that is required for managing the staff, and the manager can read through an employee file in a few moments.

Betterworks is very easy to use because of how it was put together. Plus, this is a very good program to use when people want to learn about hiring, manage their staff without an HR team, and save money. The Betterworks team charges a small amount to help companies with HR.

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